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Agroforum 2012 May

The message of Pentecost
(Dr. László Bódis)


The present and future of land use
(Dr. Zoltán Mucsányi, Dr. Attila Ótós)
Land use and farming lease are almost an inexhaustible topic that well needs to be clarified. This is why we have asked the authors of a recently launched column providing legal information, to clear up certain issues of land property policy from the point of view of lawyers.


Dissemination of information in another way
(Dr. Radics László, Dr. Zita Szalai)
Fifteen years ago the Department of Ecological and Sustainable Production Systems of Budapest Corvinus University started strengthening education with the significant support of the European Union and by using international projects. The article presents the achievements of the past few years.

The appearance and spread of millet Panicum riparium H. Scholz, study of the means of its control in Hungary
(Margit Nagy et al.)
The range of weeds in Hungarian fields has been widened by now with a recently detected species, Panicum riparium. The article gives an overview of its taxonomy, identification keys, distribution, ecological requirements, damages, as well as the means of its cultural and chemical controls.

What is a good maize herbicide like? (x)
(Tibor Rácz)
Cheminova Hungary Kft. recommends Nic-It Turbo maize herbicide package to growers.

Up-to-date plant protection forecasting (4) Methods of forecasting plum pests (1)
(Dr. Pál Benedek)
This part of our series on plant protection forecasting, the author deals with the methods and options for plum diseases (plum pox, red leaf spot – Polystigma rubrum). Furthermore, he provides useful information on pathogenic fungi for decision making in pest management where no means have been available for forecasting.

Prosaro – more than azole (x)
(László Farády)
This is a new milestone from Bayer CropScience in the control of wheat head blight and the reduction of mycotoxin content.

In emergency … Waiting for unexpected also in terms of pathogens
(Dr. Pál Békési)
The author draws the attention to that it is worth being alert also in plant protection, as major diseases may occur in an unexpected way. It takes place when, after lasting unfavourable conditions for a certain pathogen, the organism may frequently show unusual aggressiveness. The article takes various field crops grown in large areas from the point of view of the diseases more or less likely foreseen in the forthcoming times.

Fungicide treatments are always repaid (x)
Professionals at practise share their opinion about the advantages of carrying out DuPont treatments in cereal crops.

Applying bacteriophages in pest management
(Dr. Tamás Kovács)
The article focuses on bacteriophages, i.e. viruses infecting bacteria. The author reveals the advantages and constraints of phage therapy and its future prospects.

Increasing yield stability in growing row crops (x)
Solutions for increasing yields in maize and sunflowers from Timac Agro Hungary.

The relationship of the season and fertilizer effects
(Dr. Péter Csathó, Dr. Tamás Árendás)
What is the relationship between weather conditions and the effect of applying fertilizers? What kind of fertilizer application practice can best reduce the significant fluctuation of yields caused by the different rainfall conditions? What is the relationship between nutrient supply and the level of drought damage? The answers to these questions can be found in the article prepared from the long-term trials with fertilizers carried out by the investigators of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), Centre for Agricultural Research (MTA ATK).

Book review. Imre Kádár et al.: 50 years of a long-term study on fertilizer application at Nyírlugos
(Péter Ragályi)
This textbook gives an account of 50 years’ results of one of the longest Hungarian field trials. It can give useful information for researchers, academic staff in agronomy, environment management, biological sciences and environment protection, as well as growers managing crops in sand fields.

N-Tester®: innovation in nitrogen fertilizer application (x)
(Rita Vári)
The professional of Linzer Agro Trade Hungary Kft. recommends a device for growers to easily calculate the cost-efficient amount of nitrogen fertilizers to be applied.

The return of applying Spodnam DC in rapes (x)
(György Salamon)
Crop-saving solutions for rape growers from Nufarm Hungary Kft.


Buckwheat diseases
(Dr. Géza Fischl)
In the past few years various articles of Agrofórum have dealt with the growing of alternative crops. The present one focuses on pest management in buckwheat, showing the diseases caused by fungi, the special fungal diseases of buckwheat, and last but not least, the options to control them.

Trapping maybeetles of flight activity in summer
(Sipos Kitti et al.)
The authors outline the various options for trapping (using light and sex pheromone traps) of maybeetle pests with flight activities in summer. They also present the results of their studies on observing such flights.

Subsidized agricultural insurance from Generali (x)
Have a look at Generali’s recommendations regarding insurance for growers!

Saving seeds by growers
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
The article deals with the new French order regulating seed saving by growers, creating substantial changes compared to the earlier years’ practice.

A successful seed season at Cargill in spring (x)
(Zoltán Vad)
News from Cargill.

Farming Course (3) Soil formation and its physical properties
(József Kovács)
This part of the series deals with the processes, the materials from which and how soil is forming. The important characteristics determining plant growth and tillage operations are discussed. Certain simple methods of soil analysis are also outlined.

Pest management strategy in cereals for water conservation. (x)
(József Vig)
This is Kwizda Agro’s plant protection programme in cereals.

