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Agroforum 2009 September

Under old oak trees
(Dr. László Bódis)


Problems and challenges in the agricultural use of water
(Dr. Ferenc Ligetvári)
We need to pay due attention to water as an important source of life. The volume of water, available for agriculture in the future is only a slightly bigger than today, that should be used well. The potentials and tasks we have in the agricultural use of water are addressed in the article of the acknowledged professor of Szent István University.


From the variety to the market
(Dr. László Bódis)
The author provides an overview and evaluation of wheat growing, reviewing the articles published in the current number of Agrofórum.

About winter wheat varieties included in the national list
(Sándor Kovács)
The article gives an account of the Hungarian and foreign winter wheat varieties according to maturity group and quality.

Cereal seed supply – 2009
(László Rényi)
The author from the Central Agricultural Office informs on the situation of seed production in winter cereals, the surface of the inspected areas, the number of varieties and the estimated yields.

The effect of the preceding and nutrient supply on winter wheat yields
(Dr. Péter Pepó)
There were significant differences in winter wheat yields in the past years. The paper reveals that the very simple cropping structure and the insufficient nutrient supply are in the background.

Changing climate and timing of wheat sowing
(Dr. István Mihály Petróczi)
The extreme weather conditions in the last years have drawn the attention several times to the timing of sowing and to crop density. However, these issues are worth considering from the aspects of chosing the varieties to be grown based on the Hungarian research results.

Year 2009’s results of phythopathological trials with winter wheat varieties included in the national list
(Péter Hertelendy, Zsuzsanna Birta Vas)
Post-registration trials in winter wheat have a decade-long history in Hungary. The article informs on the powdery mildew and rust incidence recorded at the six main experimental sites on 35 varieties included in the national list.


Seeking the way XVIII. Options for reducing energy demand of drying grains
(Dr. Mihály Herdovics)
You can read the paper version of the talk delivered on the forum titled “Energy efficacy in agriculture”. No sound technical solution is available in Hungary at the moment for heat exchange systems and furnaces or boilers suitable for burning solid biofuels; development has been launched only recently. The upgrading of technologies applied in grain drying premises is one of the priorities in the agricultural development projects in Hungary, covering putting into operation of drying facilities with efficient energy use and fulfilling environmental requirements. The article, among them, informs on the current progress of developments in the country.

Plant Variety Protection Nonprofit Kft. established. Report
(Dr. László Bódis)
The author, member of the editorial board of Agrofórum asked István Seprenyi, manager of Plant Variety Protection Nonprofit Kft. about the legal background of establishing the company and the breeder-grower relations.

Answer to the Reader (AF)
One of our readers has asked some questions about wheat growing. The editors summarised the answers based on the opinion of professor dr. Márta Birkás and dr. Endre Széll, head of department.

After rapes, before rapes … (x)
(Mihály Weszp)
Chemtura draws growers’ attention to Pantera 40 EC (quizalafop-P-tefuryl) for the efficient control of grasses in rapes.

Improving prospects in the agricultural sector
(Dr. György Demes)
On 31 July, Budapest Bank invited agricultural journalists to a press conference held in the library of the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture. János Szabó, agricultural expert and Péter Duronelly, investment manager of Budapest Bank gave an overview of the prospects in the agricultural sector.

Jubilee exposition in Bábolna (x)
This year Bábolna International Farmers’ Day is organised for the 25th time.


I used to be a minister. Conclusions drawn from the series of interviews with the ministers of agriculture in charge before the political transformation
(Dr. László Bódis )
Using the means of individual protection against chemicals in agriculture (3/1)
(Ágoston Tóth)
Get acquainted with the kinds and structure of individual protective equipments available and must be used in agriculture.

Many growers have applied for machine subsidy also for the second time. Press release
(Agricultural and Rural Development Agency)

Agriculture on the balance – 2008 (2)
(Lajos Kaposi, Pál Bóday, Gábor Valkó)
This is the second part of the paper on agriculture from the authors of the Central Statistical Office of Hungary, giving a general overview of the key characteristics of production.

The structural change of vineyards has been terminated, the support for pulling-out of vineyards launched. Press release
(Agricultural and Rural Development Agency)

The current system of producers’ groups in Hungary
(Barta István)
The author presents the creation of producers’ groups in Hungary, the key expectations raised towards them and the procedure put in place for recognising the right of groups for drawing subsidies. In addition, he deals with the subsidy scheme of producers’ groups and evaluates the five year-long progress of these groups. Finally, he informs on the current ministerial decree (65/2009.) FVM, as well as on the prospects for future supports scheduled to assist further development.

