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Agroforum 2008 July

The meaning of life
(Dr. László Bódis )


Hungary’s agriculture in 2007
(Lajos Kaposi, Pál Bóday, Gábor Valkó)
The authors from the Central Statistical Office give the basic data for the performance of Hungarian agriculture, in particular crop production and animal husbandry during the last year.


Professional asks professional. What do we know about rapes?
(Dr. László Bódis )
The article summarises everything that is worthy knowing about rapes from the point of view of growers, traders, researchers and processing engineering.

Rapeseed growing: biological bases of rape production
(Imre Petróczki, Ms. G. Ripka)
The extent of winter rapeseed production varies year by year; the increased interest for energy crops is expected to reduce this usual fluctuation. The authors provide an overview of the rapeseed growing area, the changes in the composition of propagation and the requirements for quality control.

Expected rape yields
(József Lukács, Emese Galbavy)
The authors present a preliminary yield forecast for the success crop of the past two years per county and the expected rape yield data for the EU-27. They mention that in spring 2008, one of the most outstanding crop stands developed in the fields due to the favourable weather conditions.

About the nutrient needs of rapes and fertilizer application for the crop
(Dr. Imre Kádár)
Analysing the nutrient demand of rapes, the author points out the role of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. He also gives a detailed description of the long-term trials in winter rapes.

Rape situation in France
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
The Hungarian agricultural attaché provides an overview about this year’s prospects of the EU’s biggest rape growing country and the economic environment of the relatively high price position that is likely to be lasting. In particular, he deals with the activity of organisations supporting rape growing and the role of the French biodiesel sector.

Distributors’ recommendations

Why do more and more choose KWS’s winter rapes? (x)
(Géza Sipos, Balázs Berecz)
KWS’s winter rapes from the point of view of growers are dealt with under this heading.

DEKALB – the leading genetics (x)
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss, József Wágner)
MONSANTO offers its rapes for the season of 2008.

Let’s move in on crop safety! (x)
(Gábor Pálfay)
This is the pesticide recommendation of BASF for successful rape growing.

Careful fertilizer application for rapes in autumn (x)
(Dr. Eszter Zsom)
The article summarises fertilizer application recommended by K+S KALI GmbH for rapes in autumn.

ONTARIO and CHAMPLAIN – variety and hybrid rapes offered by LIMAGRAIN (x)
Limagrain recommends its varieties and hybrids for rape growers.

Rapes even on smaller lands! (x)
In the article novelties in rape hybrids and varieties are presented from Saatbau Linz Hungária Ltd. for this season.

Saaten-Union: Innovation, performance and crop safety for rape growers (x)
Saaten-Union draws growers’ attention to the results of their hybrid rape breeding.

Growers’ opinions about Summit-Agro’s rapes (x)
Reading the article, you may get to know how the rape varieties and hybrids of Summit-Agro have performed

Hybrid rapes from Syngenta for both better and poorer lands (x)
(András Almási, János Bíró)
The article contains the experience of rape growers with Syngenta Seeds hybrids.

TOPREX the proper growth regulator for rapes (x)
(György Kurtz)
Syngenta recommends rape growers its Toprex (paclobutrazole + difenoconazole), a plant growth regulator that is a fungicide at the same time.

TOPICALLY, UP-TO-DATE – The agro-portal (x)
The agro-portal presents certain advantages for farmers.

Rediscovered green manuring
(Dr. Csaba Gyuricza)
The favourable effect of green manuring was known already to the Romans, Greek and Egyptians. However, in the time of intensification of crop production, this element of the management programme has fallen into the background. By now, especially in Western Europe, it has been fairly popular and green manuring has become a more and more frequent element of the crop management programme. The author discusses the details of the green manuring methods, the management programme of green manure crops, and evaluates the effects of the technique on the physical and biological conditions.

Mustard as a green manure crop – in practice
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We talked with the managing director and major owner of Agrár-Béta Agricultural Ltd. in Dombóvár about mustard as a green manure crop, the advantages of its inclusion in crop rotation and the management programme worked out for the crop.

Improved financial situation for the agricultural sector (x)
The article draws the attention of growers to the solutions of Budapest Bank for agricultural financing.


About the background of food crisis. Open letter
(Dr. Imre Kádár)
The global need for cereal food is annually increasing by 1.5%. What consequences could the growing demand for energy and food have? The primary interest of profit is in direct connection with soil degradation, the decrease of cultivated land, therefore the problem of food production should be handled as a national security issue to ensure our country’s self-supporting capacity.

Tulipomania: rise, fall and revival (2)
(Dr. József Horváth)
In this part of his series, the author leads readers through tulip degeneration to the discovery of plant viruses. He draws the attention to researchers outstanding in this field who laid the foundations of a new branch of science, i.e. genomics during the breaking of the genetic code.

Show from high above
(Dr. László Bódis )
This is a report from Syngenta’s meeting with partners

Growing cauliflower and broccoli
(Noémi Kappel, Dániel Tompos)
In addition to cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are the vegetable crops with the largest growing area in Hungary. The authors outline the ecological requirements, plant protection problems and crop management programme of these two crops. They discuss the details of water and nutrient demand, as well as of the special cultural operations in the crops.

Meteorological instruments – sophisticated achievements of several centuries (4)
(Tamás Tóth)
The network of intensive remote sensing instruments plays a decisive role in reaching the aim of ensuring a meteorological forecasting as accurate as possible. Among them, readers may get acquainted with the automated surface observing systems.

