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Agroforum 2009 December

Christmas lights
(Dr. László Bódis)


Rural sites are not to be developed – we should rather learn from them. Talk with academician Tamás Németh
(Dr. Ágoston Pápa)
The fields of expertise of academician Tamás Németh are soil science, agro-chemistry and environmental protection. However, this time we ask him about a slightly different topic, i.e. renewable energy.

Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (RISSAC) – 60!
(Dr. László Bódis)
A special event took place at the Academy of Sciences on 9 September on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of founding the Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Read the report to have a look inside what was heard there.


Biofuel as an alternative energy source and the potentials in biomass use
(Dr. Éva Erdélyi)
The article deals with the foreseen effects of climate change on crop production. You may get an overview of the biomass consumption and the results of the experiments carried out by the author and her colleagues with simulation models using earlier data on the volume of secondary biomass of maize plants and climate scenarios.

CO2 – H2O – landscape
(Dr. Mihály Mőcsényi)
Everything having lived or living around us have been created mostly of carbon-dioxide – including us humans as well – and with time all organic materials will become CO2 again by decomposition and burning. It may be astonishing that tools and furniture made of wood, furthermore the majority of the basic elements of our clothes and food, directly or indirectly derives from the air. If we have aroused your interest by these lines and statements, please, read the article intended to launch a discussion. You will see that the paper is different in many aspects from the opinions known in this topic.

Comments. Changing dimensions
(Dr. Béla Darvas)

Comments. Instead of closing remarks
(Dr. László Sági)

Does climate change justify the growing of genetically modified crops?
(Dr. Ferenc Tóth)
You can get the answer to the question put in the article from various approaches.

Green gene technology and agro-innovation. Report
(Dr. László Bódis)
The article reports on a book release based on a farmers’ forum organised at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences last year. The meeting was organised by the National Federation of Agricultural Co-operators and Producers, the Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology of the Section of Agricultural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Barabás Zoltán Federation of Biotechnology.

Let’s discuss! How long will we waste expertise?
(Dr. Imre Vajdai)
The changed agricultural ownership, the production structure different from the earlier one and the current economic situation in Hungary draw the attention to the issues of education, both in terms of the content and methods, discussed in institutions of agricultural education, as well as the situation of the graduates. All these justify that it is necessary to consider the state of the above institutions launching a debate about the affected institutions and education.

Seeking the way XIX. Is there any any way out from the crisis of produce market?
Agrofórum organised conferences with this title at two sites: Székesfehérvár on 3 November and Kecskemét on 4 November. The programme was the same at both places. Our wish was to provide an international overview, a picture of possibilities for intervention buy-up and an insight into Hungary’s dependence from global processes and prices. Collective warehousing was one of the topics and in connection with it, the different bank-supporting schemes, behaviour of certain trading organisations in the market, as well as the buy-up options offered for growers – all these are dealt with in this brief article.


Weather report about 2009 from the point of view of crop production
(Vilmos Vadász)
Similarly to the previous years, 2009 was also warmer than the average. This is especially true for the cycle of vegetation of our agricultural crops. Though there have been weather extremities this year as well, they occurred less frequently than in the previous ones. The article gives an overview of the weather factors most important for crop production throughout the year.

Snapshot about autumn jobs in November 2009
(Agricultural Office)
The Directorate of Agriculture and Agri-environment of the Agricultural Office publishes the main data on field crops sown in autumn and the picture they show at the moment.

Still the water reigns!
(Dr. István Oláh)
Year by year, time to time experts and professionals come together in the club wearing the name of the one-time minister of agriculture Ignác Darányi at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in order to discuss certain issues of the agricultural sector relevant for topical scientific, theoretical or practical interest. Last time the club organised a meeting on 27 November on the occasion of publishing the book titled “At the origin of Hungarian water management.”

Cereal Research Co. is 85 years old
(Péter Szilágyi Bay)
The biggest agricultural research institute in Hungary – becoming self-sufficient by now – celebrated the 85th anniversary of its foundation. The brief report informs about the prestigious event.

Even seeds are adulterated!
(Hungarian Seed Association)
The organisation draws the attention to the risks of using adulterated seeds.

The Chamber awarded plant doctors
(Zoltán Molnár)
The article reports on the lectures delivered and the main events taken place at the IVth Day of Plant Medicine organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Plant Protection Professionals and Doctors of Plant Medicine on 11 November 2009 at Budapest Corvinus University.

Makhteshim-Agan is finishing a successful year. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
“Experience from year 2009 – expectations for 2010” was the motto of the regular meeting of Makhteshim-Agan Hungary Zrt. for closing the trading year. The management of the company gave an account of technical issues about the achievements of 2009 and future prospects.

