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Agroforum 2011 May

The responsibility of intellectuals
(Dr. László Bódis)


Year 2010 of Hungarian agriculture in numbers (1)
(Zsolt Andrási, Gábor Valkó)
The authors from the Hungarian Statistical Office present the performance of the Hungarian agriculture and food industry in national economy in the light of 2010’s data. They also inform on producers’ costs and inputs detailed for the main sectors and crops.

Pollination Programme: Working for the protection of pollinating insects (x)
(Rozália Pecze)
This article informs on the objectives and experience obtained up to now in connection with the pollination programme launched by Syngenta Kft.


Alternative plants existed and will exist
(Dr. László Bódis)
We focused on the alternative crops in the previous numbers of our journal. The Agri-environmental Programme (AKG) has also drawn the attention to the issue. We wish to arouse our readers’ interest by inviting competent authors to share their experiences about the crops, management programmes, ways of using, options for processing and internal qualities of the plants.


Scouting the fields in early April 2011
(József Lukács, Ágnes Zsulya Horpácsi)
The authors from the Agricultural Directorate of the Agricultural Office give an account of the status of crops grown in autumn and the operations in the fields in spring.

Now it is sure that needed twice! (x)
(József Víg)
This is about Kwizda Agro’s programme of “Supplying nutrients and protecting the crop”.

Everything about us (x)
A brief collection of news from Dow AgroSciences can be found below this heading.

The review of the active substances of fungicides applied in Hungary (2004-2010) from the point of view of uses
(Dr. Ágnes Pethő, Ágoston Tóth, Dr. Mária Kelemen)
Fungicides are of primary importance for pest management in Hungary. This is why the authors form the Directorate of Plant Protection, Soil Conservation and Agri-environment of the Agricultural Office wish to highlight the fungicide offer since Hungary’s EU accession.

The experience of trials carried out by KITE to control head blight of winter wheat in 2010
(Zoltán Papp)
The professional of KITE Zrt. summarises their experience in Fusarium control in connection with last year’s extreme weather conditions. He draws special attention to certain factors, among them the elements of chemical control and application technique.

Spring has come – maize and sunflowers (x)
(Rita Vári)
Information is given on the optimum nutrient supply for maize and sunflowers with LINZER WARE fertilizers.

Four recipes for protecting cereals (x)
(Tibor Rácz)
This is what Cheminova Hungary Kft. offers in plant protection for cereal growers.

Cheap and fake pesticides may cost a lot. Report
(Zoltán Molnár)
Due to the actuality and importance of the topic, the Directorate of Plant Protection, Soil Conservation and Agri-environment of the Agricultural Office, the Grain Producer’s Association (GOSZ) and the Hungarian Chamber of Plant Protection Professionals and Doctors of Plant Medicine held a press conference for a range of representatives of journals wider than usual in Budapest on 7 April.

Science for a better life. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
Bayer Hungary Kft. invited representatives of journals with the slogan indicated in the title in Budapest on 23 March 2011. The activities of the particular branches of Bayer, such as animal health, plant protection, material sciences and medicines with and without obligatory recipes were presented.

Recent results in the control of head blight
(Dr. Ákos Mesterházy, Szabolcs Lechoczki Krsjak, Csaba Kótai)
The risk of epidemics of head blight has rather increased than decreased during the past few years and 2010 came up with the most serious epidemic of the last decades. This is why the investigators of the Cereal Research Non-Profit Kft. in Szeged publish their recent research results obtained in the control of the disease.

More wheat for less cost (x)
(A. Gy.)
Chemical weed control and pest management in winter wheat with DuPont products are outlined, as it is seen by professionals from the practice.

How to choose foliar fertilizers? (x)
Yara’s recommendation for foliar fertilizers to field crops for growers.


Portrait. Compromises are more important than victories or defeats. Talking with dr. György Bálint
(Dr. László Bódis)
We talked with dr. György Bálint, or by the name known to everybody, ‘Farmer Bálint’.

The Field Crop Section of the Quality Control Committee held its meeting
(József Csapó)
The Field Crop Section of the Quality Control Committee held its meeting in early March. Now we publish the most important data in a tabulated form of the varieties and hybrids included in the national list of crops such as rapes, spring barley, sugar-beet, maize, sunflowers, and soya bean.

ATONIK – asking users (4) (x)
Growers speak about using the biostimulator ATONIK of Arysta LifeScience.

Beginning again I would not change anything!” Talking with János Aszódi
(Dr. György Demes)
This is a talk with the editor and manager of the New Agricultural Magazine.

Farm experience in reducing drop of rape seeds (x)
(György Salamon)
Nufarm Hungary Kft. recommends Spodnam DC for reducing drop of rape seeds.

