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Agroforum 2013 December

Early morning chime
(Dr. László Bódis)


The situation of young farmers in Hungary
(Dr. Miklós Weisz)
The Hungarian Association of Young Farmers (AGRYA) and the Central Statistical Office launched a joint research programme at the end of 2012 about the Hungarian situation of young farmers. This study has resulted in a paper to fill a gap by providing information about the number of farmers under the age of 40, key demographic data, and the changes in farming conditions taken place since the general agricultural census in 2000. The article summarises certain important conclusions of this work.


Sparkling world
(Dr. Annamária Leskó)
New Year’s Eve approaching, we guide our readers to the universe of glamorous bubbles. We show the various methods of producing champagne and sparkling wines, as well as the countries, leading in their production, thereby assisting to navigate through the sparkling and carbonated wines with plenty of choice.

The season of 2013 from winemakers’ point of view
(Dr. Annamária Leskó)
This year’s harvest has just recently completed – practically only the shrivelling bunches intended for late harvest are waiting for their turn. It might be worthy presenting this season’s experiences interesting from the point of view of wine technology. The author gives an account of this, summarising the results of the experiments carried out at the Department of Oenology, Corvinus University of Budapest.

Organic wine or “conventional” wine
(Dr. Diána Nyitrai Sárdy, Dr. Miklós Kállay)
This paper wishes to answer the question, what makes a wine “organic”. This is done by highlighting the differences between conventional and organic wine, going through grapevine growing, winemaking, wine composition and finally, sensory evaluation of wines.

The emerging hope of Eger Wine Region: Egri Csillag (Star of Eger)
(Irina Balga)
In 2010, wine makers of Eger agreed in creating the white pair of “Egri Bikavér” (Bull’s Blood) under the name Egri Csillag (Star of Eger). However, what is this wine made from and how is it prepared? The answer is written in the article.

Everything about us (x)
This is the brief set of news about Dow AgroSciences.


The strength is in common labelling. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
“Darányi Ignác” room in the Ministry of Rural Development was the venue of the professional day of “Hungarian products” on 7 November 2013. The participants of the meeting were informed about the experience obtained with the decree of “Hungarian products”, the objectives and plans of this civil organisation. The communication opportunities of the particular trademarks were also outlined.

Support to homesteads. Report
The Government and the Ministry of Rural Development will continue its focus on the improvement of the living conditions of people, farmers of the outskirts of the villages and homesteads. Such intentions were outlined at the press conference targeted on the results of the calls for the Farm Development Programme held on 6 November 2013.

Dangerous plant diseases II (12/5) Bacterial diseases of potatoes and their control
(Dr. József Németh)
This part of the series on dangerous plant diseases takes the bacterial diseases of potatoes under the magnifying glass. The article describes the biology of the particular pathogens, the epidemiology and symptoms of the diseases concerned, and last but not least the options for their control.

Meeting the challenge … (x)
(Ferenc Éri)
The sales manager of Yara Hungária gives an evaluation of the year from the point of view of the company.

Portrait. “…Boxers knocked out several times still stand up!  ” Talk with György Hoitsy
(Dr. László Bódis )
György Hoitsy, engineer specialised in fisheries is well known for the wide range of his functions. The key word might be “trout” providing a basis for a talk with a “fish professional” at a time around Christmas.

International overview of the plant medicine sector
(Zoltán Czirbus)
The first article of the series, written by the president of the Hungarian Interprofessional Organisation for Medicinal Plants, gives an international overview of the sector in the countries that are members of the European Herb Growers Association (EUROPAM). Readers are informed about the current issues of quality management in international plant medicine.

Pointer® Star, the perfect solution (x)
(A. Gy.)
Experience of weed control in cereals – basing on DuPont management programme can be read below this heading.

The importance, varieties and production characteristics of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)
(Dr. Zsuzsanna Pluhár, Dr. Szilvia Sárosi, Péter Rajhárt)
The authors present the importance of thyme, one of the most important aromatic plants of European cuisine, in particular the Mediterranean one. They draw attention to the chemical variability and diversity of species, as well as to the factors influencing its production characteristics.

Alternative cover plant between the rows, the versatile bugle (Ajuga reptans)
(László Varga et al.)
It is a more and more frequent practice in horticulture to grow cover plants between the rows. The most often grass mixture is used for this purpose with the aim of soil protection. However, there are several medicinal plants tolerating mowing and extreme environmental conditions, one of such species is bugle.

Chamomile: collection is decreasing and production is gaining more importance!
(Dr. Beáta Gosztola)
The article outlines the botanical characteristics, drugs and active substances of our major medicinal plant, chamomile. Furthermore, the author gives an overview of its distribution and collection in Hungary, the diversity of the wild populations in the country, the problems of collection, and the requirements for chamomile inflorescence. Finally, the conditions for growing the plant and the available varieties to grow are also dealt with.

Café corner (x)
(Dr. László Bódis )
AGROcafé – is a café for professionals in agriculture.

Generative reproductive organs of minor weed species in row crops V-VI.
(Dr. Gabriella Kazinczi, Dr. Csaba Pintér)
The macro-images prepared by a special technique are completed with descriptions by an acknowledged expert of the field to improve our knowledge about minor weed seeds in row crops.

Double standards for quality growing and yield increasing – in terms of maize and sunflowers (x)
Gramix starter NPK and Gramix starter NP are crop specific fertilizers containing Rizodyne soil activator for sunflowers and maize, from Fertilia Kft.

