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Agroforum 2014 July


Is it to burn?
(Dr. László Bódis)


The results of survey for irrigation water demand
(Imre Hubai Jr.)
Now as the agricultural sector has gained more and more importance in the national economy, appreciated by the government as well, time has come to deal with the questions of irrigation and water management at all in Hungary. Firstly, we approach the problem from the demand. The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, recognising the importance of irrigation, has prepared a survey for determining the area to be possibly covered by irrigation. The article reveals this.


Characteristics of the biology of and damage by storage pests
(Dr. Sándor Keszthelyi)
With the harvest period approaching, this article gives an overview of the main aspects of grain storage. You may consider the biological features, life cycles and damage of the major arthropod species posing risks to the storage of annual cereals and pulses.

The criteria and difficulties in grain storage through traders’ eyes. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We talked with the managing director Bálint Lénárt of the trading and service providing company ‘Bogyiszlói Kereskedő-Szolgáltató Zrt.’ about storing grains and the bases of controlling storage pests. He is responsible for organising and managing production and all jobs related to grain trade at the company group.

The due care of a good grower is not finished with harvesting! Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We asked Ágnes Szerényiné Nemeth, production manager and one of the owners of Kaposmező Kft. at Kaposfő, about storing produce and, linked to it, the control of storage pests.


I might be wrong … Should it really go to Debrecen?
(Dr. László Bódis)
As far as we know, “it is needed to go to Debrecen …” We think, it is not necessary to explain that it refers to the ministry that has regained its original name, Ministry of Agriculture. Our correspondent expresses his opinion in connection with this.

New-generation hybrid rapes from Bayer Seeds (x)
(Péter Szundy)
Get to know the new features available on the portfolio of Bayer Seeds for hybrid rapes in 2014.

 “Innovative development and support in the EU budget regime of 2014-2020”. Report
Gödöllő Farmers’ Days was jointly organized by Szent István University and DuPont, already for the 17th time on 13 June 2014. This year the topic was “The prospects for crop production in the supporting period of 2014-2020. In addition, as usual, of course, the timely issues of crop growing were also presented.

Take the opportunity to produce fodder of higher quality! (x)
This is the offer of DuPont for controlling European corn borer.

Field scouting. Yield prospects, crop prices.
The expectations of the participants of the Crop Round Table (In Hungarian: TERKA) in the light of the cereal and rape yields and produce prices are outlined.

Rapes, during harvest and before sowing (x)
(Kálmán Gyuris)
This is nutrient supply as recommended by Yara Hungária Kft. for rape growers.


Dangerous plant diseases (II. 10) Phomopsis in rapes
(Zsolt Varga)
This part of the series wishes to give an account of a rape pathogen and the disease it causes that has recently made a breakthrough in gaining more importance by its huge negative effect.

Taking care of and contributing to! (x)
(Csilla Horváth)
Crop protection and plant growth regulators in rapes by applying BASF management programmes can be found below this heading.

Rust diseases of winter wheat
(Dr. Pál Békési)
It is obvious that this year the highest risk to wheat growing has been imposed by stripe rust among diseases. In spite of this, it is worth giving an overview of the basic knowledge about all the three rust diseases of our most important cereal.

Crop production improved the performance of agriculture in 2013 (2)
(Zsolt Andrási)
In the second part of his paper, the author from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office evaluates the performance of Hungarian agriculture based on the data recorded in 2013. Furthermore, he presents the direction to which the use of human resources in the agricultural sector and the balance of the foreign trade of agricultural commodities have changed.

Soil conservation, plant protection, integrated plant production: Overview (3)
(Dr. József Horváth)

A tried and proved herbicide – renewed (x)
(Dániel Gribek)
Practical experience of weed control in rapes based on a BASF management programme can be read here.

Second National Soybean Forum. Soybean programme on the table. Report
(Dr. István Oláh)
The Second National Soybean Forum, similarly to the previous one, was hosted by the Ministry of Rural Development on 28 May. The message of this conference was to carry out a mission by the ones who, joining the Danube Soya Association in an EU region, wish to improve and upgrade GM-free Hungarian soybean growing and processing.

Being professional in agricultural financing (x)
Get to know the advantages of the services provided for the agricultural sector by FHB Bank.

Celebrating Professor József Antal. Report
(Dr. István Oláh)
This year “Márton József Award for Sustainable Hungarian Agriculture” was handed over to the 95-year-old professor emeritus of Szent István University Gödöllő, Dr. József Antal.

Book revew. The countryside for agriculture
(compiled by: Zoltán Molnár)
The book reviewed here begins with the acknowledgement of nationally renowned agricultural professionals about Szent István University Gödöllő, followed by the presentation of the history and the leaders of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The organisation, i.e. institutes and departments are described in details.

Café corner (x)
(Dr. László Bódis)
AGROcafé – the café of the agricultural sector.

Bayer Meeting, already for the fourteenth time. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
This year Bayer Meeting focused on the pest management programme in three crops, i.e. maize, winter wheat and rapes, furthermore, three new rape hybrids were also presented. The article reports on what was seen and heard in the event.

An insight into Bayer world. Report
(Dr. György Demes)
The exclusive press event titled “Innovation in life sciences” organised by Bayer Hungária Kft. on 2 June 2014 provided a real insight into Bayer world. The main topic of the meeting, among them in agriculture, was plant protection, in particular the techniques supporting the reduction of the environmental load to be potentially caused by seed treatments.

