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Agroforum 2014 February


Chronicle in February
(Dr. László Bódis)


25 years through eye-witnesses’ glasses
(Dr. György Demes)

Our memories
We have become twenty-five years old! Measured in human scale we have arrived at age! By all means, this is an opportunity to stop for a while and have a look back where we started from, where we are and where we are going to. Presumably, it is expected of us to do so by the ones who not only subscribe to our journal but also read it in spite of being so busy with their work. On the occasion of the bygone 25 years we recall the memory of this time with certain key stories.


Portrait. “We do things well if we enjoy doing them”. Talking with meteorologist Vilmos Vadász
(Dr. László Bódis)
This article presents Vilmos Vadász, the agro-meteorologist who, year by year provides a profound analysis of the weather conditions prevailed in the previous season.

Rainy late winter and winter-like early spring followed by a dry summer
(Vilmos Vadász)
The author from the Hungarian Meteorological Service gives an overview of 2013, month by month from, the point of view of meteorological conditions, their impact on crop production and plant growth.

The plant of prospects… Report
(Dr. István Oláh)
The article reports on the ceremony handing over the prizes to the winners of the Vth Maize Yield Competition organised by the Hungarian Maize Club.

Autumn ploughing in 2013 – when, how and why?
(Ernő Tamás Zsár)
A young family farmer gives an account of the results of his examinations in autumn ploughing as a basic tillage operation carried out in 2013.

Generative reproductive organs of weed species in meadows, pastures and forests III-IV.
(Dr. Gabriella Kazinczi, Dr. Csaba Pintér)
The macro-images prepared by a special technique are completed with descriptions by an acknowledged expert of the field to improve our knowledge about weed species in meadows, pastures and forests.

Small garden all year around. Jobs in February
(Franciska Tóth Bogdányi)

Café corner (x)
(Dr. László Bódis)
AGROcafé – is a café for professionals in agriculture.

The advantages of Velocity® applied in combination with cereal fungicides (x)
(Zsolt Vendrei)
Get to know the benefits, from a professional of Kwizda Agro, of using the adjuvant Velocity developed for systemic fungicides.

Husar active – the Hungarian hussar (x)
(László Farády)
Bayer’s offer has been enriched with a new wide-spectrum herbicide for use in cereals.

Tested and proven solutions in cereal pest management (x)
(György Salamon)
Nufarm Hungária Kft. recommends well-proven herbicides and weed control programmes for successful cereal growing in 2014.

It the target is the highest yield: Opera® New (x)
(Dr. István Füzi)
BASF offers its fungicide containing pyraclostrobin and epoxiconazole for cereal growers to control rust and spot diseases.

Get over cereal weed control quickly! (x)
Kwizda Agro promises a quick and conspicuous effect of using Aurora® Full herbicide against the whole range of broadleaf weeds in cereals.

Seguris® in cereals (x)
(János Bíró, Dr. Zoltán Varga, Ákos Harmat)
Have a closer view of the new cereal fungicide from Syngenta.

Two really strong hybrids (x)
This is the hybrid offer of RAGT for maize growers.

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. Higher safety – Maize (x)
Get to know the maize hybrids recommended by Saaten-Union for 2014.

Arigo™ Pack offers a new solution (x)
(A. Gy.)
DuPont novelties for weed control in maize.

Lumax – The best for our maize (x)
(Szilvia Tóth Csantavéri)
Syngenta recommends maize growers to use Lumax in order to get rid of weeds early in the season.

Python herbicides. A new dimension in the early post-emergence control of maize weeds (x)
Get to know the advantages of using Python herbicides for weed control in maize from Dow AgroSciences.

Pyrinex I.S. management programme (x)
(Dr. Domonkos Lukács)
The solution of Makhteshim Agan Hungary Zrt. is presented here to control soil pests.

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. Higher safety – Sunflowers 2014 (x)
Be familiar with the sunflower hybrids for the season of 2014 recommended by Saaten-Union.

Sunflower growing with Yara management programme! (x)
(Gyuris Kálmán)
Yara’s recommendation for nutrient supply in sunflowers is given below this heading.

Sunflowers at risk! (x)
(Balázs Tóth)
Cheminova offers its overall soil disinfestation and nutrient supply programme for sunflower growers to control soil pests.

Wirtuoz® a very special fungicide (x)
(A. Gy.)
The advantages of using DuPont fungicides in winter wheat are presented here.

From pea seeds through cereals to soybeans (x)
(Péter Kenéz Bakos)
This is the proposal of Elitmag Kft. for using varieties and seeds.

