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Agroforum 2007 January

Happy New Year!
(Dr. László Bódis)


The role and responsibility of variety trials in the challenges of the 21st century
(Dr. Katalin Ertsey-Peregi)
The author gives an account of her lecture delivered at the Conference on Biological Bases organised by the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control (OMMI). She mentions various regulations concerning variety testing that professionals know and apply, but do they really accept them? The author discusses these issues, being aware of the particular pieces of legislation, based on her experience gathered during two and a half years. Finally, she summarises the short- and medium-term plans of the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control.


Will there be enough vegetables in Hungary?
(Dr. Béla Mártonffy)
The author evaluates the situation of vegetable growing based on the experience of the past 16 years. He follows the yields and cropping structure from the booming period before the political change, through the effect of market economy and the possibilities of vegetable and fruit market regulation in the EU to our days. The trend is obvious: fresh market will gain more importance also in the vegetable sector, while processing will focus on certain products such as sweetcorn, green peas, tomatoes and pickles.

Greenhouse growing of lettuce
(Dr. István Terbe)
The article informs on the key steps of lettuce growing in greenhouses. The author discusses the operations and aspects of choosing the varieties, preparing the soil, growing young plants, cultural operations in the crop, harvesting and packaging. In additions, he mentions the developmental disorders caused by adverse environmental conditions.

Fertilizer application and irrigation in onions
(Dr. Hanna Némethy Uzoni)
The author highlights the differences among the three management programmes of growing onions, such as with sowing seeds in spring and in late summer, as well as with planting onion sets in spring from the point of view of nutrient supply and irrigation.

Descriptive List of Vegetable Varieties. Cabbage
(Szilárd Szani)
The expert of the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control (OMMI) describes the characteristics of the particular cabbage hybrids in the different maturity groups, completed with various pictures.

Asparagus management programme
(Dr. Katalin Slezák)
The article gives an account of the elements of professional asparagus growing, such as choosing the variety and the production site, soil preparation for planting, propagation, cultural operations in the crop, harvesting and sales.

Growing common mushroom
(Erika Fehérvári-Póczik)
The article begins with the dietary and physiological importance of common mushroom, then it gives the definitions of mushroom compost, spawn and growing facility. It is followed by the process of production, colonization of the substrate by the spawn, casing, incubation, turning to cropping and cropping.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
The article reviewed from a foreign journal informs on the situation of GM products in the food chain.


Weather conditions in 2006 from the point of view of crop production
(Vilmos Vadász)
The author outlines the weather factors most important from the point of view of crop production during the past year. He gives an account of the winter full of heavy frosts, the capricious spring, stagnant waters, summer with rainstorms and hails, as well as of the warm, sunny and dry autumn. Summing up, he concludes that weather conditions in 2006 did not cause country-wide yield losses in the majority of the crops, however, certain smaller districts suffered severe damages.

Plant protection situation in cereal crops in 2005/2006, outlook for the next season
(Miklós Tóth, Sándor Kobza)
The specialists of the Central service for Plant Protection and Soil Conservation summarise plant protection in winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley in the past two years.

Dangerous pests (II/7) Four-legged phytophagous mites
(Dr. Júlia Győrffy Molnár, Gabriella Szendrey)
This part of the series on dangerous pests presents four-legged mites. The article reveals the importance and the damages of such mites, the taxonomy and geographic distribution of the major species. In addition to getting the description of the morphological and biological characteristics, readers may have an insight into the forecasting and control of four-legged phytophagous mites.

Pioneer values in maize growing – focusing on stress tolerance and water loss
(Péter Sipos)
The article outlines the performance of Pioneer maize hybrids in 2006.

2006: a year of efficient fungicide and fertilizer application
(Dr. István Füzi)
The development manager of BASF presents the results of a four-year-long ‘intensity study’ on the efficacy of fungicides and fertilizers.

BAROLO RM, a reliable top variety in sunflowers from the 150-year old KWS
(Balázs Berecz)
KWS Hungary Ltd. gives the reasons why it is worthy to choose Barolo RM hybrid for growing sunflowers.

Planning cost-efficient weed control in maize (x)
(Attila Takács)

Dow AgroSciences recommends growers its cost-saving solutions for weed control in maize.


Väderstad-clinic: The most popular crosskill rollers in Hungary! (x)
This is the list of benefits of using the versatile Rexius crosskill rollers of Väderstad Ltd.

WORLD CLAAS 2006. Renewed and widened product range in the service of agriculture of the future
(Dr. György Demes)
organised between 19 October and 15 November 2006, was visited by an almost 100-member group of mainly farmers and traders from Hungary on the invitation of AXIÁL Ltd. Among other technical journalists, our correspondent also attended the event in order to report on the exhibition, the novelties in particular.


Seen heard, read. Intervitis Interfructa
(Dr. György Demes)
In a press conference held by Messe Stuttgart and its Hungarian representation at FOODAPEST fair on 23 November 2006, the public relations manager of Messe Stuttgart, Thomas Brandl and the secretary-general of the German Winegrowers Association (DWV), dr. Rudolf Nickenig announced that the international technology trade fair for wine, fruit and fruit juice INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA (IVIF) will be organised in the Stuttgart Fair Centre between 22 and 26 April 2007.

News from the wine challenge for ‘Cserszegi fűszeres’
(Dr. László Bódis)
The House of Hungarian Wines hosted the 9th National Wine Challenge for “Cserszegi Fűszeres” in November 2006. The organisers had in mind the keeping of traditions and the wish to arouse interest for Hungarian wines. Almost fifty wines arrived from the different regions of Hungary for the competition that ended with awarding 4 gold and 15 silver medals.

Seen heard, read. 33rd Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations in Horticulture
(Dr. Béla Pénzes)
It was already the 33rd time, the Faculty of Horticultural Science of Budapest Corvinus University organised its conference of students’ associations on 30 November 2006. Students gave an account of their scientific results in horticultural and biotechnological sections. Each of the 23 studies presented in the flurry of excitement reflected the individual achievements of the students.

Portrait. Talk with Péter Papp, an agricultural entrepreneur
(Dr. László Bódis)
This is a talk with the grower awarded with the title “The European young farmer of year 2006” about the prize, his motivations and the conditions of Hungarian agriculture.

Seen heard, read. RAGT Seed Ltd presents itself
(Dr. György Demes)
The Hungarian company of the French RAGT Semences, RAGT Seeds Ltd. presented itself to leading agricultural professionals in Budapest in November 2006. RAGT seeds are not unknown in the Hungarian market as a result of the company’s joint activity with KWS RAGT Hybrid Ltd. In the future, RAGT Semences wishes to sell its products in Hungary through the recently established company.

Legal page. About the national system of mitigating agricultural damages
(Dr. Lajos Szabó)
The legal advisor outlines the objectives and the key elements of the new national law on the scheme of mitigating agricultural damages. Calling the attention to that, he describes certain important terms and conditions, among them, of the right of applying for mitigation allowance.

Note for growers. About the conditions of expropriation
(Miklós Kurucz)
This part of the series presents the conditions and the procedure of expropriation for public interest.

Seen heard, read. Conference on advisory services in Debrecen
The closing seminar titled “4M-eco, agricultural advisory system” was organised in November 2006 by the University of Debrecen, Centre of Agricultural Sciences. Interesting lectures were delivered about the agricultural use of the ecological conditions in the northern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, advisory service in nutrient supply and the experience of introducing the agricultural advisory system called “4M-eco”.

Written anno …
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)