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Agroforum 2009 October

Endless fields
(Dr. László Bódis)


Drought and getting dry
(Dr. Márton Jolánkai)
In Hungary, the phenomenon and effects of drought and getting dry, as well as their control have been a key issue for centuries. This is why it is worth to have an overview of the basic knowledge related to the topic.


Introductory words
(Dr. Márta Birkás)

Are we learning drought lesson?!
(Dr. Márta Birkás)
The first part of the paper deals with 14 mistakes done in tillage practice that increase climate damage, completed with explanations. The second part draws the attention to the techniques and methods suitable for mitigating climate damage, summarised in 11 points.

Soil conservation tillage at Növker Kft. in Ócsárd. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We asked the technical manager of Növker Kft. in Ócsárd, Attila Hoffmann, about his experience of the energy-saving tillage with reduced pass number applied on a wide area, its benefits and the necessary machinery background.

Let’s discuss! Tillage vs. pest management. Round-table discussion
(Dr. László Bódis)
The acknowledged experts of the topic express their opinion about the advantages and eventual pest management risks of tillage without turning the soil and leaving mulch.

Soil conservation tillage at Róna Kft. in Vásárhely. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We talked with production manager Sándor Földesi and crop production manager Imre Máté about the tillage practice followed at Vásárhelyi Róna Kft., their experience obtained in basic tillage with soil loosening and the methods of conserving soil moisture.


Let’s discuss! Debate around GM-crops is to be continued. Talk with dr. Dénes Dudich
(Dr. László Bódis)
The director-general of the Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, an expert in plant breeding using genetic engineering, expresses his  rationale in the topic indicated in the title, answering to the questions raised also by the general public.

The effects of overwintering and damage of cotton bollworm in maize
(Dr. Sándor Keszthelyi)
By now, every maize grower has got to know cotton bollworm that has become a dangerous pest overwintering also in Hungary. The present article gives an account of the most likely background: the changing climate, the ecological properties of the insect and the crop production characteristics of the country.

Obligation of declaration in agri-environmental programmes. Press release
(Agricultural and Rural Development Agency)

Tidy farm. Report
(Dr. László Bódis)
Invited by Farkas Kft., Agrofórum participated at a meeting and field demonstration about precision crop production at Zimány.

Rape pest management(x)
(Dr. Elemér Tóth, Szabolcs Hőgye, István Rácz)
DuPont recommends its fungicide for the foliar protection of winter rapes.

Yield data of field crops harvested in summer 2009
(Central Agricultural Office)
How did winter cereals and winter rapes perform in the light of weather conditions in 2009? What was the year like in terms of crop quality and quantity? The answers are given in the article of the Central Agricultural Office.

Vitavax 2000 – the five-star solution … (x)
(Dr. László Kondár)
Chemtura recommends its wide spectrum product Vitavax 2000 (carboxin+TMTD) for the efficient seed dressing of winter wheat.

Pannon wheat in the Central Tisza region (x)
(Zoltán V. Győri)
Read the article to be informed about the wheat varieties included in the Pannon wheat programme of the University of Debrecen, Centre for Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, Research Centre.


I used to be a minister… (7) Talk with Ferenc József Nagy
(Dr. László Bódis)
In this part of the series about the agricultural ministers of earlier years, the minister of the first freely elected government talks about the time he was in charge. Furthermore, he expresses his opinion about the current situation of Hungarian agriculture.

Using the means of individual protection against chemicals in agriculture (3/2)
(Ágoston Tóth)
In the second part of the series about individual protective equipments, we may be familiar with the principles of breathing protection against gases and vapours, as well as with the different types of devices illustrated by colour pictures.

Committed to maize growing. Report
(Dr. Bódis László)
The brief article summarises what was seen and heard at the meetings and demonstrations about maize in Szeged and Martonvásár.

Ragweed conference in Tata. Report
(Péter Szilágyi Bay)
The report informs on the conference and field visits organised under the title “For ragweed-free Hungary”.

A new approach of warehousing at Korona Collective Warehouse (x)
Get to know the activity of Korona Collective Warehouse.


Science in crop production. Theoretical background of nutrient uptake of plants
(Dr. Krisztián Halász)
Several excellent manuals deal with the practice of nutrient supply, but it may be worth examining issues, such as the transport of water and ions and the way plants are able to use nutrients available in their environment.

