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Agroforum 2009 June

When the sun was going down
(Dr. László Bódis)


Can eco-social agriculture be a solution?
(Dr. András Binnyei)
Eco-social agriculture can be a way out from the current agricultural problems that, taking natural conditions into considerations, makes use of natural resources for the production of marketable food. Get to know the details from the paper!


Let’s discuss it! Current directions in the GM plant issue in Hungary. Talk with professor Béla Darvas
(Dr. László Bódis)
We talked with professor Béla Darvas, head of the Hungarian Biotechnology Evaluation Committee about the planned changes in the committee’s work, the press release of Barabás Zoltán Biotechnology Association, as well as about certain related news and articles.

Comments to a note in order to be accurate
Gábor Füsti Molnár)


Ear pests
(Dr. Kálmán Szeőke)
Ear protection is an important, but frequently a hardly feasible task in cereal crops. This is why it is worth reviewing the range of pests affecting ears and the options to control them.

Syngenta launches its agrometeorological service
Get acquainted with Syngenta’s new advisory service on weather forecasting and weather suitability for pesticide application.

About storage pest management
(Péter Hertelendy)
The author from the Hungarian Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Crop Production and Horticulture gives an account of the most frequently made mistakes during grain storage. The second part of the article describes the most common storage pests and options for their control, such as disinfestation of storage places before loading in and treatment of infested stocks).

What do insects know and what can they do?
(Dr. Sándor Bognár)
The author guides readers to the world of insects forming a separate big group of the “Animal Kingdom”. He presents the richness of their shapes, forms and colour, the characteristic and versatile biology. He wishes to draw readers’ attention to the fact that they, getting involved in the nutrition chain connecting living nature, not only cause damages but quite frequently perform very useful tasks.

Storage management of grains and their importance
(Zoltán Bellus, Gyula Komka)
The authors from the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering begin with presenting the current level of grain storage capacity in Hungary, following with outlining the structure and building of storage facilities. They give a brief description of the conditions and solutions for storing grains.

Let’s try it! – YaraVitaTM a new generation foliar fertilizer already available from distributors (x)
Yara recommends Yara Vita new generation foliar fertilizers for growers.

Ragweed – an agricultural “celeb” or a “public enemy”?
(dr. Gabriella Benécs Bárdi)
The head of Directorate of Plant Protection and Soil Conservation of the Agricultural Office of Budapest and County Pest gives an account of the legal background of ragweed control and the relevant changes having taken place in the matter.

SERGOMIL-L 60 – the copper-based energy bomb (x)
(Dr. Tibor Fenyves)
Summit-Agro Hungria Ltd. recommends growers SERGOMIL copper-based foliar fertilizers.

A new disease: occurrence and spreading of Ramularia leaf spot on barley
(Ms. S. Manninger dr, Dr. István Murányi)
A new barley disease has emerged and spread in Europe: Ramularia leaf spot that, in certain cases can cause severe yield losses. The authors share their experience with readers in the article and also indicate what can be done in order to suppress the disease.

What can we expect from the “golden crop” this year? (x)
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss)
We may get to know this year’s performance of DEKALB hybrids in practice from the development manager of Monsanto for Central Europe.


I used to be a minister…(4) Talk with Dr. Jenő Váncsa
(Dr. László Bódis)
Now we asked Jenő Váncsa among the one-time ministers of agriculture about the achievements obtained during the time of his duty and his family background.

Summary about trials necessary for introducing grain harvesting of maize
(Péter Varga)
Various owners of variety – seed producers wish to harvest and process maize in the form of grains. The Hungarian Agricultural Office supports this idea and calls for a trial of growing and harvesting with the coordination of the Hungarian Seed Association. The article reveals the details of the experimental plan.

Using the means of individual protection against chemicals in agriculture (2)
(Ágoston Tóth)
The second part of the series describes the personal protective equipment for the skin (protective clothing, gloves, shoes, goggles, etc.), as well the requirements such equipment has to meet.

Book review. György Kövics: Phytopathological vademecum
(Dr. Pál Békési)
A special manual was published by NOFKA (Foundation for Teaching and Developing of Plant Protection Education) that can valuably assist any professional that can get into touch with plant protection in any way: he prepared the dictionary of phytopathological terms and expressions.

Belchim CP pesticides introduce themselves (x)
Get to know the offer of Belchim CP Hungary Ltd. in pesticides.

