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Agroforum 2014 April

April dawn
(Dr. László Bódis)

TOPIC OF THE MONTH conference on agriculture titled “Agrárium 2014”
(Dr. László Bódis)
A conference gave the idea to the topic of the current month. We recommend our readers certain parts of the event, such as the performance of agriculture in 2013, market prospects and support policy.


First national soybean forum. Report
(Dr. István Oláh)

From “red gold” to “yellow gold” – or how do we produce soybean in Bátya?
(János Harangozó)

Soybean growing at Margittasziget 92 Kft.
(Béla Merész)

Our first try with soybean growing
(Eszter Molnár, Zoltán Csik)
On 25 February 2014, the Darányi Ignác hall of the Ministry of Rural Development hosted the First National Soybean Forum. Renowned experts shared their knowledge with participants in order to assist profitable soybean production. The event provided a good opportunity for giving the awards to the winners of a call for articles targeted on “Successful soybean production in 2013″ to be published in Agrofórum. This is the time to present the acknowledged papers.


Labour safety in chemical plant protection (1)
(Ágoston Tóth)
The author from the Directorate of Plant Protection and Soil Conservation of the Government Office of County Pest reveals the difficulties and options in choosing the personal protective equipment.

Top20 “Optimum” programme. Call
(Hungarian Maize Club Association)
The Hungarian Maize Club Association gives a brief overview of the programme they launched under the title Top20 “Optimum”.

Achievements and prospects – 2013-2014. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
Our correspondent guides readers at the annual sales meeting of Bayer CropScience.


Greeting academic Pál Tomcsányi
(Dr. László Bódis)

Café corner (x)
(Dr. László Bódis)
AGROcafé – is a café for professionals in agriculture

Small garden all year around. Jobs in April
(Franciska Tóth Bogdányi)

Nutrient supply in field and horticultural crops in spring (2) (x)
(Gábor Tóth, Kálmán Gyuris)
Have a look at Yara’s recommendation for nutrient supply to fruit crops in spring.

Six reasons to choose Fertilia starter fertilizer (x)
Ferilia’s nutrient supply solutions, taking into account both plant requirements and soil characteristics, are discussed under this heading.

Fair productivity and crop safety can be expected only on healthy, live soils (x)
(György Sárospataki)
Contivo™ programme based on BactoFil products for intensive, sustainable and profitable growing are presented here.

Leaf- and ear protection strategy (x)
(István Tamás)
Get to know the elements of the canopy and ear protection strategy of Kwizda Agro.

Cereal disease control: three Bayer products – and the scheme is complete (x)
(László Farády)
Have a look at the range of cereal fungicides recommended by Bayer for 2014.

Meeting expectations: Acanto® Plus
(Gy. A.)
Using DuPont fungicides for more profitable sunflower growing is outlined under this heading.

Complete protection of sunflowers based on Makhteshim management programme (x)
(Balázs Kőműves)
This is the wide range of plant protection products offered by Makhteshim Agan Hungary Zrt. for use in sunflowers.

Karis 10 CS, the new microencapsulated insecticide (x)
(Attila Valovics)
Get acquainted with the practical advantages of the novel insecticide from Chemtura!

Adengo – for higher maize yields (x)
(István Rikk)
This is the offer of Bayer CropScience for early postemergence weed control in maize.

Five active substances against weeds (x)
(A. Gy.)
DuPont presents its products for efficient weed control.

Python herbicides – A new dimension in the early post-emergence weed control in maize
Dow AgroSciences recommends its Python package for weed control to maize growers.

Proved solutions in various weed control situations in maize (x)
(Ádám Farkas)
Be familiar with the benefits of using Zeagran Nico N herbicide package from Nufarm Hungária Kft.

Ordax is always Super (x)
(Dr. Mária Gazdagné Torma)
This is a mixture of a wide range of action for post-emergence weed control for maize growers from BASF.

Creeping thistle, Johnson grass, ragweed and other hard-to-control weeds? No problem! (x)
(Szilvia Tóth Csantavéri, Dr. Viktor Nagy)
Have a look at Syngenta’s herbicide offer for use in maize.