A new managing director heading the seeding company ‘RAGT Vetőmag Kft.’ Report
(Dr. György Demes)
The new leader of the company RAGT Vetőmag Kft., Patrice Roché introduced himself at an event organised on 6 June 2014 in Budapest.

Small garden all year around. Jobs in July
(Franciska Tóthné Bogdányi)

40 years of Rapool. Extra yields of 1.800 kg per hectare (x)
(Zoltán Blum)
Have a look at the background of the European success of RAPOOL rape hybrids and the milestones in the 40-year history of the breeding company.

Treatment in Rapool rapes (x)Rapool
The hybrids recommended by Rapool Hungária Kft. for rape growers are described here.


The Meeting of Old-time Tractors at Csáford – for the sixth time. Report
(Dániel Gribek)
The tractor drivers of county Zala came together at Csáford on 7 June to celebrate the Meeting of Old-time Tractors at the locality close to Zalaszentgrót for the sixth time. Over a hundred power machines, the majority veteran took part at the event, accompanied by an off-road show, forestry machine demonstration and a competition to test the skills of tractor drivers.

Solutions for perfectionists! (x) (Sándor Kiss) (x)
(Kiss Sándor)
John Deere combine harvesters distributed by KITE Zrt., irrespective of the model, are on the lead in harvesting quality with indicators such as grain drop, cleanness and grain breaking.

Deutz-Fahr and Pronar novelties in Kaposvár. Report
(Dániel Gribek)
Dorker Kft. organised an open day at its premises in Kaposvár with a high number of participants and still in a familiar environment. The event, held in early June, focused on, of course, Deutz-Fahr and Pronar products, among them the new series 5 and the self-propelled Z245 bale wrapper and TB-4 bale collecting wagon for transporting.

Horsch Pronto – the solution (x)
(Zoltán Szász)
HORSCH GmbH recommends its drilling machine “Pronto”, allowing growers to sow small-size seeds in a high quality.


Young ones from Transylvania in the Ministry of Rural Development. Report
Katalin Tóth, Deputy State Secretary for Parliamentary and Social Relations and her colleagues received the young ones from Transylvania who had arrived to Hungary as a reward on 19 May 2014. The article gives an account of the information given by the programme organiser Dr. Ferenc Magyar, university professor and operative deputy president of the Foundation Pro Agricultura Hargitae Universitas.

A forum for reaching an agreement, in a nutshell. Report
The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (in Hungarian: NAK) organised the 3rd session of the Forum for the Agreement of Hungarian Farmers in the Carpathian Basin on 12-13 June 2014. The forum gave an opportunity to find the solution for various problems currently presenting difficulties in the relation of Hungarians over the border and organisations in Hungary.


An outlook to sunflower fields
(Dr. Zsuzsa Molnár, Dr. Ildikó Edit Tikász)
The authors from the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (in Hungarian: AKI) outline the forecast provided by the ministry of agriculture in the USA (USDA) about the production areas of sunflowers among the field crops for the next growing season.

Changes in the Hungarian and international wheat trade
(Dr. Zoltán Lakatos)
In the light of past years’ data, the author discusses the trend in global, EZ-28 and Hungarian wheat production, as well as our wheat exports. The second part of the article summarises the factors that highly influenced the Hungarian wheat purchase prices in 2013


Chicory growing in the fields and indoors
(Dr. Sándor Hodossi, Dr. István Terbe)
Chicory is a plant known long ago. However, it is still not widespread in our country but has remained a rare vegetable crop. We believe it is justified and timely to give an overview of the most important knowledge on the plant in this article.


Techniques for testing ripening stages
(Dr. László Szalay, Veronika Hajnal)
Apricot harvest may begin! Yes, but when, how and with what? These are important technical issues, and the success of the whole year’s work and even of more years depends on it. Now first of all we are seeking the answer to the question of how we can determine the optimal harvest date in apricot orchards.


A diversity of cover plants between the rows – “a live vineyard”
(Ádám Donkó et al.)
Flowering cover plants, composed of a wide range of species can be established also under conditions of intensive grapevine growing, which, in addition to being spectacular, and improve vineyard diversity, involve various advantages. The authors give an account of such benefits and their experience with such management techniques, obtained through their studies on cover crop seed mixture, taking the aspects of environmental and crop management programmes into consideration.

Pellenc grape harvester – new trailed models (x)
(Dr. György Demes)
A simple and less expensive, but, in terms of technical performance, quite an up-to-date, trailed model of self-propelled grapevine harvesters, distributed by KITE, Pellenc 8030 has been placed on the Hungarian market.

Controlling grapevine leafhopper Scaphoideus titanus (x)
(Csilla Horváth)
This is what Dow AgroSciences recommends for the control of the grapevine planthopper.


The challenges for producers growing grain, oil and protein seed crops in France
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
This article guides readers to France, to the conference held in February by ORAMA, the union of professional associations representing French grain, oil and protein seed producers. Separate round-table discussions were dedicated to certain questions such as market challenges or daily topics. However, the most important issue was innovation and prospects.

Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Certain articles published in foreign technical journals are reviewed here.


Note for growers. About family farms (2)
(Miklós Kurucz)
Two Notes have recently dealt with household farms. Their past, present and near future were outlined. This part, following this line, takes family farms under the magnifying glass.

Outstanding persons of our agricultural past. Mihály Dénes Katona (1782-1874)
(Miklós Kurucz)
This month readers may be acquainted with the life and work of Mihály Dénes Katona in the frame of our series presenting the great persons contributing to agricultural development in Hungary

Written anno …
(Dr. Inczédy Péter)