The effect of UV-B irradiation on plants
(Dr. Miklós Juhász)
The article draws the attention to the effect of ultraviolet rays on plants and pollen in connection with the fact that in summer there were hardly any days when radiation level did not reach dangerous limit.

Submission of applications for agri-environment subsidy has been closed for this year. Press release
(Agricultural and Rural Development Agency)

Quality fertilizer application with LINZER WARE products (x)
(Rita Vári)
Linzer Agro Trade Hungary Kft. recommends its granulated NP and NPK fertilizers to support balanced nutrient supply.

We asked Tamás Witzl, the manager of the agricultural portal (x)
Get acquainted with the last year’s achievements of agroportal

The most recent crop management manual has been published
Read the latest (third, reviewed) edition of “Manual of rape management” containing current information on rape growing.


Maturity at harvest and the effect of after-ripening on the pigment content of hot peppers
(Enikő Gyökös, Dr. László Dudás, Dr. József Kapitány, Dr. Sándor Hodossi)
The most important trait of ground hot peppers is pigment content. The season is significantly shorter in Hungary. Crop density can be set later while harvest needs to be done earlier, because the first considerable fall of temperature may provoke the end of growing. Therefore it is not possible to pick up the whole amount of the crop at red-ripe stage. This is why the authors studied the effect of maturity at harvest on the pigment content of peppers. Furthermore, they were seeking the answer to the question whether after-ripening is suitable for saving crop value of fruits harvested before getting red.

Small-scale growing and consuming of seedlings
(Andrea Tóbiás, Zoltán Pap, Ms K. Kiss)
Being fresh green plants, seedlings are an important part of healthy food and can be elements of high nutrition value of our diet. The article indicates the dietary importance and benefits of seedlings, furthermore informs on how to germinate the seeds of certain plants in practice.

Students’ page. Rhubarb
(Pál Vajtai)
Read the comprehensive paper about rhubarb! You may get to know the importance of the plant, its main uses in food industry and other sectors. Furthermore, the author describes how it is grown and propagated and the kinds of environmental conditions needed to be provided for them.


Dynamically developing apricot growing around Gönc
(Dr. László Szalay)
Due to the frost susceptibility of apricots, crop safety is poor on the flat Great Plain, fruit buds and flowers often suffer from frost damage. This is why apricot growing is more and more shifted to hillsides where weather conditions are less extreme and risk of frost damage is less. In our days, one of the most spectacularly developing hillside growing districts is in the vicinity of Gönc. The author briefly presents this area.


Preparations for table grape growing
(Dr. Edit Hajdu)
What are the criteria that are worth taking into consideration when establishing table grape vineyards? The answer can be found in the article of the author from the Research Institute of Viticulture and Oenology.

In the shadow of starlings
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
Let’s get acquainted with the “aerial enemy” of vineyards at harvest, i.e. starlings and means of chemical, biological and mechanical controls.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
You may read a brief review of interesting articles published in foreign agricultural journals.

The innovations field for arable crops – CULTURALES® 2009
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
In France agronomic expositions organised by agricultural research institutes and agricultural chambers have a long and prestigious history. This year the article gives an overview of CULTURALES® field show.

Plant breeding within cooperatives
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
The article tells readers how a local seed cooperation has become a seed empire possessing an international network.


New combines and a 12m header launched by CLAAS (1)
(Dr. György Demes)
The report on this year’s novelties of CLAAS development projects takes certain machines under the magnifying glass, such as the hybrid TUCANO combine harvesters, AVERO 240 combine and VARIO header with wide working width.

Let’s learn about harvesters…(4) Headers
(Dr. László Bense, István Nagy)
This part of our series presents the structure and operation of combines and the different headers making them suitable for harvesting.

Novelties from Massey Ferguson and Väderstad
(Dr. György Demes)
This year Väderstad Kft. organised again a country-wide tour where Austro Diesel GmbH distributing Massey Ferguson tractors also took part. The series of events took place on ten different sites in Hungary between 20 and 31 July, already for the eighth time. Reading the article, you may get to know the novelties of Väderstad for year 2009 in connection with the shows.


Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Gyula Szilárd (1869-1925)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Gyula Szilárd.

Note for growers. About producers’ marketing organisations
(Miklós Kurucz)
This part of the series focuses on marketing organisations of vegetable and fruit growers, as well as on the options for sales and supports.

Written anno
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)