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Agroforum 2013 January

Happy New Year!


Will we be the last people of the past or the first ones of the future?
(Dr. László Bódis)
This paper gives an overview of the closing conference in the “Collaboration Forum of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin”. The event was held in the Rector’s Room of Szent István University on 5 December 2012.


The effect of climate damages on crop production
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss)
Today, the increase in the frequency of extreme weather events has become a general phenomenon that is the most adverse for crop production. In connection with this, the author summarises the effects of the climate change and the extreme weather conditions on yields, considering data sets of several decades. Furthermore, she also takes into account the possible interventions by which the damages can be greatly reduced.

Nutrient supply experiments at Agrofil-SZMI Kft (x)
(Mihály Lajos)
Have an overview of the fertilizer application trials established at Agrofil-SZMI Kft. and the results obtained in 2012.

Severe February, heat waves, drought: the extremes brought in 2012
(Dr. Monika Lakatos)
The author from the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) gives an analysis of the weather extremities (heat waves, drought) recorded in 2012. Furthermore, possessing several decades’ data, she assesses the volume and distribution of precipitation, and deals with the role of strategies to manage drought risks. Finally, the article draws the attention to the new service provided by OMSZ in the frame of which, targeting agricultural stakeholders in particular, they publish useful agro-meteorological data.

Again, an extremely dry year
(Vilmos Vadász)
The author from the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) gives an account, from the point of view of crop production and crop development, of the weather conditions in 2012, from month to month.

What is needed to succeed? or Yara’s products and management programmes (x)
(Kálmán Gyuris)
Yara’s recommendations for nutrient supply in field crops for 2013 can be read under this heading.

Santana 1 G – Beyond the third year (2). The movement of active substances in the soil and plants (x)
(Ferenc Somos)
The professional of Arysta Hungary Kft. presents the recent knowledge on clothianidin, the active substance of Santana 1 G.


Everything about us (x)
This is a brief set of news from Dow AgroSciences.

Travelling in the wine glass (2)
(Dr. Annamária Leskó)
Nowadays, in addition to European wines, the products of overseas wine regions – those of South America, South Africa and Australia – have also become easily available for the Hungarian wine consumers. However, we frequently do not know anything about the wine-regions themselves where the wines come from. The present article invites readers for a quick visit to the important overseas wine-regions in order to change this situation.

Season closing and awards ceremony
At the last meeting of the editorial board on 27 November, the management of Agrofórum gave an account of the results achieved in the year 2012. This agenda was followed by handing over the awards of the call launched for young farmers and titled “Efficient farming under extreme weather conditions”. The venue of the event was Záborszky cellar in Budafok.

Changing habits of growers to obtain information
Get to know the conclusions of the survey, made by AgroStratéga, among commercial growers in agriculture about their habits to obtain information.

The agriculture of the future, extremities in agriculture
(Peter Pájtli)
It’s been a long time since Hungarian agriculture has not been hit by many natural disasters like the ones experienced in the year 2012. Farmers will increasingly familiarize themselves with extreme weather conditions. To support growers, the author is seeking and providing the answer to the question what we can do better in adverse conditions to achieve higher efficiency in production.

Applying plant-specific microgaranulates as starter fertilizers (x)
(Margit Nagy)
Fertilia Kft. a recommends growers its UMG MICRO microgranulated starter fertilizers.

Portrait. “Let’s dare to innovate and learn from others.” Interview with Peter Pájtli
(Dr. László Bódis)
It occurred only once in the history of Agrofórum that father and son appeared together in our “Portrait” section: József Jordán and his son, Attila from Palotabozsok. In spring 2012, by chance we made an interview with József Pájtli by walking around his family farm. Now – what a coincidence – we interviewed his son on the occasion that he had been the runner-up on the Agrofórum contest titled “Efficient farming under extreme weather conditions”. We asked Peter Pájtli, awarded with the silver medal about the motivation for submitting the proposal and returning of an urban “farm kid” to the family estate.