Goals and achievements in Hungarian green-pees growing
(Dr. Györgyi Csontos)
Among the basic objectives of green peas breeding, there ones which have been of primary importance for many decades, but in our days the emerging new tasks pose new challenges. Though traditional methods have the priority in breeding, the techniques of modern biotechnology can be used in more and more partial areas, too. The article gives a detailed discussion of the key objectives in terms of yields, stem firmness, threshing ability, adaptability to crop management programmes, quality and resistance to diseases.


Apricot growing in Switzerland
(Dr. László Szalay)
Several programmes took place in Hungary in summer this year, focusing on apricots, indicating that this is an important fruit crop from economic point of view. These events provided plenty of useful information for the interested, and not only Hungarian but foreign experiences were also discussed. This article summarises the most remarkable thoughts taken from the talk titled “Developing Swiss apricot growing” delivered by the manager of the Swiss ALPFRUITS company, Pascal Felley on the meeting held at Boldogkőváralja on 31 July 2009.

Applying foliar fertilizers also in autumn! (x)
Yara recommends its foliar fertilizers to fruit growers.

Careful planting is a half success! (x)
Yara solutions for applying fertilizers in orchards and nurseries before and after planting.


Recognizing, controlling and preventing soil compaction in vineyards
(Dr. Zanathy Gábor)
The paper gives an overview of the factors playing an important part in the process leading to soil compactness in vineyards, the consequences of soil compactness and last but not least, the options for preventing such conditions.

ProWein and INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA world trade fair and exhibition in Germany in March 2010
(Compiled by: Zoltán Molnár)
In March 2010, the winemakers of the world will meet in Germany. The reason why is that the most important wine exhibition of the world, ProWein (21-23 March 2010) will be organised in Düsseldorf, directly followed by INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA (24-27 March 2010), presenting the technologies of wine-making  and fruit processing in Stuttgart. The two organizers, Messe Düsseldorf and Messe Stuttgart jointly outlined these two events to the correspondents of written and electronic technical journals on 26 August, as suited to the occasion, in a press conference held at the House of Royal Wines and Cellar Museum in Buda Castle.


CLAAS novelties (2) A wider range of mowers and a new swather, a new combi-wagon and a baler …
(Dr. György Demes)
In this part of our article about the achievements of CLAAS in product development and this year’s novelties, we present the machines of the renewed and widened “green line”.

How to select … 10 Medium-deep subsoilers
(Dr. István J. Jóri)
After discussing ploughs and disks, this part of the series focuses on medium-deep subsoilers, wishing to assist growers by providing information and certain good ideas for choosing, buying and using them.

Focusing on cost-saving soil cultivation
(Dr. György Demes)
From the article you may get to know certain leading power machines and implements in operation that allow growers, on the one hand to improve success of production, and  on the other to reduce production costs.

Let’s roll! (x)
(Márk Nagy)
Growers’ experiences are outlined about the benefits of using various DAL-BO rolls and tillage implements.

Hungarian implements for mulching
(Dr. István J. Jóri)
The primary condition of successfully running soil conservation and environmentally friendly tillage systems is to properly manage stubble residues. Among the various options worked out as a result of the comprehensive R+D activities during the past years, mulching technique has become the most important by now. This is why the author outlines the elements of the technical basis necessary for the implementation of this technique, mentioning their agronomic and technical conditions.

Let’s learn about harvesters… (5) Conventional threshing structure
(Dr. László Bense, István Nagy)
This part of our series assisting growers to orientate among the various harvesting machines, readers may get acquainted with the structure and elements of conventional threshing units and their mechanism.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
The set of brief reviews informs on certain interesting articles published in foreign journals.


Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Dezső Dicenty (1879-1965)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month you may read about the life and work of Dezső Dicenty in the column of the great persons of Hungary’s agricultural history.

In memoriam dr. György Schirilla
(Dr. István Vályi, Kárpátiné Dr. Katalin Győrffy)
We commemorate dr. György Schirilla, the excellent and acknowledged lawyer who created Hungarian plant protection law.

Note (not only) for growers. About rural tourism (1)
(Miklós Kurucz)

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)


Post-registration trials in winter wheat by the Grain Producers’ Association – 2009 1

General Information about Maize Yield Competition Announced by the Hungarian Maize Club (Hungarian Maize Club