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Agroforum 2010 April

The spring wind blows the waters…
(Dr. László Bódis)


The situation of water management in Hungary
(Gábor Kolossváry)
The author gives an overview of water policy of Hungary in the past century, the trends of EU’s water policy and the major challenges and objectives of water management in our days.

Closing remarks about standing water
(Dr. Imre Vajdai)
The author presents his recommendations for solving the problems and managing standing water. This implies the prevention and control, as well as the after-use of stagnant water.


Shall we grow maize in monoculture or crop rotation?
(Dr. Endre Széll, Ms K. Dévényi, Ágnes Szél)
The non-recent issue is answered by the authors from the Cereal Research Non-Profit Company. They studied the effect of monoculture and crop rotation on maize yields and weed infestation, also taking into consideration the aspects of fertilizer application and the control of western corn rootworm.

Weed control in maize in an easy way (x)
(István Rikk)
Get to know the new maize herbicide Adengo (isoxaflutole+ thiencarbazone-methyl+ cyprosulfamid) Bayer CropSciences.

Present situation of maize production and the prospects of growing in monoculture
(Dr. Sándor Keszthelyi)
The article outlines the current conditions of maize production in Hungary, as well as the agronomic and plant protection characteristics of growing maize in monoculture. Finally, the biotic factors imposing risks to monoculture are also dealt with.

Principal® – Why? (x)
(László Borsos, István Rácz)
The herbicide Principal (nicosulfuron + rimsulfuron) from DuPont Hungary Kft. is recommended for growers.

The importance of application technique in weed control in maize (x)
(Endre Máté)
The head of the experimentation group of Syngenta Kft. outlines the importance of application technique in the post-emergence weed control in maize.

Successful maize growing with starter and microbe fertilizers
(Dr. Endre Sebestyén, Balázs Gyulai)
The authors evaluate the effect of microbe and starter fertilizers on the growth and development of maize roots, which is likely to have high importance in improving the success of maize growing, because dry matter production greatly depends on the development of the root system.

Old and new faces in the management of the Hungarian Maize Club. Report
(Dr. László Bódis)
The report sums up the most important events of the general meeting for election of the management of the Hungarian Maize Club held on 24 February 2010.


Cereal leaf beetles keep on being dangerous pests
(Dr. Miklós Nádasy, Dr. János Szabolcs)
The article advises on the early recognition and control of cereal leaf beetles causing severe losses in certain years. It presents the geographic distribution of the beetles, morphology, biology, host plants and the caused damages. The options for forecasting and control are not left out of the article either.

2010 – jubilee again in cereal fields (x)
(László Farády)
Get to know the Jubilee-package of Bayer CropSciences for cereal growers, including a herbicide and a fungicide as well.

Cost-saving and safe solutions in cereals (x)
(Tibor Rácz)
This is the set of Cheminova solutions for plant protection and nutrient supply problems in cereals in spring.

LINZER WARE-products – high quality, granulated fertilizers (x)
(Rita Vári)
Linzer Agro Trade Hungary Kft. recommends Linzer Ware-products for basic and top-dressing.

Comparative trials with soybean varieties – results in 2009
(Gábor Szekrényes)
Readers may have an overview of the soybean varieties included in the national list of varieties and the ones for which such listing is requested by the applicants and the results of the small plot trials comparing the quality traits in the particular maturity groups in 2009.

Can soybean become a crop (also) of the Agricultural Environment Protection Program?
(Dr. Sándor Balikó)
Soybean could have a role much bigger than it has now in order to increase the Hungarian feed supply. Growing of the crop, also in the scheme of the Agricultural Environment Protection Program, has several advantages that growers need to be aware of .

Students’ page. Transgenic methods of producing plants
(Judit Oláh)
The paper lets us have an insight into the world of plant transformation in connection with plant biotechnology.

This is try! – YaraVitaTM new generation foliar fertilizers already available from traders! (x)
This is what Yara recommends for growers in foliar fertilizers for the main field crops.

Students’ page. Bioethanol as an alternative energy source
(Éva Erdei)
The use of renewing energy resources will gain more and more importance with running out of the fossil energy resources and increasing priorities of environmental issues. Bioethanol could be one among such materials, partly replacing fossil energy sources, and with its increased use environmental pollution can be diminished.

PANTERA – the “product of a patient professional” (x)
(Mihály Weszp)
Chemtura recommends Pantera 40 EC (quisalofop-p-tefuril) for post-emergence weed control in rapes.

Renewing green manure application with mixtures (x)
Lajtamag Kft. recommends its green manure crops.