A widening choice of rape varieties and hybrids
(Dr. György Demes)
The representatives of RAPOOL Hungary Kft. gave an account of their offer for Hungarian rape growing and future plans in a meeting held in Gödöllő in late March for the press and professionals

Good and well! About a well-functioning civil organization of professionals
(Dr. István Oláh)
There are hardly any examples of new civil organisations devoted to serving public interests. Unfortunately it is true also for the agricultural sector. The Hungarian Maize Club, established a few years ago, is one of the few exceptions. The organisation has gain country-wide recognition within a short time among professionals and maize growers in particular.


Summary of the produce market
The article gives an account of the processes taken place in the global produce markets, prices and production of the major field crops (wheat, maize, sunflowers and rapes), as well as protein crops.

Introducing the Hungarian Grain and Feed Association (GOSZ). Interview with Zsófia Pótsa
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We asked the secretary general Zsófia Pótsa to present GOSZ, the organisation that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. We hope that in the future it will provide useful information in AGROFÓRUM about the processes, trends and topicalities also for growers, assisting them to manage successful sales.


Let’s learn gene technology” (11) Verifying transgene integration
(Dr. László Heszky)
In the current part of the series we deal with the development of transgenic (GM) varieties. Its first step is to prove in regenerated plants that the transgene has been really integrated, which means it is present in the nucleus of each plant cell.


Technology and conditions of fuel-cake production
(Péter Tóvári)
The aim of this article is not to provide a detailed description of fuel-cake technologies according to operation principles. Instead, to show technological directions from the point of view of using it in order to give readers as potential end-users a picture about the technical steps and technological elements without which fuel-cake cannot be produced.


Selecting potassium fertilizers for outdoor pepper growing
(Dr. Katalin Slezák, Máté Mihály)
The article lets us have an insight into the small plot trials having been carried out for three years with the support of the International Potassium Institute (IPI). They study the influence of using the particular potassium forms on the development of sweet peppers. One of the objectives of the examinations is to explore the importance of timing the application in the expression of the eventual adverse effects of potassium chloride.

A new generation and versatile foliar fertilizer PREV-B2TM (x)
(Gyula László)
Biocont Hungary Kft. informs on their boron foliar fertilizer available for use in every crop.


Irrigation in orchards
(Dr. László Szalay)
Professionals dealing with fruit growing agree that intensive fruit growing cannot be managed in Hungary without irrigation. Therefore it is worth summing up the available irrigation methods, their advantages and disadvantages, practicability and of course, the demand of our fruit trees, too.


Bench grafting by green grafting and grafting wood to green shoots (1)
(Dr. László Sz. Nagy)
The article outlines the objectives and practice of green grafting and grafting wood to green shoots. The methods can be different, depending on the tissue conditions of the rootstock and the scion, the time of grafting and skills of the person carrying out grafting, etc.

Pest management and nutrient supply in ecological vine growing (2)
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
In the previous number of our journal, readers could get acquainted with the topics discussed on the first day of the eco-grape meeting jointly organised by Biocont Hungary Kft. and Biokontroll Hungary Nonprofit Kft. This time we publish the notes recorded on the second day of the event. The presentations focused on two topics. The first one was the methods and options of soil cultivation while the second one was around the achievements of the cross-border ECOWIN-project targeting on moving the approach of vine-growing towards nature conservation.

Record number of entries for the 10th jubilee wine competition published by Syngenta
The rigorous jury found 89 wines worthy of gold medal on the 10th Quadris Wine competition celebrated in Siófok on 9 March. This year 6 big gold and 3 Quadris prizes were handed over.


Machine novelties on the 10th Axial Days for Professionals. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
It was already the tenth time Axiál Kft. organized its biggest technical forum, Axiál Days. Visitors could get acquainted with the machines of 21 brands, a recently inaugurated, new logistic centre, engine diagnostic brake hall and the connecting central workshop for assembling and dismantling engines. Furthermore, the 22 novel machines described in the article were also on display there.

Services by Interat Zrt. web shop (x)
The renewed website of Interat Zrt. introduces itself.

How to select… (15) Cultivators for tillaging between the rows
(Dr. István J. Jóri)
After an introductory and thought-provoking paper, discussing ploughs, disks, mid-deep looseners and seedbed preparators, this part of the series wishes to give information and ideas for selecting, purchasing and using cultivators working between the rows.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Reviews of certain interesting articles published in foreign journals can be found below this heading.


Minister dr. Sándor Fazekas handed over medals and certificates
The minister of rural development handed over medals on the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution and war of independence of years 1848/49.

In memoriam Professor Sándor Bognár (1921-2011)
We commemorate the permanent member of our editorial board, university professor dr. Sándor Bognár who died at the age of 90.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Lambert Angeli (1916-1971)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month our readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Angeli Lambert in the series presenting the remarkable personalities of Hungarian agriculture

Note (not only) for growers. About Earth Day
(Miklós Kurucz)
The Earth Day movement is the biggest non-religious feast of men throughout the world. The current note presents its history and opportunities.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)