Weed control in maize after using a chlorpyriphos soil insecticide (x)
Get to know the advantages of applying Pyrinex I.S. programme for weed control in maze from Makhteshim Agan Hungary Zrt.

SPIRIT-T, the key of sustainable weed control in maize (x)
(Árpád Koscsó)
Makhteshim Agan Hungary Zrt recommends SPIRIT-T for successful weed control in maize.

Sharda’s cost-saving herbicide-offer in spring … (x)
(Dr. László Kondár)
Herbicides for using in sunflowers and maize from Sharda are presented here.


Air pollution by tractor engines (4) The regeneration and cleaning of diesel particulate filters (DPF)
(Dr. Vilmos Varga)
The filters of diesel particulates used in tractors need to be regenerated and cleaned time to time. For the efficient operation of the established procedures, technical expertise and professional skills are required. This paper summarizes the basic knowledge related to the regeneration and cleaning of diesel particulate filters widely applied in agricultural power machines.

“These machines, even if a bit more expensive, I believe, will soon return their cost”. Report (x)
(Dr. György Demes)
The advantages of tillage and drill technologies offered by Horsch machines through the eyes of a grower are discussed in the article.

Machine museums – museum-worthy collections of machines (16) The machine collection of Sándor Csatári – in the town of the lace
(Dr. Béla Szekeres)
In this part of the series, we guide the ones interested in historic machine collections to Kiskunhalas, the city of “Halas lace”. In the town, next to the famous “Lace House”, there is another collection, at least as important and valuable from the agricultural point of view, but much less known and visited than it would deserve.

MF 5600 – conquering with three cylinders (x)
Practical experience about the 3-cylinder models of the series MF 5600 is shared with readers under this heading.

Campaign for the agricultural mechanics of the future! Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
The conference room of the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture in Vajdahunyad Caste was the venue, on 12 February 2014, of the conference of MEGFOSZ (Association of Hungarian Distributors of Agricultural Devices and Machines), launching the publicity campaign for agricultural mechanics among young people.


Focusing on Common Agricultural Policy and the prospects therein
(Dr. László Bódis)
The Association of Hungarian Growers and Entrepreneurs of Mura region (MMGVE) marked the first anniversary of establishing the organisation in Lendva, Slovenia with a meeting at Bánffy Centre. The event focused on outlining the options of the Common Agricultural Policy for the next EU budget period.


Outlook to the maize market
(Dr. Zsuzsa Molnár, Dr. Edit Ildikó Tikász)
Have a look at the forecasts on maize yields, exports and imports and finally yet importantly, at the changes in prices for 2014, throughout the EU in the light of the data generated by the Agricultural Research Institute.


A hungaricum declared for the protection of origin in the European Union: horseradish of Hajdúság
(Dr. Sándor Hodossi)
We believe it is worth outlining the past and present, as well as the characteristics of horseradish growing in the region of Hajdúság in an article. This area accounts for more than 90% of the Hungarian production, providing about the half of the horseradish crop volume marketed in Europe.


Humming orchards
(Dr. László Szalay)
Orchards in blossom are attractive not only for gardeners but also for insects, as this is a main source of living during this period. Our columnist presents the insects taking part in the pollination of our fruit trees. Furthermore, he draws the attention to the importance of planting together self-pollinating and self-incompatible varieties and to introducing beehives into the orchards during the time of flowering.


Copper in grapevine soils
(Dr. Gábor Zanathy)
This paper is providing the answer to the question about the long-term effects of using the heavy metal copper, needed in minimum amounts, in inorganic form in the grape growing. The author also presents the possible causes of high copper content in soils, the impact of copper contamination on soil life and the options for reducing copper load.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Interesting articles published in foreign technical journals are reviewed below this heading.


In memoriam Dr. Endre Széll (1941-2014)
We remember the one of the recognized and respected personalities in Hungarian maize research of the past decades who was a member of the editorial board of Agrofórum.

Note (not only) for growers. About the Note
(Miklós Kurucz)
Looking back to the decade-long history of the series, the columnist outlines the method and aspects of compiling his articles from month to month.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Ödön Villax (1899-1964)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Ödön Villax in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary.

Written anno
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)