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Agroforum 2006 the sixth-seventh “Seeking the way”

Looking back and forward
(Dr. László Bódis, Dr. István Csíbor)
This time we face a special situation as it is conspicuous from the title. The reason why we have chosen this topic is quite simple and practical. From the point of view of energetics and fuels, the advantage of bioethanol and biodiesel is doubtless. On the other hand, from the side of environment management, the pros are higher for biogas due to inactivating the materials – mostly environment pollutants – used for the production of biogas. We heard about the government’s ideas about renewing energy resources in the conferences organised in Szekszárd and Debrecen. We got an overview of the European practice, rather that of the more developed EU member states, about the position of the energy sector receiving the produced electrical energy and the possibilities of bank financing. Who would think of the amount of problems someone has to face if he undertakes to establish a biogas plant? However, these problems can be solved. We heard an example for it in a lecture about the preparations for the investment of a biogas plant. The conference gave an opportunity also for certain manufacturers and product development companies to introduce themselves. Finally, the Szekszárd Plant Co., as one of the organisers of the forum, outlined their ideas for the future by informing on the activity of a newly established company undertaking the preparation of establishing different biogas plants.
After “looking back”, we wish to outline the future prospects in order to “look forward”.
The editors and correspondents of Agrofórum felt that in the future the renewing energy resources will be in the centre of interest. We believe, our Readers do not want to be left out of the information about it. We would like to satisfy the new demand of Readers by publishing, in addition to the series of “Seeking the way” to be released after each event, a new annex titled “Bio-energy”.

Lectures and comments

(Dr. János Nagy)
The rector of Debrecen University opened the meeting and welcome participants.

(József Vancsura)
The president of the National Association of Cereal Growers welcomed the conference on behalf of cereal growers.

Government purposes for supporting bio-energy production
(Zoltán Gőgös)
In his introductory speech, the under-secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development gave an overview of the whole area of bio-energy production and spoke about the government’s intention to support development of renewing energy resources.

A participant, not wishing to name himself, addressed a question to the under-secretary about the possibilities of the free use of biodiesel produced by esterification from oil seeds, grown on their own land.

Hungarian perspectives of bio-fuel works
(Dr. József Hajdú)
The scientific deputy director general of the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering outlined the perspectives of biogas plants in Hungary.

Network connection possibilities of biogas plants
(Dr. Péter Grabner)
The head of the Department for Electrical Energy Licensing and Inspection of the Hungarian Energy Office informed participants about possibilities of biogas plants for connecting to the network.

Financing possibilities of bio-energy projects
(Dr. Emil Cservék)
The head of the Representation in County Tolna of the Hungarian Development Bank talked about the possibilities of financing bio-energy projects.

Experiences in financing of the investment of a biogas plant
(András Cserép)
The head of department of K&H Bank shared his experience with participants in connection with the financing of a particular investment.

(Dr. József Nagy)
The chief counsellor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development gave an account of the expected subsidies.

The bio-energy supplying capacity of Hungarian agriculture
(Dr. Attila Dobos)
The researcher of the University of Debrecen, Centre of Agricultural Sciences spoke about the bio-energy supplying capacity of Hungarian agriculture.

Preparation for the investment of a biogas plant before implementation
(Tamás Kovács)
The managing director of Pálhalma Agrospeciál Ltd. outlined the preparations of establishing a biogas plant.

Practical recommendations for establishing a biogas plant
(Tibor Szárszó)
The head of the environment management department of Pálhalma Agrospeciál Ltd. made further contribution to the discussion in connection with the biogas development project.

Economic relationships of biogas production
(Dr. Mihály Petis)
The director of Bátortrade Ltd., Nyírbátor spoke about the economic relationships of biogas production, presenting their plant as an example.

(Imre Hegedűs)
The director of Bicske Agricultural Co. outlined the plans of their company in bio-energy production.

(Gábor Antal)
The general manager of Hódmezőgazda Co. also found the way out from their problems by establishing a biogas plant.

Preliminary information about the cereal and rape yields in 2006
(József Lukács)
The chief counsellor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as an invited consultant provided information on the cereal and rape yields, as well as on the expected yields of certain crops of autumn harvesting according to the early August conditions.

Information on a new initiative
(Dr. István Csíbor)
Quitting the role of moderator, the general director of Szekszárd Plant Co. informed participants on a new initiative.

Introducing Biotech 4 Ltd.
(Judit Mojzer)
The manger of Biotech 4 Ltd., located in Szekszárd introduced the activity of the company.