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Agroforum 2006 the fifth “Seeking the way”

Looking back to the Grapes and Wine Forum of 20 April 2006
The conference of the series “Seeking the way”, now focusing on grapes and wine, was organized in Budapest, traditionally in the assembly hall of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Ministry). It was dealing with vine growing that had got into a critical situation and the related wine sector. The invited speakers, representatives of the public administration, the Ministry, the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control and the professional federation, National Council of Vine-growing Communities, together with the participants of the Forum, were seeking the answers to the following questions:

  • Are there future prospects in the grape and wine sector?
  • What could be known about subsidy policy?
  • What are the international market requirements for wines?
  • What is Community wine marketing?
  • Could vine-growing be a sound undertaking without wine?
  • Can the profitability of vine-growing be increased?


(Ferenc Sirman)
It is getting to be a tradition of the meeting that, in the absence of the minister, the principal private secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development opens the event – it happened this time as well.

Current situation of the grape and wine sector
(Csaba Horváth)
The newly elected secretary general of the National Council of Vine-growing Communities delivered the introductory lecture, evaluating the current situation of the grape and wine sector.

The subsidy system operated in the EU wine market regime
(Zoltán Hajdu)
The director of the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency presented the subsidy system implemented in the EU wine market regime, and talked about the Agency, with certain critical remarks.

About the practical experience with the control of structural changes in the grape sector
(Dr. János Korbuly)
The head of department of the National Institute of Agricultural Quality Control spoke about the experience obtained during the control of the structural changes taken place in the grapevine sector on behalf of an institution that carries out this work as a task taken over from the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency.


Issues related to the structural changes in the grape sector in the Kunság wine-growing district
(László Kovács)
The secretary of the Council of Vine-growing Community of Kunság, László Kovács was the first tell his remarks. He responded to the questions raised in connection with the structural changes and also talked about the trellis system, conversion to mechanical harvesting and the contribution for placing on the market.

Profitability of vine-growing and the question of quality-quantity
(Lajos Hegedűs)
Lajos Hegedűs, representing Viticoop Ltd., Balatonboglár told his opinion about two topics: cost-efficiency of vine-growing and the issue of crop quantity and quality.

This participant of the meeting, not wishing to tell his name, expressed sharp criticism in connection with the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency.

(Gyula Kiss)
Gyula Kiss from Kerbor Ltd., Monorierdő also asked Zoltán Hajdu about when the payment of agro-environment management subsidies and the eventual new applications for 2006 would be expected.

In the break of the meeting, the Nitrogen Works Co. showed a film introducing the history of the company from the establishment to the date.
After the break, before starting the lectures, companies attending the event had an opportunity to briefly introduce themselves.
First Éva Nádudvari, product manager of Syngenta Ltd. for grapes, fruits and vegetables outlined their recent developments.
László Goda, advisor informed participants about the fertilizer offer of Nitrogen Works Co.
Péter Horváth, advisor of Kemira GrowHow Ltd. talked about the issues of nutrient supply in grapes.
István Sebestyén, plant protection professional of Hungarian Kwizda presented the company’s recommendation for nutrient supply and plant protection programmes.
Mihály Vikman plant protection professional of Szekszárd Plant Co. introduced his company.

Wine as such. Beliefs and reality about using wine as a medicine
(Dr. Lajos Szollár)
Dr. Lajos Szollár professor, director of the Institute of Pathophysiology of Semmelweis University delivered a deeply interesting lecture about the beliefs and reality about the use of wine for curing.

The role and importance of Community wine marketing in the wine sector
(Dr. Gedeon Totth)
Dr. Gedeon Totth, college professor and the director of Budapest Business School talked about the role of wine marketing in the European Union and its importance in the wine sector.

Thoughts in connection with the EU wine reform
(Dr. Ernő Péter Botos)
Dr. Ernő Péter Botos, director of the Research Institute for Viticulture and Enology, Kecskemét informed the participants about the expected wine market reform in the EU.