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Agroforum 2010 January

Happy New Year!
(Dr. László Bódis)


The situation of the horticultural sectors in Hungary
(Dr. János Bittsánszky)
With the expanding economic crisis, more and more acknowledged economists believe that sectors involving comparative advantages could offer a breakthrough for Hungary. Among them, the first ones are those in horticulture (vegetables, fruits, grapes and wine, ornamentals and medicinal plants). The article outlines the current state of these sectors and the factors presenting difficulties to their development.


Tomato growing, experience from 2009
(Dr. János Gyúrós)
The article lets us have an insight into the current situation of tomato growing in Hungary and the changes taken place during the past decade. In addition, in order to support successful production, the author gives a detailed description of the key elements of the crop management programme and the requirements to be met.

Science in crop production. The physiological bases of applying carbon-dioxide as fertilizer
(Dr. Krisztián Halász)
Can we change the carbon-dioxide concentration in the air and increase crop yields by that? The answer to the question can be found in the article.

The key elements of carrot growing
(Dr. Mária Takács Hájos)
Carrot is considered among the essential vegetable plants of the Hungarian cuisine. In addition, it is a major raw material for the processing and freezing industries. Hungarian production does not cover the demand of the processing industry and the fresh market sales. Therefore, it is worth reviewing the major elements of the crop management programme, the criteria to be taken into consideration in order to substantially improve crop quality in addition to quantity.

The economic aspects of onion growing
(Dr. Pál Deme, Éva Herédi, Dr. Sándor Marselek)
The article gives an account of a three-year-long experiment studying the growing area, yields, production costs, average market prices and gross income of onions.

Deciding on crop density and plant layout in greenhouses
(Dr. Katalin Slezák, Dr. Ferenc Orosz, Orsolya Császár)
In greenhouse growing of vegetables, it is not enough to provide proper eco-technical control affecting the plant through the environment; it is also important to carefully plan the work with plants and carry them out. This is why it is worth summing up the major criteria of crop density and, together with it, the layout of plants selected appropriately or, unfortunately incorrectly.

Evaluating water melon production with special attention to cost-benefit relations
(Dr. Róbert Magda, Dr. Pál Deme)
The authors from Károly Róbert College publish the results of their several-year-long studies in their article, focusing on the economic assessment of water melon production.

Physiological disorders in common mushroom growing
(Dr. Júlia Győrfi)
Different kinds of developmental disorders of abiotic origin can be observed on the fruiting bodies of common mushroom, caused by mistakes made in the crop management programme. It is important to know the reasons why they have developed and how to prevent or cure them for the success of production. Furthermore, it is necessary to distinguish such disorders from the symptoms caused by pests and diseases.

Environmentally-friendly techniques in the pest management programme of horticultural crops
(Gyula László)
There is an increasing demand for food completely free from pesticide residues on consumers’ side. Therefore it is time to sum up all the plant protection methods, such as classical biological control, microbiology, plant strengtheners, allowing us to produce vegetables and fruits free from pesticide residues


Prolonged advance payment! Press release
(Agricultural and Rural Development Agency)

Reporting from field visits by the Agricultural Office
(Agricultural Office, Directorate of Agriculture and Agri-environment)
Readers get an overview of the yields of crops harvested in autumn in the light of the weather conditions recorded during the past year.

The Field Crop Section of the Quality Control Committee held its meeting
(Dr. Katalin Ertsey Peregi, Dr. László Lázár
The Field Crop Section of the Quality Control Committee held its session in November 2009. In connection with this event, the authors publish the lists of winter barley, winter wheat and winter rape varieties and their major characteristics in a tabulated form.

Our agri-trade on the Dutch market and extracted soy grits
(Dr. Jenő Szabó)
The author from the Department of Agri-economics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development gives an overview of the main structure of the agricultural exports and imports with the Netherlands from recent years’ statistical data.


I used to be a minister …(8) Talk with Dr. Elemér Gergátz
(Dr. László Bódis)
This time the talking partner, the former minister of agriculture is the university professor and investigator dr. Elemér Gergátz.

Nitrogénművek Zrt. in the service of Hungarian growers – since 1931! (x)
Get to know Genezis Partner network of Bige Holding group.

Again about Fusarium head blight
(Dr. Békési Pál)
Last year the issue of Fusarium head blight, the caused damages and the involved risks were hotly debated again. The present paper draws the attention to the fact that it is necessary to use every tool available for the control of head blight, among them the achievements of breeding, growers’ awareness based on knowledge and technical skills and and the options of chemical treatments. At the same time, crop safety requires to improve efficacy as well in every possible means of control.

On a hot trail – tracing the results of Synplus hybrids in 2009! NK Kansas (x)

Cherokee – a new prospect in controlling Fusarium head blight (x)
(Kurtz György)
Syngenta Kft. recommends its new fungicide Cherokee (chlorothalonil + cyproconazole + propiconazole) for growers to suppress wheat head blight.

The history of plant protection administration
(László Szentgyörgyi, Dr. István Eke)
The editorial board of Agrofórum launches a new series about the history of Hungarian plant protection administration.

