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Agroforum 2008 October

(Dr. László Bódis)


Prospects in the global market of the major plant products (2)(Dr. Norbert Potori, Edina Varga)In the second part of their paper, the authors from the Institute of Agricultural Economics present the trends of the global oilseed and plant oil market. The article outlines the short- and medium-term prospects of global market prices, the likely exports and imports of the major countries and regions, as well as probable situation in the protein-feeds demand and GMO authorisation in the EU. Finally, the developmental prospects of the Hungarian oil plant sector are presented.


Better tillage in autumn for mitigating climate damages
(Dr. Márta Birkás)
The author begins with the earlier ways of carrying out primary tillage in autumn and the related beliefs and facts. She presents the characteristics of the really good soil cultivation in autumn and points out the frequent errors (tillage pan, adverse re-compacting, impairing with planer, etc.). She mentions the practical causes creating “lifeless” soil layers and presents the means of mitigating damages. The author lets readers know the growers’ experiences and recommendations about the methods of autumn tillage (ploughing, loosening, tillage with cultivator), as well as outlines the options for reducing costs. Finally, she summarises the techniques of conserving soil, moisture and carbon reserves, informing on growers’ experience worthy for disseminating.

Book show in Gödöllő. Márta Birkás: Environmentally-sound adaptable tillage
(Edited by: Attila Torma)
The English version of the book titled “Environmentally-sound adaptable tillage” has been recently released by the Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The publisher and the authors recommend the book to academics teaching in the universities of the Pannon region, to researchers in soil cultivation, as well as to growers and advisors providing extension services.

TOPICALLY, UP-TO-DATE – The agroportal (x)
This is an agricultural web-portal managed for growers.

Winter barley varieties, drill guidelines
(Dr. András Tomcsányi)

Just before selecting the varieties to grow, the author from the Cereal Research Institute writes about the winter barley varieties best performed in the past season’s trials. The article also deals with optimum time for sowing, and seed rates, furthermore outlines the means of controlling dwarf viruses by using insecticides.

Weed control in cereals in areas infested with loose silky-bent (x)
Cheminova Hungary Ltd. recommends its new product Herbaflex (beflubutamid + isoproturon) for controlling loose silky bent in winter wheat.

About certain techniques and chemicals used in environmentally concerned field crop growing
(Dr. Endre Sebestyén, Dr. Tamás Árendás)
If approved, the draft regulation COM 2008/93 may create a new situation in field crop growing by withdrawing certain pesticides from the market, as the number and efficacy of the available products may be less. This is why it is necessary to lay special emphasis on the nutrient supply part of environmentally concerned crop management programme. The authors outline the basis of using microbial products and starters, as well as the necessity of sulphur supply becoming more and more important nowadays.

Situation in maize and sunflower fields in the middle of September
(Ágnes Horpácsi Zsulya, József Lukács)
The authors from the Central Agricultural Office summarise the results of final yield estimations for maize and sunflowers and compare them with last year’s data.

New DEKALB sunflowers (x)
(József Wágner)
Monsanto recommends the new-generation DEKALB hybrids for sunflower growers.

Seen heard, read. Preliminary data from the agricultural structure registry for 2007
(Attila Torma)
The European Union obtains information, necessary for creating and implementing Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), via the agricultural structure registry. Such registry was made in Hungary for the second time in November 2007. We could have an insight into the preliminary results during a press conference held in the headquarters of the Central Statistical Office.

Radars supporting meteorological services
(Tamás Tóth)
The expert of the Hungarian Meteorological Service presents readers the radars applied in meteorology. After a brief historical overview we can get acquainted with the structure and the main types of radars together with the principles of their operation.

MONSANTO’s recommendation for sunflower agronomy (x)
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss)
The head of Monsanto developments for Hungary recommends certain crop management techniques for more successful sunflower growing.

Seen, heard, read. Report from the maize exhibition in Martonvásár
(Attila Kosztolányi)
The Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Bázismag Ltd. invited the interested ones to a technical meeting connected with a maize exhibition to Martonvásár on 4 September. Visitors could get acquainted with current agricultural information, recent results of maize research and wheat breeding, practical experience of western corn rootworm control, the methods of biotechnology serving for maize breeding and last but not least, with producing the seeds of Mv maize hybrids distributed by Bázismag Ltd.

Seen, heard, read. Maize exhibition in Szeged. Report
(Dr. László Bódis)
This is a summary of what was seen and heard at the maize exhibition organised by the Cereal Research Non-profit Company in Szeged.

A technique for increasing rape yields (x)
Cheminova Hungary Ltd. recommends its Rape Kondi Pack for growers in order to enhance frost tolerance of winter rapes.


Jobs to control early decline (Esca) when vintage is at hand
(Dr. József Mikulás)
The spreading of the early decline of vines, the so-called esca disease and as a consequence of it, the increasing deficiency in crop density in the country cause problems at several places for vine growers. The author helps avoid this problem with his article by presenting the importance of early decline, disease symptoms and the provoking pathogens. Finally, we can get to know the control options, in particular what is to be done before and after vintage in vineyards.

How far has TOPPS program got?
(Dr. Manfred Röttele, Dr. Zoltán Ocskó)
The European TOPPS program provides pesticide users and advisors with a comprehensive, overall technical material that gives the answer, first of all, to the question how to avoid point-source contamination of waters. The summary prepared about the results obtained until now and publications may help growers and users to get familiar with the subject.

