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Agroforum 2006 the fourth “Seeking the way”

Looking back to the Sunflower Forum of 28 February 2006
Great expectations followed by great disappointment – this is the balance of last year’s sunflower growing. The majority of the benefits given by nature and human work to the crop during the season were taken away by the diseases broken out due to the adverse weather conditions before harvesting. Only a single hope remained that the final balance of year 2005’s sunflower growing could still be positive even with that. There were places where it could be and others where could not.
We believed that it would be useful to include the lectures dealing with foreign market and Hungarian prospects of sunflowers and the integrators’ ideas in the series of “Seeking the way” before starting the seeding season of the crop. The “Forum” part of the meeting contained detailed analyses of last year’s problems and recommendations for solving them, should they arise again.


Ferenc Sirmann,
rincipal private secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development opened the meeting in the absence of the minister József Gráf.

Dr. Gábor Udovecz,
general director of the  Research Institute for Agricultural Economics presented his analysis to the participants.

Dr. László Papula,
general director of Bunge Ltd. (formerly Cereol) gave an account of their experience from 2005 and prospects for 2006.

Dr. Géza Búvár,
general director of KITE Co. spoke about the importance, role and types of integration.

Attila J. Saxon,
chief executive of IKR Co. and a staff member, Gábor Vámosi informed participants on the development alternatives and the expected market positions.


Similarly to the previous “Seeking the way” events, the conference became a forum after the break. Dr István Csíbor asked Gábor Rónai, representing DuPont Hungary Ltd., the main sponsor of the publication on the meeting, to take the floor as first speaker.

Gábor Rónai,
area manager of DuPont Hungary Ltd., briefly talked about the company’s concept regarding sunflower growing and the management of the pests in the crop.

József Lukács
chief counsellor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as in all the previous similar events, gave an account of the results of sunflower growing for 2005.

Gábor Szekrényes,
programme leader in the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control talked about the results of sunflower trials carried out in 2005.

Csaba Csóri,
managing director of Helianthus Crop Production Ltd. in Adony shared his thoughts about producing sunflowers and its problems.

Dr. György Kis,
plant protection consultant is well-known in the sector. As he was a specialist of the Central Service for Plant Protection and Soil Conservation till recently, may have an overview of the topic. Asked about the sunflower diseases broken out in 2005, he informed the Forum about control options and the damages occurred because of not carrying out the treatments.

Miklós Tóth,
head of department in the Central Service for Plant Protection and Soil Conservation gave brief information about the situation of sunflower pests, as he did in the previous forum with those of wheat.

Dr. Horváth Zoltán,
currently a professor of the Horticultural Faculty of Kecskemét College, was already known from Bácsalmás for his scientific commitment to sunflowers.

János Bori
from Kunszentmárton also told is remarks.

He was followed by István Varga,
chief executive of the “Wheat Ear Cooperative” in Fürt.

János Hetyei,
manager of Heliosz Coop Ltd. addressed the problems of leading a factory annually producing 2.5 million litre of cooking oil.

Mihály Perczel
talked about the relationship of pest management in sunflowers and free fatty acid content of the plant