UMG – New generation micro-elements in the range of starter fertilizers
(Gabriella Demes)
In November 2012, Fertilia Ltd. held a press conference to announce the launching of UMG MICRO before being placed on the market. The name refers to a recently developed group of microgranulated starter fertilizers, premium products manufactured with new technology.

Soil insect pests and the ones affecting maize at early stages of the crop, the principles of their control (x)
(György Salamon)
The range of soil insecticides containing the active substance clothianidin is enlarged with a new product in 2013. The name of the product formulated as granulate is Cheyenne 1 G and its distributor is Nufarm Hungary Kft.

A belated reaction to the World Food Day
(Dr. László Bódis)
It happened in the interview series titled “I used to be a minister” back in 2010, during talking with Dr. Pál Romány, a one-time minister of agriculture that the thing he mentioned briefly was somehow overlooked or was not given the due attention. In 1979 when the FAO General Assembly was in Hungary he came up with a proposal that let 16 October be the World Food Day. This was adopted by the UN, and in fact, for thirty-three years, on this day, organizations engaged in this goal have made significant efforts to support those ones in need. The media coverage, unfortunately, has not been as much as it should be. So we asked the minister to give its possible reason or explanation.

Falcon Pro agricultura Hungariae (x)
(László Farády)
Get to know the new universal cereal fungicide from Bayer.

Bayer field workshop at Bikal. Report
(Zsuzsanna Györök)
Bayer CropScience invited its partners to a field workshop in November 2012. The morning session focused on a major field crop, maize. The afternoon began with appreciating the 15-year-old Falcon and the successor, containing three active substances, Falcon Pro was also presented.

Strategic development of river Tisza region
(Dr. Sándor Hodossi)
The article briefly reports on the event related to the general meeting in 2012 of the R&D Centre of 3 Frontiers in Eastern Hungary.

Technical Forum of the meeting titled “Current disease problems in field crops”. Report
(Dr. Pál Békési)
The Phytopathology Section of the Hungarian Plant Protection Society has organised a forum for the first time since the reorganisation of the Society. The article reports about the lectures delivered at the event.

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. Higher safety. Maize 2013 (x)
This is the variety offer of Saaten-Union to maize growers for 2013.

VIIth Plant Medicine Day – 2012. Report
(István Bakonyi)
It was already the seventh time that the Hungarian Chamber of Plant Protection Professionals and Doctors of Plant Medicine invited its members to the most significant plant protection meeting to the second Wednesday of November in 2012. The report lets us have a little insight into the lectures delivered there.

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. Higher safety. Sunflowers 2013 (x)
Have a look at the sunflower offer of Saaten-Union for 2013.

Finally delivered!
On 14 November 2012 the three-volume book titled “Sustainable crop production” was introduced in Mosonmagyaróvár in the presence of the members and professors of the University, engaged in crop production and plant protection. The book could become the “bible” of field crop growing for lecturers and students in the future.

High yields, drought resistance and crop safety in maize growing (x)
(Dr. Sándor Nagy)
Get to know the maize hybrids offered by Euralis, as potential basis of successful and profitable maize growing.

Small garden all year round. Jobs in January
(Franciska Tóth Bogdányi)
Under the climatic conditions of our country, January is primarily spent with planning and considerations. This is one of the months with the least amount of precipitation. The number of daylight hours continues to rise, but it does little to realize it, as usually overcast skies can be expected.

High yields and crop safety in sunflower growing (x)
(Dr. Sándor Nagy)
Euralis recommends its wide range of varieties for sunflower growers.


Summary of the produce market
(Ildikó Edit Tikász, Edina Varga)
You may have an overview of the processes taken place at the global produce markets of the major field crop (wheat, maize, sunflowers and rapes) prices and crop volumes are summed up.


“Let’s learn gene technology” (30) Technical terms V.
(Dr. László Heszky)
We finish the chapter dealing with the risks of growing and consuming transgenic (GM) varieties, similarly to the previous ones, with summarising the technical terms. The previous 4 parts on terminology contain a total of 342 new terms. Therefore, in this paper only those ones are described which were not included in the previous numbers of the journal.