Let’s use solar energy!
(István Csíbor Jr.)
Almost everybody knows something about solar cells. However, it is worth summing up briefly the main solar cell types, their characteristics and the possibilities for exploiting such energy.


I used to be a minister…(11) Talk with dr. Frigyes Nagy
(Dr. László Bódis)

Trying Genius (x)

Trying Taltos (x)

The history of the Hungarian Plant Protection Organisation (4)
(László Szentgyörgyi, Dr. István Eke)
This part of the series about the history of our plant protection organisation recalls the one-time ideas and recommendations about creating an institutional structure for plant health.

Trying Ikarus (x)

The results of studies on resistance of sunflower varieties to diseases, 2009
(Dr. László Gergely et al.)
The article presenting the results, in a tabulated form, of variety trials for evaluating performance and disease incidence among the particular sunflower varieties (included in the national list, others for comparing and EU varieties) in small plot trials carried out in 2009. The results may help sunflower growers in selecting varieties for growing, as it is well-known that there are big differences among the genetically based productive capacity and the actual yields achieved in commercial growing.

Maize, sunflowers, ready, steady, go! (x)
(Dr. Anikó Antal)

Kwizda Agro recommends Pannon Starter fertilizer for maize and sunflower growers.

Pathogenic fungi in grass seed growing (2)
(Dr. Zsolt Varga)
Shall we control fungal diseases in contrast of the current practise in grown grass stands? Is it worth spending money on one or eventually two treatments during grass seed growing? The author wishes to give some ideas for answering the question to professionals engaged in grass seed growing.

Technical meeting to launch the season at BAYER. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
Bayer CropScience Hungary held a technical meeting linked to launching the plant protection season in Siófok on 5 February 2010. Our correspondent reports on the most important moments of the event.

The effect of compost fertilizer application on the nutrient supply capacity of soils
(Szilveszter Benedek et al.)
At the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of Gödöllő Szent István University, the effect of compost fertilizer application on the nutrient supply capacity of the soil is studied in trials with pots containing different proportion of compost. The results are published in the article.

Environmental awareness in plant protection. Report
(Zoltán Molnár)
Syngenta Plant Protection Kft. gave an account of its results obtained during the last year and the plans for the current season to the correspondents of the technical journals and the national papers.


’Amflora’ GM potato variety can be grown in the EU from 2010
(Dr. László Heszky)
On 2 March, the European Commission authorised for placing on the market and growing of a potato variety produced by BASF researchers and with genetically optimised starch content, both for human consumption, as a feed and for industrial use.

Global production of GM varieties – 2009
(Dr. László Heszky)
The article presents the most important changes and current trends in the global production of transgenic crops from the point of view of the world, the European Union and our country, providing useful information both for politicians and growers.

The Agricultural Biotechnology Research Centre is 20 years old
(Dr. László Bódis)
The article reports on the meeting organised on the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of inaugurating the Agricultural Biotechnology Center (ABC). The delivered lectures were targeted on the past, present and future of ABC.


Choosing varieties to grow French beans
(Kitti Nagy)
The author summarises the criteria and aspects of selecting varieties for outdoor and greenhouse growing of French beans, presenting the variety types special for our country. She also shares the experience obtained in growing green-pod varieties.


Balanced cropping
(Dr. László Szalay)
What is fruiting alternance, what is there in its background? How can it be prevented? The answers can be found in the article about the balanced cropping of fruit trees.

Book review. Dr. István Gonda: Pruning stone fruit trees
(Barbara Vaszily)
The book is a real rarity in its kind with its rich collection of figures and pictures for Hungarian fruit growing. The work studies the characteristics and differences of stone fruits from the point of view of pruning.


Replacing plants in the vineyard
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
One of the main criteria of successful vine-growing is the well-established plant stand in the vineyard without missing vines. It is worth reviewing the available methods for replacing plants and the main aspects to consider when choosing the method, as well as the reasons lying in the background of vine death.

Wine quality begins with professional nutrient supply (x)
(Dr. Eszter Zsom)
This is the recommendation of K+S Kali GmbH for nutrient supply in vineyards.


How to choose?… (11) Potato planting machine
(Dr. József Füzy)
The author presents the characteristic technical solutions for potato planters, He also wishes to advise on choosing the machines, carrying out the operation of planting.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Certain interesting articles published in foreign journals are reviewed under this heading.


Szekszárd Plant Zrt. is 15 years old! Report
(Norbert Rácz)
The jubilee celebration of Szekszárd Plant Zrt. is reported.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. István Széchenyi (1791-1860)
(Miklós Kurucz)
In the frame of the series about the great persons of the Hungarian agricultural history, this month we present the life and work of István Széchenyi.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)