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Agroforum 2009 January

New Year greetings
(Dr. László Bódis)

The place where we live
(Zoltán Molnár)


The past, present and future of variety and seed quality control
(Dr. Katalin Ertsey Peregi)
The article provides an edited version of the lecture titled “50 years of the Hungarian Hybrid Maize Programme” about the history of the variety and seed quality control from the beginning to the present, delivered on the ceremonial session organized in Debrecen.

The Field Crop Section of the Quality Control Committee held its meeting
(Dr. Katalin Ertsey Peregi, Dr. László Lázár)
The Field Crop Section of the Quality Control Committee held its meeting in November 2008. The authors publish the list of the winter wheat, winter barley and winter rape varieties and describe their characteristics in a tabulated form.


Hungarian situation of wine qualification and control
(Gábor Barátossy, Dr. Emília Kocsi)
The article reveals the activity of the Directorate of Wine Qualification of the Central Agricultural Office in Hungary and outlines its structure. Furthermore, we may have an insight into the procedure of qualifying must, wine, distilled wine and other products of winemaking.

Praising wines
(Miklós Kurucz)
This article invites readers for a journey around wine.

Some advice for handling young wines
(Dr. György Pásti)
Self-purification, natural stabilisation and/or certain wine handling procedures are needed for the complete clearing of wine in order to obtain its bouquet and aroma. Among them, you may get to know the key elements of the modern technology of handling young wines, such as decanting, sulphur treatment and clarification.


A comment missed in September …
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)
This is a comment, titled “GMO moratorium but how long?” of the author of our permanent column Written anno, to the 16th “Seeking the way” meeting, that could serve as a substitute for the editorial notes of the publication of the event.

The results of national trials with spring barley varieties, 2008 (1)
(Dr. András Tomcsányi)
It is essential for the profitability of malting barley production that growers could be informed on the behaviour and characteristics of spring barley varieties, based on objective trials. The Cereal Research Non-profit Company assists this by presenting the results of variety trials they established.

Metamorphosis of the jubilee (x)
(László Farády)
An old herbicide package with a new composition is offered by Bayer CropScience for 2009.

Results of trials carried out in 2008 with winter wheat varieties included in the national list
(Péter Hertelendy)
The changes in the genetic material of the particular pathogens of plant protection concern, the development of new races and the shifts in the share of the races can be observed only in the experiments with varieties included in the national list. Now we can read about the post-registration trials with winter wheat varieties carried out in 2008.

Neuralgic (marginal) point (x)
(István Tamás)
Hungarian Kwizda recommends growers its programme titled “Supplying nutrients and protecting the crop” also in 2009 as a alternative solution to address market challenges.

Fertilizer shortage in Hungary in the spring of 2009? (x)
How is LINZER AGRO TRADE Hungary Ltd. preparing for the next spring in the fertilizer market?


Review of weather conditions in 2008 from the point of view of crop production
(Vilmos Vadász)
The author from the National Meteorological Service evaluates the trends of the weather factors, being the most important from the point of view of crop production, observed in the past year 2008.

The past season of cereals from the point of view of plant protection (x)
(Szilvia Tóth Csantavéri, Endre Máté, György Kurtz)
Get acquainted with Syngenta Ltd.’s herbicides, fungicides and insecticides applied in cereals.

Overview of 2007-2008 from plant protection aspects (1)
(Miklós Tóth)
The specialist of the Directorate of Plant Protection, Soil Conservation and Agri-environment of the Central Agricultural Office provides an overview of the pest occurrence and management in the particular field crops over the past year.

Trying Taltos (x)
This is a new, wide-spectrum herbicide from Dow AgroSciences for cereal growers.

Trying Ikarus (x)
Dow AgroSciences recommends Ikarus (clopyralid + picloram+ aminopyralid) for controlling annual and perennial dicot weeds in winter rapes.

Briefly about the lectures delivered at KITE events Report
(Dr. Endre Széll)
KITE organised two machine shows with the same programme on two sites at Hajdúböszörmény in county Hajdú-Bihar on 2 September 2008 and at Hahót in county Zala on 4 September 2008. Two lectures were delivered in the key topics, such as soil cultivation, sowing, cultural operations in the crop, and precision farming. General manager Géza Búvár summarised the experience of the tillage trials carried out and the practice followed during the past decades. Branch manager László Hadászi informed the participants on the key points of farming precisely or precision farming.

Trying Genius (x)
Try the herbicide Genius (aminopyralid + pyroxsulam + florasulam + chloquintocet-mexyl) in cereals against annual and perennial dicot weeds and annual monocot weeds.

Professionals and doctors of plant protection met at Corvinus University
(Zoltán Molnár)
The Chamber for the Professionals and Doctors of Plant Protection organised the Day of Doctors of Plant Protection on 12 November for the third time. The aim of the event was to provide the members of the Chamber with the most recent information about the changes taken place in plant protection.

What has the Chamber for the Professionals and Doctors of Plant Protection done?…
(Dr. István Vályi)
The president of the Chamber for the Professionals and Doctors of Plant Protection briefly summarises the steps taken by the Chamber in connection with the new plant protection rules on the agenda of the European Union, and also gives an overview of the causes and effects of the foreseen pesticide withdrawals in the most important crops.

Offering SYNPLUS hybrids for growing – in order to obtain higher yields! (x)
(Tivadar Boncsarovszky)
SYNPLUS maize hybrids from Syngenta Seeds Ltd.

