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Agroforum 2011 December

Give, until you can do that!
(Dr. László Bódis)


Agricultural policy
(Dr. László Bódis)
The key features of agricultural policy, under the title of National Rural Strategy, have been published and the high officials of the ministry have already outlined them in several fora throughout the country. We could not elude the issue either…

Changes in cropping structure depending on holding size
(Dr. Zoltán Izsáki)
The article is seeking the answer to what extent the changes in holding size have affected the structure in cultivatig field crops in the past two decades.

National rural strategy for 10 years
(Dr. Attila Rózsás)
An entrepreneur shares his opinion with readers about the National Rural Strategy.

The personal opinion of Ferenc Mikó about the national rural strategy. Report
(Dr. László Bódis)
We asked a rightly acknowledged grower, Ferenc Mikó about the National Rural Strategy.

FHB Agricultural Land Price Index
(Zsolt Molnár)
We already gave a summary of the conference on land policy titled “And yet the Earth moves” in the November number of our journal, containing an edited version of the lectures delivered there, the comments expressed at the meeting and a written contribution. We indicated that the deputy general director of FHB Bank Plc., Zsolt Molnár would complete his lecture about FHB Agricultural Land Price Index with some details, we publish this now.

Everything about us (x)
This is the brief set of news from Dow AgroSciences.


Portrait. “It is a great joy to revive past experience.” Talk with dr. Pál Tomcsányi and Mrs Tomcsányi, Sarolta Szemere
(Dr. László Bódis)
This month’s portrait is about Mrs Sarolta Tomcsányi Szemere, an honoured artisan and Professor Pál Tomcsányi, Széchenyi-prize winner, member of the Hungarian Academy of sciences. They speak about themselves and their life works.

About Agro-Széchenyi Card. Better than a working capital loan
(Miklós Kurucz)
This article focuses on Agro-Széchenyi Card (ASzK) that, contrary to working capital loan, can be a new source to overcome financial difficulties by better taking the special aspects of agriculture into consideration.

“SEED 25” was the title of the ceremonial event we were invited to in the room named after Sámuel Tessedik of the national Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre on 15 November 2011. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the technical journal “MAG (Seed) Research, Development and Environment.

Greetings to MAG (Seed)
(Dr. László Bódis)

Winter cereal situation in early November
(József Lukács)
The article gives a brief account of plans of sowing winter cereals in 2011, the size of lands sown till early November and the current conditions of the crops.

Land races, deliberately
(Dr. Katalin Ertsey Peregi)
A wider use of land races, in addition to providing a richer choice for consumers, can play an important role in filling gaps. Those, dealing with growing of land races, know that successful production is based on good quality and not severely declined but healthy planting material. It was a just claim that the EU should make a step forward and not prohibit the growing of land races even if intended for placing them on the market. The decrees have been published; the most important principles and common characteristics are outlined in the article.

Dangerous diseases (I/11) Wheat head blight and maize ear rot
(Dr. Géza Fischl, Dr. Pál Békési)
Among dangerous diseases this time we deal with head blight and maize ear rot, the biology of their causing agents, the epidemiology and symptoms, as well as with the genetic, agronomic and chemical means of control.

Zantara – a new cereal fungicide from Bayer CropScience (x)
(László Farády)
Bixafen, an active substance from the most recent generation of cereal fungicides has arrived. It will be available for pest management in Hungary, in combination with tebuconazole, under the name of Zantara in 2012.

VI. Day of Hungarian Plant Doctors – 2011. Report
(Zoltán Molnár)
Our report lets us have an insight into the lectures delivered on the VI. Day of Hungarian Plant Doctors organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Plant Protection Professionals and Doctors of Plant Medicine, and Budapest Corvinus University.

Makhteshim Agan further strengthens position. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
Makhteshim Agan Hungary Zrt. organised this year’s trade event in Budapest on 27 October 2011 with the slogan “Experiences from 2011 – expectations for 2012”. The general director of Makhteshim Agan outlined the changes taken place globally and in Europe and consequently in the property structure of the company. The marketing director of Makhteshim Agan Hungary Zrt. gave an account of the achievements of the company in trade in 2011. The novelties of year 2012 were also presented on the event.

EU water policy and water use in crop production
(Dr. Miklós Szinay)
The article draws the attention to that the EU Water Frame Directive specifies drastically new requirements and at the same time, creates new possibilities in the different areas of water management that need a paradigm shift also in agriculture. It indicates that irrigation based on energy balance and management of inland waters (as non-sustainable systems), need to be replaced by water supplying (eco-hydrological) irrigation planned according to the characteristics of the soil water regime and rainfall management.

Forgotten values – medicinal plants. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Agrofórum was invited to the introductory event of the ‘Traditional and Wild’ programme organised at Kunadacs in late October. The professionals committed to the use of medicinal plants grown in the wild were seeking the answer from various aspects to how the collection of medicinal plants can become an acknowledged and profitable job again in Hungary.


Summary of the produce market
(MZs – PP)
You may have an overview of the processes taken place at the global produce markets of the major field crop (wheat, maize, sunflowers and rapes) prices and crop volumes are summed up.


“Let’s learn gene technology” (18) The scientific importance and strategies of the genetic modification of crops
(Dr. László Heszky)
In the previous parts of the series ‘Let’s learn gene technology’ we have got to know the substance of life in the earth, the information of life and proved that we are able to modify it. In the following articles of chapter IV we will deal with the genetic modification of cultivated plants, its scientific and economic importance, the experience of growing commercial GM varieties and hybrids, advantages and disadvantages, etc. This paper presents the scientific importance of plant genetic engineering and the main trends in modifying crop plants.


Growing woody energy crops (6) Establishing energy plantations – planting material and planting operations
(Dr. Csaba Gyuricza)
In our series on growing and use of woody energy plants this time we outline the planting materials and the methods of planting.


Thoughts in connection with this year’s onion production
(Dr. Hanna Némethy Uzoni)
In number 8 of Agrofórum in 2011 we gave a detailed discussion of the insecure situation of onion producers regarding the profitability of growing. This article wishes to show the options for solving the problems they face (co-operation, appropriate choosing of varieties to produce, overwintering onion production, etc.)


Why is green apple red?
(Dr. László Szalay)
The answer to the question lies in ‘metaxenia’ discussed using the example of the green apple variety ‘Granny Smith’.


The importance of potassium in grapes (1)
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
Have a look at the role of potassium in the water and carbohydrate cycles of grapevine, frost resistance, shoot and root growth, crop quality and quantity, as well as in stress resistance and tolerance to diseases.


Let’s learn about harvesters …(24) Harvesting with X-rays
The article deals with potato harvesting and presents the structure and operation of its machines from the old times to the current date.

Mechanicians’ meeting in Mezőkövesd
(Dr. Béla Szekeres)
The 13th National Meeting of Agricultural Mechanicians was organised at Mezőkövesd on the first Saturday of September this year. The new slogan of “„mechanizing Mezőkövesd” reflected the truth as almost 100, beautifully renewed, operating old tractors, cars, trucks and motors were passing along the streets of the town. They produced sounds hardly known and heard nowadays, puffing and whiffing to the great surprise and joy of people in the town.


Browsing in foreign journals)
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
This is the regular review of interesting articles published in foreign journals.


Note (not only) for growers. About enterprises, family and feast
(Miklós Kurucz)

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past: Gábor Bakó (1871-1948)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Gábor Bakó in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary.

Written anno …
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)