New management at the Hungarian Chamber of Plant Protection Professionals and Plant Health Doctors
(Dr. Zoltán Szabó)
The article provides a brief summary of the re-election of officials and changes in the staff taken place at the late March general assembly of the Hungarian Chamber of Plant Protection Professionals and Plant Health Doctors.

Növénytermelés: a technical journal in new hands and renewed both in appearance and content
(Dr. László Bódis)
A technical journal (“Crop Production”), representing a significant section of Hungarian agricultural science and publishing its achievements, was about to extinct when the University of Debrecen, Centre for Agricultural Sciences and Engineering undertook to manage its publication. The public presentation took place on 6 May 2009 in the presidential council room of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The article lets us have an insight into the most important thoughts expressed on the event.


Experience with greenhouse growing of pot cucumbers
(Dr. Katalin Slezák)
The Department for Vegetable and Mushroom Growing of Budapest Corvinus University carried out trials of pot cucumber growing for 3 years in an unheated, Filclair polythene greenhouse. Various important conditions of the technique were studied in a short cropping period: growing media, (earth mixtures, various kinds of peat, coconut-fibre, clay pebbles), variety types, pruning of long Dutch-type cucumbers (number of fruits to be grown per plant), hydroponic nutrient supply for such cucumbers and foliar fertilizer application. The present article summarises the conclusions of the experiment.

Applying magnesium fertilizers to vegetable crops
(Dr. Hanna Némethy Uzoni)
Magnesium is an essential element for plants because it is the central structural part of chlorophyll and enhances vital enzyme reactions in plants. This is why the regular supply of magnesium from the soil should be ensured for vegetable crops in order to avoid severe symptoms of deficiency of this nutrient and the related yield losses. The combined application of basic and top dressing is recommended for plants of high magnesium demand. The article gives a detailed discussion of the symptoms, types and causes of magnesium deficiency, as well as informs on other possibilities of magnesium supply.


The principles of integrated fruit production (4) Selecting rootstocks
(Dr. László Szalay)
This part of the series summing up the principles of integrated fruit growing gives guidance for selecting rootstocks, presenting the key points that growers should take into account.

Let’s launch whips with careful canopy management in summer
(Dr. László Szalay)
Growers frequently establish orchards with planting whips among the various kinds of grafts offered by nurseries. They are generally cheaper than feathered grafts and in addition, they have the advantage that the whole process of creating the crown of the tree is in the hands of the grower. The details are found in the article.

There is a solution for everything! YaraMilaTM (x)
Yara’s offer for compound fertilizers is described below this title.


Biodynamic grape growing in practice. Report
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
It’s a long time since the editor of viticulture at our journal wanted to know the practice of biodynamic vine growing. He visited Weninger Winery at Balf among the narrow Hungarian range to ask the owner about the establishment of vineyard, viticultural problems and the applied pest management programmes.

Szekszárd is a town not only of red wines. Interview
(Zsuzsanna Györök)
In May 2009, at the world championship of rosé wines taken place in Cannes (France), Tamás Dúzsi, a winemaker in the Szekszárd district was awarded with three golden and one silver medals for his wines. Our correspondent used the opportunity to talk with him about the secrets of making rosé wines.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
This is a set of brief reviews of certain interesting articles published in foreign journals.


How to select… (9) Disc harrow?
(Dr. Jóri J. István)
This part of our series assisting orientation in power machines and instruments wishes to provide information and ideas for selecting and purchasing disc tillage machines for growers before making their decisions.

250-300 bales a day! (x)
The article describes the experience with operating Mascar 2150 balers from the point of view of growers.


Stud-Farm Estate of Mezőhegyes is 225 years old
(Dr. László Bódis, Dr. György Demes)
An exhibition was opened on 4 May about the 225-year history of the Stud-Farm Estate of Mezőhegyes in the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture.

XVIth Animal Husbandry and Farmers’ Days in the Great Hungarian Plain. Report
(Péter Szilágyi Bay)
Hódmezővásárhely became again the capital of Hungarian agriculture for a couple of days, as after the exhibitions in Budapest, visitors could take part in an agricultural event organised by Hód-Mezőgazda Co focusing on the practice.

Note for growers. About the new scheme of mitigating agricultural losses
(Miklós Kurucz)
In this part of the series readers can get acquainted with the conditions being in force from the current year regarding mitigating agricultural losses.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Jenő Kvassay (1850-1919)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get to know the life and work of Jenő Kvassay in the frame of the series about the remarkable personalities of Hungary’s agriculture.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)