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Agroforum 2007 July

Bumpy ways
(Dr. László Bódis)


Development prospects in wheat growing
(Dr. Péter Pepó)
The author deals with the current state of Hungarian wheat growing and the development to be made for improving the level and stability of production. He encourages working out and implementing different crop production models in order to better utilise production conditions. Fair crop quality and quantity can be achieved by increasing intensity of crop production and more accurately following the crop management programme based on the research results of the author and his colleagues. This allows improving profitability, efficacy and stability of wheat growing.


Current and prospective role of winter rapes among oilseed crops
(Levente Nagy)
The professional of Bunge Plc. presents the production and price of winter rape seeds compared to those of soya beans and sunflower seeds in the European Union in the past 10 years.

The situation of Hungarian rape breeding and the key issues of rape growing from the point of view of a breeder. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
This is a talk with the head János Falusi and his wife, breeder of the Plant Breeding Research Station at Táplánszentkereszt of the Cereal Research Non-profit Company, about the situation of rape breeding in Hungary. They tell their opinion about the varieties (’GK’) of the Company and breeders’ objectives, as well as about the common mistakes made in rape management programmes and the cultural techniques allowing to increase success of rape production.

Have success in growing winter rapes, KWS will help you! (x)
(Kolozs Bősze, Sándor Nagy)
Why is it worthy growing KWS rapes? – You may get to know it by reading the article written by the area representative of KWS.

Syngenta hybrid rapes have arrived! (x)
(János Bíró)
Syngenta draws growers’ attention to its hybrid rapes.

Rape production programme in variety trials. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
This is a talk with Irén Kardos Dombi, the Regional head of the Plant Variety Testing Station at Szombathely of the Central Agricultural Office, about the Hungarian and foreign rape hybrids and varieties. She also gives an account of the crop management programme followed where high level of production is achieved due to carrying out variety trials.

Is rape boom to continue?! (x)
Saatbau Linz Hungary Ltd. recommends its rape varieties for growers.

Rape growing with mulch leaving and rainfall conserving techniques. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
József Hegedűs, manager of Albert Agro Company, Bácsbokod talks about the rape management programme without ploughing they implement in order to conserve soil moisture.

“Gone with the wind”
(Dr. László Bódis)
At the end of May, Monsanto held a large-scale rape show in Sátorhely, involving Bólyi Plc. the company where its trials were carried out and certain pesticide manufacturers. Dr. Sándor Balikó and Béla Macháti welcomed participants on behalf of Bólyi Plc. Balázs Szeidl, representing Monsanto, talked about the present and future prospects of rapes and the development strategy of Monsanto. After this, participants could hear about the treatments when they walked along the rape trials.

Cost-efficient rape growing with Pioneer hybrids (x)
(Dr. László Piukovics)
Pioneer draws the attention to profitable rape growing by using its hybrids.

Saaten-Union: new answers to the increasing challenges of rape growing (x)
(Zoltán Blum)
This is the range of rape hybrids and varieties Saaten-Union Hungary Ltd. recommends for successful rape growing.

Rapes in county Zala with much boron (x)
(Péter Kiss)
The article is about the experience of using boron foliar fertilizers (Bortrac) of Summit-Agro Ltd. in rape growing at Kampfl Ltd.

Student’s page. Briefly about green manuring
(Nikolett Flier)
The author presents the advantages of green manuring, such as maintenance of soil fertility, decrease of soil and wind erosion, weed control, etc., as well as the applied methods (covered stubble, second crop, green manuring with stubble sowing). Finally, he outlines the plants most commonly used for green manuring in Hungary.

Student’s page. Green manuring as eco-growers see it
(Judit Göblyös)
The number of materials suitable for nutrient supply in organic farming is limited, because synthetic fertilizers are not acceptable and farmyard manure is difficult to obtain due to the low number of livestock in Hungary. However, green manure can substitute farmyard manure. This is why, in addition to outlining the rules of green manuring, the author presents the plants that can be used for green manuring and the experience of eco-farmers with this technique.

For more efficient harvesting with Reglone (x)
(László Laczkó)
Syngenta recommends Reglone Air (diquat-dibromide) to rape growers.

Options for Hungarian wheat
(Péter Kiss)
In the past 17 years, various foreign and Hungarian events influenced domestic wheat market. The author studies such factors at the beginning of the paper, then draws the attention to the competition and challenges we are facing. He believes that wheat intervention – as it has happened to maize – will be stopped within a few years. It means that a part of the domestic surplus (1-2 million tons) will have to be sold on overseas markets, and we’ll face competition with cheap Ukrainian, Romanian and Bulgarian wheat, too. The author finds the solution in producing the crop in continuously homogeneous quality, higher than the present one. In addition, he stresses the importance of increasing yields and record keeping.

Variety use and selection in winter wheat growing
(Sándor Kovács)
The author begins with the criteria to be considered when choosing the winter wheat varieties to grow. He follows with listing the varieties covering the largest growing areas. Finally, he gives a brief description of the ten recently released winter wheat varieties.

The mid- and long-term factors influencing prices of cereals in the mirror of the commodity exchange
(György Vágó)
The representative of Hamilton Exchange Agency Plc. gives an overview of the prices of cereals on the exchange in the past and the factors influencing them. Then deals with the factors affecting marketing prospects this year. He finishes with showing the mid-term trend for 2007 in the sales of cereals.