Thoughts about higher education in horticulture
(Dr. Katalin Ertsey Peregi)
The author, being the head of the Department of Vegetable and Mushroom Growing of Budapest Corvinus University, deals, in connection with horticultural higher education, with the needs and expectations that students start their studies with, employers set as requirements and the answers that successful university education may provide if the above mentioned are aligned with the sectoral aims of the national economy.

Vegetable growing without pesticide residues: chemicals-free products from Biocont Kft. (x)
(Gyula László)
Have a look at the offer of Biocont Kft. in plant protection and nutrient supply for vegetable growers.


„East Malling” is 100 years old
(Dr. László Szalay, Dr. Zsuzsanna Békefi)
The name “East Malling” has become a key term for fruit growers not only in Hungary but also the world over. It is because the research institute, that celebrates its 100-year anniversary and has obtained imperishable merits in the development of temperate fruit growing, is located in this small village in the south of England. This is an excellent opportunity to let us have an insight into the history of East Malling Research Institute and the achievements of the breeding programme having been carried out there.


The kinds of our grapevine varieties in the first decade of the third millennium (3) Changes in using red wine varieties
(Dr. András Lőrincz, Dr. István Fazekas, Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
When preparing their series, the authors undertook to provide an overview of the share of varieties in Hungarian vineyards according to the overall grapevine cadastre of year 2001 and the database of the National Council of Vine-growing Communities (2005, 2011). This time they summarize the changes taken place in the red wine varieties.

Wind stress in vineyards
(István Leskó, Dr. Annamária Leskó)
Readers and vine growers can get acquainted with a new term, i.e. wind stress and the physical and physiological consequences of wind damage from the article. The authors summarise the lessons learned in a vineyard located in the municipality of Mád during the seasons of 1989 and 2012.

The principle and practice of ecological vine growing. Report
(Zsuzsanna Györök)
The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi), Biocont Hungary Kft. and the Ecological section of Vindependent organised a training with the above title on 21 November 2012 for organic winemakers already working in the practice and others wishing to do that in the future, advisors and the ones interested in the topic. The venue of the event was the Mészáros Winery and Cellar in Szekszárd. The aim of the organisers was to introduce the prospects of ecological growing and winemaking to more and more vine-growers and winemakers and, similarly to Villány, to give an impetus to the spread of ecological growing in vineyards and qualified organic wine production in the traditional wine-region of Szekszárd.

Pruning wounds
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
We prune grapevine yearly, based on biological, technical and economic considerations. Pruning is one of the most important operations of the crop management programme; however, it involves the regular hurting of the vines. Therefore it is worth considering the consequences of pruning wounds and the options for curing them.


The achievements of developing disc harrows at the end of the past century
(Dr. István J. Jóri,)
The author presents the history of compact discs and the prospects for development that, if implemented, can be used in the soil cultivation of maize fields.

Massey Ferguson tractors at Hungaroring
Austro Diesel organised the recent show of Massey Ferguson tractors in an unusual way, on the speed track of Formula 1 cars of Hungaroring at Mogyoród. All the MF tractor models were on show from the narrow track MF-3600 for orchards through the MF-7600 series awarded by the “Machine of the Year” title to the flagship model MF-8690 tractor.

A New Development Centre as the symbol of “CLAAS header centre”
(Dr. György Demes)
CLAAS Hungary Kft., the subsidiary company of CLAAS was enlarged with a new development centre in 2012. This has created the possibility that only Hungarian engineers take part in the developmental work carried out in the Hungarian factory of the company, contributing to increase the high reputation of the CLAAS brand well-known and respected throughout the world.

A full house for agricultural exhibition in late January (x)
The International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition of AGROmashEXPO and AgrárgépShow will be organised at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center in January 2013.


Note(not only) for growers. Stories making me smile
(Miklós Kurucz)

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Henrik Vilmos Band (1841-1913)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Henrik Vilmos Band in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)