Tulipomania: rise, fall and revival (5)
(Dr. József Horváth)
The mysterious disease of colour breaking of tulips, via Tulipomania, was not only the subject of science during several centuries but the plant itself also inspired artists, writers and poets. This is why in the last part of his series, the author summarises the role of tulips in arts, literature and music.

We visited the international press conference held by Bayer CropScience in 2008
(Gabriella Demes)
Bayer CropScience held its annual international press conference in early September at the headquarters of the company in Monheim. Among the technical journals, Agrofórum was also invited to the event.

The “conductor of the orchestra”. Report
(Miklós Kurucz)
This is an interview with dr. László Kárpáti, the director of the adult education institute of Pannon University, about adult education and the activity, mission and objectives of the advisory organisation headed by him.

Let’s change over to Pétisó® (calcium-ammonium nitrate)! (x)
Read the offer about the advantages of using Pétisó from Nitrogénművek Plc.


Results of comparative pepper variety trials in unheated polytunnels
(András Molnár)
The proper selection of varieties has an important role in successful pepper growing, therefore this always needs to be suited to the actual conditions of growing. The specialist of Budapest Corvinus University assists in it by outlining the characteristics of the particular varieties based on the results of the comparative trials he established. The varieties are evaluated for the fruit traits, yields, the earliness so important for economic reasons and Ca-deficiency of fruits influencing crop quality.

The effect of fertilizer application on tissue browning and yields of horse radish
(Katalin Irinyi Oláh, Barnabás Irinyi)
The authors studied the effect of nitrogen fertilizers, applied at different rates, on the tissue browning and yields of horse radish. They publish their results and the conclusions drawn from them in this article.

Is there a new mushroom species for growing on the horizon?(András Geösel, Dr. Júlia Győrfi)
In addition to the common species, various mushrooms with medicinal effects are already available in the market all over the world. They can be grown also in Hungary, among them himematsutake, Agaricus blazei is likely to be prospective. The authors summarise its favourable physiological effects and the elements of the crop management programme.

A new vegetable for healthy nutrition: yacón
(Anna Szabó)
Readers may get acquainted with yacón, a plant with uses similar to potatoes but regarding nutritional characteristics, much better than that. The author describes the origin, morphology, nutritional values, use options and the conditions of its growing.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
A brief review is given from certain articles published in foreign journals.


How to select?… (4) Balers
(Zsolt Kelemen)
This part of the series, in connection with the operations of harvesting roughage, the specialist of the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering wishes to give advice for selecting balers. The primary criterion for this is to preserve the quality of the harvested crop, though the selection of an appropriate machine is even more difficult due to the sophisticated procedure of baling roughage, straw and by-products.

Axiál “Open Gates” again in Nyíregyháza
(Dr. György Demes)
AXIÁL held its first “Open Gates” event in Nyíregyháza three years ago with the aim of presenting the products, services and financing options. This year the event, having become a tradition since that time, took place on 5-6 September. Customers’ meeting was held on the first day, while on the second one, in addition to the machines distributed by Axiál Ltd. in Hungary, visitors could get acquainted with the high pressure washer with running hot and cold water of KRÄNZLE, the mysteries of manufacturing hydraulics hose and measuring by brake-testing equipment, furthermore, certain models could also be tried.

Let’s learn about tractors (11) The hydrostatic transmission and power train of universal tractors (1)
(Dr. Vilmos Varga)
The universal use of tractors has been expanded by applying hydrostatic equipment. The hydraulic system of an up-to-date tractor consists of various structural elements and a hydraulic circle they create. The undisturbed operation of the hydrostatic power transmission equipment belongs to the capacity of the tractor to perform work. Therefore, the author deals with the structural elements of the hydrostatic transmission equipment of universal tractors.

Massey Ferguson has been one of the most well-known tractor brands for 50 years
(Dr. György Demes)
The release of the first Massey Ferguson tractor 50 years ago gave an opportunity to the biggest European distributor of the brand, Austro Diesel GmbH located at Schwechat to organise the national meeting of Massey Ferguson product managers and commemorate the fifty years’ history.

A new series of tractors, renewed mowers and swathers by CLAAS (2)
(Dr. György Demes)
In the second part of our series on the recent results of CLAAS development, we inform readers about the renewing DISCO and COUGAR mowers.

Vogel-Noot establishes a new factory
The development of Vogel-Noot Works of Agricultural Machines reached a new phase where building of a new factory unit will be started on an area of 76.000 m2 at Törökszentmiklós.

Cooperation agreement between LEMKEN Hungary Ltd. and INVEST Ltd.
(Dr. György Demes)
It was Bábolna Farmers’ Days where LEMKEN Hungary Ltd. and INVEST Ltd. concluded a cooperation agreement. Pursuant to this, INVEST Ltd. will offer LEMKEN instruments to its CASE IH tractors. Participants were also informed on the recent development carried out at LEMKEN.

Güttler tillage (4) (x)
(Norbert Páska)
Güttler outlines the advantages of using EVERS disc harrow.


Portrait. Talking with Attila J. Szaxon
(Dr. László Bódis)

The talk is carried out with the general director of IKR Company.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past Rezső Francé (1874-1943)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month our readers may get to know the life and work of Rezső Francé in the series presenting the great persons of Hungarian agricultural history.

Note for growers. About table grapes
(Miklós Kurucz)
The previous three Notes dealt, always from different aspects, with wine-grape growing. It was also indicated how strict and closed a system the EU created in the wine market regulation. It is not possible to increase the national wine-growing area; therefore the emphasis has been shifted to improving crop quality. It was shortly mentioned that table grapes were  not included in this regulation, thus neither restrictions, nor subsidies apply to such growing.

Written anno …
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)