Make conscious decisions! (x)
(Margit Nagy)
Have a look at the crop-specific fertilizers tailored to the growth stages of the plant recommended by Fertilia Kft. for basic, starter and top-dressing.

Applying Everris foliar fertilizers for more efficient growing (x)
Get to know the foliar fertilizers recommended by Everris for growers.

Nutrient management, fertilizer application – strictly on technical bases (x)
(Gyuris Kálmán, Árendás Tamás)
The principles of Syngenta’s Contivo™ programme for crop nutrient supply are below this heading.


The costs of operating agricultural machines foreseen for 2014
(Dr. Lajos Gockler)
The Institute of Agricultural Engineering keeps on monitoring the data on the performance and operating costs of agricultural machines. According to previous practice, the article summarises the results and conclusions drawn from this study for year 2014.

 “This machine has proven it reliability and suitability” Report (x)
(Dr. György Demes)
Practical experience about Monosem NG 4 Plus Monoblock drill is shared with readers under this title.

Machine museums – museum-worthy collections of machines (15) The “iron-collector” of Pilis – the collection of János Rávágyi
(Dr. Béla Szekeres)
This part of our series presenting the agricultural machinery collections takes readers to a collector whose main aim is to “rescue” the machine. It is immediately followed by the wish to rebuild and bring into operation the old device or machine for doing the job, in short, to save value.

Protecting our orchards by Berthoud Sprinter (x)
In March of this year, the range of Berthoud machines is expanded with a new field sprayer ‘Sprinter’.

Foundations for the future. Signs of great changes at the Landini world convention
(Dr. György Demes)
“Foundations for the future” was the motto of the world convention organised by Landini, a member of ARGOTRACTORS group. Over 300 sales managers of 40 countries participated in the event, to the first day of which about 100 agricultural journalists were also invited. Based on what was heard on the convention, this paper presents the changes taken place in the Landini portfolio.


IInd Forum for the Agreement of Hungarian Farmers in the Carpathian Basin (2) Report
At the end of the article under ‘Without frontiers’ in our previous number, the columnist wrote that the presentation delivered by dr. Balázs Szabó, head of the Parliamentary and Public Relations Department, on the IInd Forum for the Agreement of Hungarian Farmers in the Carpathian Basin will be published later due to space constraints. It is time to fulfil the promise.


Report about fields sown with rapes
(Dr. Ildikó Edit Tikász, Edina Varga)
After last year’s high yields, rape production can break a record again in Europe in 2014, although the crop areas have become smaller at various places. According to the latest forecasts, the harvest outlook is promising so far all over the country, because of the mild winter had a positive impact on plant growth.


Producing more with less: strategies for biofortification of plant-based food
(Dr. Éva Domokos-Szabolcsy, Dr. József Prokisch, Dr. Miklós Fári)
The increase of easily available mineral elements in food plants may be a promising strategy of modern agriculture, in order to supply more people with food richer in nutrients from smaller areas. Therefore, the authors give an account of the options and constraints of biofortification. Based on their experimental results, they present agronomic fortification in a closed system through the example of green onions.


Let us have healthy fruit trees
(Dr. László Szalay)
Successful fruit growing can be achieved only with healthy fruit trees. Therefore, we should do all in order to keep the orchard in good health thorough its whole cycle of operation. In relation to this topic, we call the attention to a few important things that may endanger the health status of our fruit trees.

Focusing on the “queen of medicinal plants”
(Bence Szabolcs Bognár)
Among the range of functional food of natural origin helping us to preserve health, sea-buckthorn possesses such excellent nutritional values by which it is qualified to hold the name “queen of medicinal plants” as well. We asked one of the Hungarian growers managing a field of almost one hectare at Fajsz in county Bács-Kiskun about his experience in growing.


(Dr. Zanathy Gábor
The article summarises the most important information about tendril, the key part of grapevine, the plant striving toward the light and grasping adjacent objects as being unable to hold on by itself.


Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Interesting articles published in foreign technical journals are reviewed below this heading.


Note for growers … About lessons to learn
(Miklós Kurucz)
The last quarter of a century made it clear to all producers that it was no longer enough to possess and properly apply agronomic skills. It is obvious that economic approach is necessary, due foresight when concluding a contract and accuracy for sales. Care and demanding behaviour are needed to cover many other areas. The article gives some examples, independent from each other in nature, space and time.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Sándor Arany (1899-1984)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may get acquainted with the life and work of Sándor Arany in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary

Written anno
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)