Logistics at high standards
(Gergely Honti)
Logistics – similarly to other fields – has an important role also in agriculture. A very complex organisation is needed to ensure that the materials necessary for production be available in the required quantity at the right place and time. The details can be found in the article of the logistic manager of Szekszárd Plant Zrt.

Thiophanate-methyl: yesterday – today TOMORROW (x)
Summit-Agro Hungária Kft. draws the attention to a new formulation of thiophanate-methyl satisfying current requirements.

Recollection of packaging wastes contaminated with pesticides and of bags of treated seeds – logistics and results in 2008
(Dr. Péter Lantos)
Cseber Non-profit Kft. has been coordinating, for seven year, the recollection and decontamination of packaging wastes contaminated with pesticides. The article lets us have an insight into the work and last year’s results of the company.

News from Szekszárd. Maize in a profitable way!
(Norbert Rácz)

Field trials – 2009 (x)
(Rita Vári)
Linzer Agro Trade Hungary Kft. draws growers’ attention to the results of nutrient supply trials carried out together with Hungarian universities of agriculture and private farms in 2009.

Rape growing handbook in practise (x)
The companies cooperating in the third edition of “Rape growing handbook” organised a special field inspection in order to show the effect of weather conditions prevailing this autumn. This article summarises the experience of the event.


Black plastic cover for soils and its role in the growing of field vegetables
(Dr. Attila Ombódi, Judit Horel)
Intensive crop management programme is fairly gaining more and more importance in Hungarian outdoor vegetable growing for fresh market. The article deals with one of its core points, i.e. soil cover with plastic foil, giving an overview of the distribution in the country of the technique, its advantages and drawbacks, as well as of the kinds of the materials applied for this purpose.

Black salsify – an unfairly neglected crop
(Dr. Sándor Hodossi, Dr. László Dudás)
Though black salsify has a long history as an edible plant, it is considered a special and rare vegetable crop in the majority of the countries even today. However, it is a plant of high nutrient value that, due to its long shelf-life, is available also in winter, the poorest time in vegetable choice. This is why we believe it is worth summing up the food value, environmental requirements, crop management programme and last but not least, the unexploited potentials of growing black salsify.


Hardening of the overwintering organs of fruit trees in early winter, demonstrated on an apricot variety
(Dr. László Szalay, Szilvia Németh, Veronika Hajnal)
Our fruit trees overwinter without leaves, in dormancy. During this time only internal physiological processes take place in trees, hidden from outside. All of them serve for supporting the tree from getting injured during winter in order to continue normal life. Flower buds are the most sensitive to frost damage among the overwintering organs in every fruit species. The hardening process is essential for the development of frost resistance, demonstrated on the example of a special variety of a frost sensitive fruit species, i.e. apricot.


Visiting “The winery of the year”
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Our readers could get acquainted with vine-grower and winemaker Mihály Szöllősi form the article of Miklós Kurucz published in the 30th special edition of Agrofórum about grapes. However, after he had obtained the award called “The winery of the year” we thought that this prestigious recognition allows us to visit the owner of Szöllősi Winery at Neszmély again. We might learn the secret of the way leading to the award.


Let’s learn about harvesters (7) The way straw passes
(Dr. László Bense, István Nagy)
The present part of the series about the structure and operation of combine harvesters deals with straw walkers designed to separate straw and describes the different kinds of the equipment.

From the new 200 Vario Series to the new 800 Vario Series (1)
(Dr. György Demes)
Fendt factory of agricultural machines held a press conference in Martkoberdorf on 6 October 2009. Our journal was also represented among the 176 journalists of technical journals arriving from 26 countries. It was clearly indicated at the event that various relevant novelties will be released under the brand name Fendt in the future too, out of which the first part of the article reports on the recently developed Vario tractors.


In memoriam Dr. József Bozai, retired university professor (1937-2009)
(Dr. Éva Lehoczky)

No answer from the phone at Bece-hill
(Dr. Imre Seprős)

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Lajos Kreybig (1879-1956)
(Miklós Kurucz)
In the frame of the series about the great persons of the Hungarian agricultural history, this month we present the life and work of Lajos Kreybig.

Note (not only) for growers. About the recent balance of the sector.
(Miklós Kurucz)
It was the eleventh time this year that the report about the previous year’s data of the agri-food sector presented by the minister was discussed on the autumn session of the Parliament. In connection with it, this note takes out certain information from the report, important for growers of field and horticultural crops, allowing managers and farmers to compare them with the corresponding data of their holdings.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)