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Agroforum 2006 the third “Seeking the way”

Looking back to the Maize Forum of 23 November 2005

The third “Seeking the way forum” had the aim to reveal the alternatives for using maize. We wish to give more publicity to the already known solutions, and present the new ones as future options.
On the Maize Forum we discussed the national and global situation of maize and marketing problems. Means of storing was a major issue. The following other topics were on the agenda of the conference: maize as a classical fodder crop, a renewable energy resource, a versatile raw material for industrial processing and a new possibility for food industry.


Dr. József Solymosi,
The chief counsellor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development opened the meeting.

József Vancsura,
president of the National Association of Cereal Growers welcomed the participants as co-organiser on behalf of the organisation.

András Vermes,
general director of Agrograin Co. provided an outlook to national and global perspectives of maize.

Gyula Komka,
retired head of department
of the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering talked about the problems of storing and preserving maize.

Dr. János Gundel,
scientific deputy-director
of the Research Institute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition presented maize as a classical fodder crop.

Domokos Sípos,
managing director of Hungrana Ltd.
dealt with maize as a renewable energy resource. He presented the isosugar factory and bioethanol unit under construction at Szabadegyháza.

Gergely Kálmán,
PhD student
at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics informed participants about the wide range of possibilities of industrial processing of maize.

Dr. András Salgó,
professor and head of department
also from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics closed the morning session, focusing on the new perspectives of maize processing.


The moderators dr. István Csíbor, founder of Agrofórum and dr. László Bódis, president of Plant Production Society of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Sciences introduced the consulting board of the conference becoming a forum after the break, and similarly to the previous forums, chaired the meeting by turns.

József Lukács,
chief counsellor
of the Agricultural Administration Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development gave an account of maize-harvesting in 2005 and the expected yields.

Dr. Marton L. Csaba,
deputy director of the Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences showed how the northern boundaries of maize growing had changed in the past few decades.

Dr. József Hajdú,
scientific deputy director general of the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering spoke about the efforts made for the use of maize in countries to the north of Hungary.

Imre Békes ,
production manager, introduced silage practice followed at Pálhalma Agrospeciál Ltd.

István Matyasovszki,
marketing director of Bayer, informed participants about the results and efforts of the company.

László Bartha,
welcomed the forum on behalf of Szentistván Agricultural Co. and gave an account of their maize growing.

Dr. Sándor Balikó,
representing Bóly Co. gave an account of the possible end-products made of maize, and its practice at Bóly.

Ferenc Isztin,
chief executive of Dombegyház Agro Co. as an invited speaker talked about how lavish we were regarding maize – we could use it in a better way.

Joris Karnóth,
consultant of Kemira Grow-How,
dealt with wet storage methods and their critical points.

Gyula Soltész,
general director of Nak Agro Co. briefly spoke about the cost-saving maize-growing model applied at his company.

László Joó,
chief agronomist
of Agrohalász Ltd. presented their maize growing practice followed at Nagyhalászi.

Dr. Dénes Szieberth,
programme leader, officer of the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control, informed participants about a major element of cost-effective growing, the importance of water loss dynamics of maize.

Dr. Norbert Somogyi,
officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
, summarised his experiences in Western-Europe, mentioning the efforts done for the multi-purpose use of maize.

Dr. Tibor Mátrai,
retired head of department gave an account of toxin research conducted at the Research Institute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition, and of the risks related to toxins.