The situation of malting barley production in Hungary
(Attila Kosztolányi)
The author gives an account of the production of spring and winter barley in the past few years and the factors influencing the success of growing, as well as of variety use. In addition to the history of contracted growing and buying up malting barley, he presents the currently leading market players and the situation of breeding in Hungary. The article is finished with the yields prospected for this season.

Seen, heard, read. Greenhouse growing without soil disinfestations using methyl-bromide.
(Attila Kosztolányi)
At the end of April, a technical meeting was organised with the above title in Kiskunfélegyháza with the participation of several acknowledged Hungarian and foreign speakers. Through the delivered talks, the participants of the event could get acquainted with the European and Hungarian situation of the fruit and vegetable sectors, the foreseen trends in greenhouse growing of vegetables, soil disinfestation techniques in vegetable growing and the Hungariuan experience of greenhouse production using hydroponics and potted plants.

The second yield estimation for EU-27 member states in 2007
(Sándor Oravecz)
The author from the Remote Sensing Centre of the Istitute for Geodesy and Remote Sensing informs on the yield estamation for 2007 published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union.

Diabet-mix: bakery products for persons suffering from diabetes or being on a slimming diet
(Ms. P. Ács dr, .Zsuzsa Kovács)
The Cereal Research Non-profit Company has developed diabetic flour mixtures, technologies and ready bakery and pasta products that reduce blood sugar content by about 35 % without loosing the taste necessary for every-day consumption. The aim of the research was not only to reduce carbo-hydrate level of the products, but also to change a certain part of total carbo-hydrate content remaining in the product to hardly available component, i.e. guar grain flour. The favourable physiological effect was confirmed by the results of the impact studies conducted at the Medical Clinic No. I of Semmelweis University. The article informs on the products placed on the market under the names Dibet-Mix and Diabet-Max.

Vine-growing and winemaking at Kattra winery in Etyek. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
The owner of Kattra winery at Etyek, Imre Kattra and his daughter Ágnes Kattra talk about their family winery, this season’s vine-growing experience and wine-making.

Success recipes from Scotts: Intensive growing of field peppers and tomatoes (x)
This is an overall recommendation for nutrient supply from Scotts for intensive outdoor growing of peppers and tomatoes.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
The regular article reviewing certain interesting articles published in foreign journals is not missing from this number either.


Väderstad-Verken AB is 45 and Väderstad Ltd. is 10 years old.
(Dr. György Demes)
Väderstad Ltd. organised its regular annual partner meeting on the occasion of a double jubilee: the Swedish Stark family founded Väderstad family 45 years ago, and it was just 10 years ago when the Hungarian subsidiary company was established under the name Väderstad Ltd. Tibor Kalmár, manager of Väderstad Ltd. looked back upon the 10-year activity of the company, then gave an account of the results of the current developments.

Väderstad clinic: Massey Ferguson country-wide tour (x)
On this year’s country-wide tour, Väderstad Ltd. recommends its implements for farmers.

Vth Olympics for MANITOU Operators in Hódmezővásárhely
(Dr. György Demes)
It is already the fifth time, Axiál Ltd. and Hód-Farmer Plc. organised a competition for MANITOU loader operators in early June. Altogether 93 persons from 50 companies applied for participating in the event. The competitions took place in parallel on 8 tracks. General manager Gábor Antal and owner-manager Zsolt Harsányi on behalf of Hód-Farmer Plc. and Axiál Ltd., respectively welcomed participants.


Note for growers. About the general aspects of preparing a project proposal
(Miklós Kurucz)
This part of the series deals with the general aspects of preparing a project proposal. The paper presents how to structure a project proposal and which are the points of preparing it.

Portrait. “The most important challenge in life is to keep a peaceful relation to oneself.” Talk with Dr. Katalin Ertsey Peregi
(Dr. László Bódis)
Read the interview with the head of the Plant Production and Horticultural Directorate of the Agricultural Office (National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control and other predecessor institutions).

Outstanding persons of our agricultural history: Vilmos Teichmann
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month the column is dedicated to the life and work of Vilmos Teichmann.

Legal page. Some guidance in neighbour-debates and legal actions about protecting trees, removal of plants
(Dr. Lajos Szabó)
The legal advisor informs on the main aspects of neighbour debates and legal procedures arisen from removing trees and other plants in connection with a real case.

The Plant Protection Institute of the Keszthely Georgikon Faculty is 35 years old
(Zoltán Molnár)
The 35-year-old Plant Protection Institute of the 210 years old Keszthely Georgikon Faculty has a decisive role in plant protection education. On the occasion of the anniversary, the Georgikon Agricultural Faculty of Pannon University organised a series of jubilee events in the middle of May. You may have an insight into its most important moments.

Pioneer’s EXPRESS® tolerant sunflower is a real success. Press release
It is the second year for Pioneer’s EXPRESS® (sulfonylurea) tolerant sunflower hybrid in Hungarian commercial growing.

XIVth Animal Husbandry and Farmers’ Days in the Great Hungarian Plain. Report
(Zoltán Bellus)
The specialist of the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering writes about the programme, the major goods on display and the awarded exhibitors of the XIVth Animal Husbandry and Farmers’ Days in the Great Hungarian Plain.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)


Briefly about rape production programmes
(compiled by: Dr. László Bódis)
The elements of the crop management programme followed by the leading rape growing farms are summarised in tables.

The role of MONSANTO hybrids in rape performance (x)
Monsanto Hungary Ltd. recommends its rape hybrids for growers.