The history of the Hungarian Plant protection Organization until the establishment of the county plant protection stations in 1954. (1)
(László Szentgyörgyi, Dr. István Eke)
The article gives a brief overview of plant protection in Hungary dating back to several centuries till the establishment of the first institutes dealing with the examination of pests of plants.

Having the key to the solution …the strategy of Dow AgroSciences for continental climate (x)
Dow AgroSciences recommends maize growers the new MTI hybrids (Maize Technologies International) to reduce risks of production.

The plant protection overview of 2008-2009. Field crops (1)
(Miklós Tóth)
The author from the Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Plant Protection and Soil Conservation provides an overview of the major pests and diseases affecting winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley and maize in the past season.

Efficient weed control with Genius WG in triticale (x)

Asking Dr. János Sűrű, director of Agro Bölcske Zrt. about his experience of weed control in rapes in 2009 (x)

Tamás Fedor, plant protection manager of a Prügy Mg. Zrt. speaks about the efficacy of Ikarus (x)

Report from an awards ceremony
(Dr. László Bódis)
The article reports on the announcement of results of a maize yield competition organised by the Hungarian Maize Club Association.

Vth Science Day in Crop Production. Commemortaing Sándor Cserháti
(Dr. László Bódis)
The conference bearing the name of Sándor Cserháti paid tribute to the memory of the late scientist, author, and professor managing experimentation at the Agricultural College in Magyaróvár. Our correspondent informs on the lectures delivered at the event attended by recognised specialists, and outlines the most important issues expressed there.

On a hot trail – tracing the results of Synplus hybrids in 2009! NK Lucius (x)

SAATEN-UNION innovation: higher yields and safer sales … (x)
(Zoltán Blum)
Get to know Saaten-Union’s offer for spring barley and spring oat production.

Press release by Summit-Agro “With a new name in the new year” – the event organised by Summit-Agro in January 2010 (x)
Summit-Agro Hungaria Kft. begins the new year of 2010 under the new name SUMI AGRO Kft.

In the service of global agricultural production, already for 153 years
(Dr. György Demes)
The 10th anniversary of the official establishment of Hungarian KWS gave an opportunity to organise a meeting in Budapest on 3 December 2009. The article provides an overview of the most important issues addressed on the event.

Syngenta sunflower hybrids and the ruler (x)
(János Bíró)
This is the sunflower offer of Syngenta Seeds Kft. containing, in addition to the conventional hybrids, IMI and HO hybrids as well.

At the age of ten – already at full age (x)
(Lajos Mihály)
Get acquainted with the team of the 10-year-old Agrofil!

News. Three international awards recognising the outstanding R&D work done by Dow AgroSciences


Biotechnology and crop production in the 21st century
(Dr. László Heszky)
One of the leading disciplines of science in our age is biotechnology, the achievements of which have been present also in agriculture. This is why Agrofórum wishes to give account of the recent results of biotech research by launching a new column, not omitting international outlook either. In his introductory article, the editor briefly outlines the reasons and objectives of starting the biotechnology section and presents the main fields of plant biotechnology.


Is peach growing in crisis?
(Dr. László Szalay)
The article gives an account of the practice of peach growing in Spain that, as we wish, can indicate a good direction for solving the sector’s problems in Hungary, too.


Measuring moisture cover on leaves in vineyards
(Göblyös Judit, Dr. Zanathy Gábor)
Meteorological data have an important role in forecasting, useful to base plant protection operations and to avoid unnecessary treatments. In addition to the general meteorological characteristics, such as air temperature and relative humidity, wind direction and force, volume of rainfall, number of sunny hours and intensity of radiation, it is worth tracing the duration of air humidity, as well and dealing with the possibilities of measuring it.


Let’s learn about harvesters… (8) Seed cleanser
(Dr. László Bense, István Nagy)
You may get acquainted with seed cleansers, getting an overview of the different kinds of such machines from this part of our series presenting the structure and operation of harvesters.

An essential condition of safe treatments: a thorough preparation of sprayers
(Dr. György Dimitrievits)
Plant protection operations can be carried out at due time and in good quality only with well-prepared sprayers running trouble-free. This is why it is time to sum up the jobs to do during the preparation of sprayers.

From the new 200 Vario series to the new 800 Vario series (2)
(Dr. György Demes)
After having presented the new Vario 800 and Vario 200 tractors in the previous number of our journal, now we deal with the new generation electronics, i.e. Fendt “Variotronic” and the pressure control system for pneumatic tyres, built in the tractor.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)


AGRO+MASHEXPO with renewing energy (x)

Note for growers. About the recent event of a useful series
(Miklós Kurucz)
This part of the series briefly outlines certain lessons learned from the crisis in the produce market in connection with the recent “Seeking the way” meeting organised by Agrofórum.

Let’s remember László Ede Kiss (1920-2009)
(Dr. Sándor Bognár)

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Sándor Cserháti (1852-1909) (Kurucz Miklós)
In the frame of the series about the great persons of the Hungarian agricultural history, this month we present the life and work of Sándor Cserháti.

“Never say that it’s over, only that it was worth it”

Crossword puzzle
(Halász András)

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)

Annex: Contents of articles published in volume 20 (2009) of AGROFÓRUM grouped in the particular topics.