Cabbage growing in Hungary: past, present and options for moving forward
(Dr. Sándor Hodossi)
Hungary’s cabbage production needs a renewal in every aspect – states the lecturer of Debrecen University. We cannot pass over in silence that Hungarian cabbage imports exceed the exports. The situation is difficult in particular in the European Union where market is open and trade is duty-free. If Hungarian consumers regularly buy foreign cabbage, they support foreign growers and ensure their subsistence. The author points out the breakout options.

Seen heard, read. Potato growing meeting at Mórahalom in the spirit of the international year of potatoes
(Attila Kosztolányi)
On the occasion of the “International Year of Potato 2008”, Kruppa-Seed Research, Growing and Trading Ltd., and the Hungarian Potato Federation and Council invited the interested ones to a potato growing conference and variety show held at Mórahalom on 13 June.

The possible role of nettle in improving the structure and stability of vegetable consumption
(László Dudás, Bertalan Galambosi)
The authors recommend an interesting, possibly strange plant for widening the choice of vegetables. They mention that every part of nettle can be used, as they are rich in protein, digestible fibre, calcium, iron and carotenoids, and contain materials of antioxidant effect in high quantities. Nettle can be a more valuable spinach substitute but in spite of the favourable chemical composition, it will take time for consumers to overcome their initial aversion.

The history of the carrot-washing machine
(Dr. András Kádár)
Cleansing and processing determining market value of carrots begin with washing. The author presents the used equipment, the development and takes into account the options for controlling fungal diseases causing spots.

Scotts recipes for success– Agroleaf Power Ca (x)
Scotts recommends the use of the foliar fertilizer Agroleaf Power Ca as an additional treatment for improving crop quality in intensive vegetable and fruit growing.

Seen heard, read. Plant protection field-shows organised by Bayer CropScience
It is already the fifth year that the series of events called “Bayer Meeting” was organised. This time the key topic was safety, as Bayer CropScience does not only undertake the sales of pesticides but deals also with safety issues arising during their application. The invited speakers delivered talks about safe pesticide use, as well as about the environment and food safety. They outlined the “Life” programme of the European Commission and the TOPPS programme (Training the Operators to prevent Pollution from Point Source) launched by ECPA (European Crop Protection Association). Dr. Zoltán Ocskó provided information for participants, István Kovács, the cereal trade manager of Cerbona Plc. talked about the quality issues of food basic materials, while Dr. Miklós Ludván from the Hungarian Institute of Occupational Health gave an account of changes in the legislation and their impact on practice in connection with the personal protective clothes to be used during the application of pesticides.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
This is a situation report about this season’s asparagus growing in Germany.

Innovation and partnership. Report
(Dr. György Demes, Zoltán Molnár)
The international organisation of agricultural journalists, C.A.C. Club of Agro Communicators established by BASF held its 9th meeting in Bratislava on 28 May. Our correspondents outline the most important thoughts delivered on the press conference and workshop.


Let’s learn about tractors (8)
(Dr. Varga Vilmos)
In the previous numbers of our journal, we presented the running and steering gears of universal and caterpillar tractors. Now we wish to draw the attention to the drawing equipments and three-point linkage of universal tractors.

Güttler – tillage management (1) (x)
(Norbert Páska)
The advantages of Güttler implements during stubble stripping and seedbed preparation at the end of summer are summarised here.

MANITOU Machine-Operator Olympics has successfully closed for this year
(Dr. György Demes)
The 6th MANITOU Machine-Operator Olympics was organised on 6-7 June 2008, this time at Mogyoród, in the Adventure Park of Hungaroring. Fifty-nine companies represented by 108 persons applied for participation. The 10th anniversary of co-operation between AXIÁL and MANITOU, as well as the 50th birthday of MANITOU were celebrated on the event. MANITOU championship provided a good opportunity for our correspondent to give a brief summary of the reasons why such loaders are so popular among users.

How to select ?(1) Mowers and windrowers
(Zsolt Kelemen)
The article will allow farms growing roughage to select mowers and windrowers the most suitable for their management, ecological and economic conditions.

Väderstad celebrates a jubilee
(Dr. György Demes)
The Hungarian subsidiary company of the Sweedish Väderstad-Verken AB, Väderstad Ltd. celebrated the 10th anniversary of its activity in Hungary in the Agricultural Museum (at Vajdahunyad Castle) on 23 May 2008. The Hungarian partners of the company, the first buyers of Väderstad and all those who have contributed somehow to introducing and spreading the trade name in Hungary Väderstad were invited to the significant event.

A visit in HORSCH factory of agricultural machines (1)
(Dr. György Demes)
You may get to know the field cultivators displayed on the event of “days of practice” organised by Horsch Maschinen GmbH.

Väderstad country tour (x)
This is an overview of the implements included in the field shows held by Väderstad.


Portrait. “Communication and co-operation”. Talking with dr. Éva Laczka
(Dr. László Bódis )
This is a talk with the head of Department for Agricultural and Environmental Statistics of the Central statistical Office.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. László Baross (1865-1938)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month we present the life and work of László Baross among the ones who highly contributed to Hungarian agriculture.

Note for growers. About subsidy for uprooting vineyards
(Miklós Kurucz)
Shall we pull out our vineyards in order to draw subsidy from the European Union or shall we renew them, not allowing to get lost our national wealth? The author gives a guidance regarding the dilemma by outlining the related rules of the subsidy system.

Written anno …
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)