The celebration of Hungarian Science at the Centre for Agricultural Research, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences … Report
(Dr. István Oláh)

Changes in the habit of growers at using information sources. Press release
Get acquainted with the conclusions of the survey on the habit of commercial growers in using information sources.

Hungarian hybrid maize is 60 years old. Report
The Agricultural Institute, Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences celebrated the 60 years’ history, from the birth to the present, of Hungarian hybrid maize, paying tribute to the memory of Dr. Endre Pap.

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. More safety. Maize – 2014 (x)
Get to know the maize offer of Saaten-Union for 2014.

The future of agricultural subsidies. Report
(Dezső Kőhalmi)
The deputy general director of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, Gergely Papp delivered a lecture in “Török János Agricultural and Public Health Vocational School” on 5 November 2013. The speaker, invited by Cegléd Farmers, was followed with great interest, and talked about the future of agricultural subsidies. The article gives an account of the event.

Small garden all year round. Jobs in December
(Franciska Tóth Bogdányi)

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. More safety. Sunflowers – 2014 (x)
The article outlines the features of herbicide-resistant sunflower hybrids for 2014 from Saaten-Union.


New and even newer machines from HORSCH (2)
(Dr. György Demes)
The previous part of this article focused on the new stubble management and tillage-fertilizer application machines by HORSCH. This time, preparing for the exposition AGRITECHNIKA in Hannover, the author presents the novelties of the company’s strip till and plant protection machines.

Machine museums – museum-worthy collections of machines (14). Machine show and meeting of mechanical engineers and operators in the capital of the “Matyós”, Mezőkövesd.
(Dr. Béla Szekeres)
Mezőkövesd can be duly called the Mecca of mechanical engineers, operators and machine collectors with a slight difference that all the ones with a “mechanic touch” should pilgrimage there at least once in life, but why not even every year. It is worth doing so. The number of participants – exhibitors and visitors – at the XVth National Meeting of Agricultural Mechanics on 7 September, was higher than ever.

(Dr. György Demes)
With the ink hardly dry on our three-part-report about CLAAS novelties, an invitation to a further press conference has arrived, this time to the CLAAS factory Industrietechnik (CIT). The machine show focused on the high-horsepower XERION tractors, the wider range of CMATIC with continuously variable transmission and the improved field choppers JAGUAR 800 and 900. This article highlights the features of the new XERION tractors.

The CLAAS CAD computer-assisted laboratory with 24 PCs has been inaugurated at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
(BME) – (AF)
In the frame of a fruitful cooperation between CLAAS Hungary Kft. and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), the inauguration of a CLAAS CAD computer-assisted laboratory with 24 PCs was celebrated on 18 October 2013 at the University BME

The new distributor of the New Holland machines: AGROTEC Hungary Kft.
EXPO Congress Hotel, Budapest was the venue of the press conference held on 16 October 2013 where it was officially announced that, by virtue of the agreement signed by CNH International SA and Agrotec Hugary Kft. on 12 August, the latter company would be the new distributor of New Holland agricultural machines.


Report on the “Collaboration Forum in the Carpathian Basin”


Rape market outlook
(Dr. Ildikó Edit Tikász, Edina Varga)
You may have an overview of the processes taken place on the global produce markets of rapes, the trends in prices and crop volumes

Better prices and more prospects in trade (x)
Get acquainted with, the agricultural online marketing website launched a year ago.


An objective view of GM crops
(Dr. László Heszky)
The paper contains the lecture delivered on the Open Day of Plant Medicine held in the Old Upper House Hall of the Parliament on 13 November 2013. The author deals with the products of gene technology in trade, i.e. GM varieties and the experience gained in their growing.


Increasing vitamin D content in certain cultivated mushroom species
(Anna Szabó, †Dr. Júlia Győrfi)
The paper from Budapest Corvinus University, Faculty of Horticultural Science, Department of Vegetable and Mushroom Growing presents the results of several years’ studies on the options for increasing vitamin D content of cultivated mushrooms. The authors also provide the background information about the different sources of vitamin D and the importance of this vitamin in our every-day life.


How does frost resistance develop in fruit trees?
(Dr. László Szalay)
In order to follow their life activity the next spring after a harsh wintertime, our fruit trees need to have overwintering organs sufficiently resistant to frosts to prevent them from damages caused by cold winters. The author outlines the physiological and biochemical processes in the background based on the results and experiences of almost twenty years’ experiments.


The Bible and the grapes
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
Grapevine is one of the most frequently mentioned crops in the Bible. This outstanding plant occurs in the Holy Script frequently in similes and parables. At the same time, verses referring to grapes provide valuable information about the growing conditions at that time. The article outlines the cultivation of vines during the Biblical times based on the texts translated by Gáspár Károli.


The connection of climate change, agriculture and forest management – what can be and is to be expected for the future?
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
This article informs on the presentation and discussion of the report on “Agriculture, forest, climate” held in the French ministry of agriculture on 17 September 2013. The author outlines the challenges that shall be addressed in relation to the adaptation of French agriculture and forestry management to climate change.

Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Interesting articles published in foreign technical journals are reviewed below this heading.


Note for growers … About our water issues
(Miklós Kurucz)
The current Notes focus on agricultural water management and water protection in connection with the Budapest World Water Summit organised in October 2013.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. János Bruder (1913-1982)
(Kurucz Miklós)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of János Bruder in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary.

Written anno
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)