Commitment and humanity. Talking with Oszkár Gyulavári
(Dr. István Oláh)
We were talking with the 88 years old maize breeder, Oszkár Gyulavári, graduated 65 years ago, about his career, profession, achievements and family.

A star was born… Comment
(Dr. János Kopácsi)

Study on the efficacy of soil improvement by liming … (2)
(Dr. Jenő Horváth)
The article presents the necessity of soil improvement by liming based on a trial under large-scale conditions, as well as its favourable effect on soil conditions and yields.

Small garden all year around. Jobs in May
(Franciska Tóth Bogdányi)
If rain comes, fields begin to blossom and revive. Waiting for summer, all plants are in a big change. Let’s plant, transplant and enjoy the plenty of fresh flowers!


Summary of the produce market
(PP–T. I. E.–VE)
You may have an overview of the processes taken place at the global produce markets of the major field crop (wheat, maize, sunflowers and rapes) prices and crop volumes are summed up.


“Let’s learn gene technology” (22) Growing transgenic (GM) varieties in Hungary
(Dr. László Heszky)
In the previous parts we presented the global situation of growing transgenic (GM) plants and the experiences of GM crop production in the USA and the EU. This part outlines the related events having taken place in Hungary from the 1990s to the present.


Close up at a biogas factory. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
“Without taboos, in a straight line!” – this was the motto of the conference organised by Kaposszekcső Mg. Zrt. on 5 April 2012. The event – inviting the interested to the biogas factory of the company – focused on biogas, and offered the opportunity to have a close view to the factory having been operated for 2 years.


The relationship of phosphorous supply and root development
(Szilveszter Benedek)
In this column we have dealt with the phosphorus content of growing media for young plants and of soils, as well as of applying phosphorous fertilizers in connection with growing young plants of vegetable crops and starter fertilizers. We are aware of the advantages that healthy and well-developed root system presents in greenhouse growing, in using grafted young plants, early-planted melons, outdoor peppers, not to speak about vegetable seed growing. The two issues are frequently not combined in the crop management programmes, though it is an important part of the repeatedly mentioned “reasonable” nutrient supply. The article wishes to fill this gap.


An insecticide with a novel mode of action against codling moth: MADEX® (x)
(Gyula László)
Biocont Hungary Kft. recommends its insecticide with a novel and unique mode of action and active substance of codling moth granulosis virus (CMGV).

Winter frost damage of peach varieties
(Dr. László Szalay, Imre Gergő Gyökös, Dr. Béla Timon)
Hungary is situated close to the northern border of the territory with cost efficient growing of peaches. The biggest problem is caused by the frost damages to flower buds in orchards during winter and spring. This is why we believe it is worth giving an overview of the bud examinations carried out with 25 peach varieties at Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Fruit Science in late February 2012.

Start! Leaf analysis service from Yara (x)
(Dr. Erik Czinege)
A new service has been launched by Yara.


(István Fazekas, Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
Among teinturier varieties we present Turán, its origin, geographical distribution, productivity, as well as characteristics in growing and the appropriate vine training systems.

A new quality in the plant conditioning of grapes and vegetables: ALGINURE® (x)
(Gyula László)
Biocont Hungary Kft. presents its new product suitable for inducing resistance in the plant.


Let’s learn about harvesters …(27) Harvesting herbaceous energy plants
(Dr. László Bense, István Nagy)
This part of our series on harvesters informs on the machinery background of harvesting various herbaceous energy crops (energy grass, energy reed) and the available implements.

New and renewed machines on AXIÁL Professional Days
(Dr. György Demes)
It was already the tenth time that one of the biggest and most recognized Hungarian machinery events, AXIÁL Professional Days was organised on 22-24 March 2012. Several programmes contributed to the success of the meeting, this article only gives an account of the new machines displayed there.

“One of the biggest challenges of the current agricultural practice is water conservation” (x)
(Dr. György Demes)
Professionals working in the practice speak about the advantages and experience of using Horsch TIGER 3MT heavy-duty field cultivator.

Machine museumsmuseum-worthy collections of machines (4) A machine collection at Jászkísér
(Dr. László Szekeres)
Talking with László Farkas – the “creed” of a machine collector can be read under this heading.

Austro Diesel is 30 years old
At the beginning of the year, Austro Diesel celebrated the 30-year-anniversary of the company in a large-scale event in Vienna together with Austrian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian and Romanian distributing partners and staff, as well as with the representatives of the parent company AGCO.

Massey Ferguson, a prize-winning network of services – a stable background behind high-tech (x)
Get to know the key elements of the successful service network of Massey Ferguson.


Browsing in foreign journals)
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh
This is the regular review of interesting articles published in foreign journals.


Note (not only) for growers. The factors of profitability
(Miklós Kurucz)
Profitability is influenced by both external and internal factors. This part of the series wishes to take into account the objective, physical conditions prevailing in the farm, outside personal circumstances.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Károly Keleti (1833-1892)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Károly Keleti in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary.

Written anno …
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)