The importance of basic treatment (x)
(Katalin Vereczkey)
Syngenta offers LUMAX (mesotrione + terbuthylazin + S-metolachlor) for early post-emergence weed control in maize.

DEKALB, when performance is the key point (x) (Monsanto)
The article presents the new generation DEKALB hybrids from Monsanto Hungary Ltd. for maize growers.

Results of sunflower trials in 2008 (x)
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss)
How did the sunflower portfolio of Monsanto Hungary Ltd. perform during last year?

The leading edge – Dow AgroSciences (x)
Novelties in 2009 in the product range of Dow AgroSciences.


Developmental disorders caused by abiotic factors in vegetables (2)
(Dr. István Terbe)
In vegetable growing, in particular in small holdings, injuries caused by herbicides are rather frequent in combined crop rotations. However, advisory laboratories receive a high number of samples also form household and hobby gardens where the owners try to replace hoeing and weeding with chemical control. This is why in the second part of the article the author, without aiming at completeness, presents the characteristic poisoning symptoms caused by certain herbicide groups.

General information about lettuce
(Dr. Sándor Hodossi, Dr. László Dudás)
Lettuce is a crop with a long history in the Hungarian market. In addition to get to know the customs of its consumption, we can read about the role in healthy nutrition and environmental requirements.

Snails and slugs in the garden
(Anna Szabó)
Being familiar with certain characteristics, and consequently the biology and damage of the snail and slug species most frequently occurring in the gardens, as well as the presentation of the most efficient control methods could be useful for readers engaged in gardening.

Meeting of horticulturists in Szekszárd
(Dr. István Terbe)
On 14 November Agrofórum invited young academic staff and researchers to the headquarters of Növény Ltd. in Szekszárd to meet the managers of the company and the editors of our journal. The event was organised on the occasion of the renewal of the journal both in contents and appearance and the programme just launched by Növény Ltd. titled “Village-town, vegetables-fruits”.


Success story – escape forward under the shadow of the Paris agglomeration
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
What kind of changes did the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy introduced in 1992 bring for the growers in the French region Ile-de-France? The details are revealed through the story of the Rabourdin couple.

Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
The interesting article published in a foreign journal deals with the Bulgarian cereal intervention.


VOGEL&NOOT takes over the division agricultural crop protection of the company Holder
In order to expand the range of cultivation and crop protection machines, VOGEL&NOOT, manufacturer of agricultural machines took over the sprayer section of the company Holder from 1 November 2008.

Axiál Ltd. located at Baja wins SHELL Service Award this year
In 2008 Axiál Ltd., Baja received SHELL Service Award for winning the competition of traders and premises providing agricultural machines, spare parts and services.

How to select … (7) Precision drill for maize
(Dr. József Fűzy)
One of the most decisive elements of a successful maize production programme is sowing. This is why we wish to give advice and recommendations for selecting precision drills being almost dominant in Hungarian maize growing, and for implementing the operation of sowing.

Users about the mobile sprayer DAMMANN-TRACK DT 2000H (x)
(Dr. György Demes)
The article reports on the practical experience with operating DAMMANN-TRACK DT 2000H mobile sprayers.

Which one to buy: GPS installed in works or later, after purchase?
Today some kind of GPS-based system is offered by all acknowledged manufacturers of agricultural machines. They are designed for yield mapping and automatic navigation (by an autopilot). This is why the question rises whether it is more worthy to choose them or the devices installed later, after purchasing the agricultural machine.

Extra offer now for new MF Activa combines (x)
New Massey Ferguson combines from Austro Diesel.


Establishing contact
The article is about a meeting to discuss the Programme of Miklós Margittai, president of the Hungarian Agricultural and Rural Development Agency.

Legal page. Act on food chain and its official control and the related changes in legislation (1)
(Dr. Vercseg Orsolya)
The legal advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development presents the aim and the key points of the Act 46 of 2008 on food chain and its official control, effective from 1 September 2008. Furthermore, she also informs on the changes entered into force in plant protection legislation.

The new head of BASF Hungary Ltd. Agrodivision was introduced.
(Dr. Demes György)
The Agrodivision of BASF Hungary Ltd. has been directed by a new head, the chemical engineer Róbert Rácz since 1 October 2008. He presented himself to the representatives of the Hungarian technical journals at a press breakfast. The event provided a good opportunity for us to ask him about the new BASF products available on the Hungarian market from 2009.

Year-closing party at MAKHTESHIM-AGAN
(Dr. György Demes)
MAKHTESHIM-AGAN Hungary Ltd. held its traditional end-of-the-year sales meeting in Visegrád on 30 October. The general director of the company, Rami A. Samash also attended the event and outlined the market progress of Makhteshim-Agan in the light of the global economy. The opening speech was followed by the presentation of the sales manager dr. Tamás Sélley, giving an account of the results and plans of the company. Géza Szabó, registration manager informed participants on the foreseen changes in the pesticide registration within the European Union.

Note for growers. About the increasing role of agriculture
(Miklós Kurucz)
This part of the series gives an overview of the processes taken place in agriculture since the political transformation and their consequences. Furthermore, the author also refers to the challenges the sector is facing in these days and the prospects.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Imre Klauzál (1799-1847)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Imre Klauzál in the frame of the series presenting the remarkable persons in Hungarian agriculture.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)