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In vino veritas!
(Dr. László Bódis)

Tasks to undertake in the Hungarian wine sector
(Csaba Horváth)
Since Hungary’s EU accession in 2004, competition has become fiercer for Hungarian winemakers not only in the international but also in the domestic market. This is why the important question is raised whether Hungarian growers are able to produce and sell wine cost-efficiently under the current market conditions. The article is centred on this issue, presenting the details of supports for structural changes, which is our most important and almost fully exploited resource for development. Furthermore, the author outlines the tasks to be undertaken in order to improve competitiveness of Hungarian wines.

Esca disease of grapes
(Teréz Dula)
The phytopathologist of the Plant Protection and Soil Conservation Directorate of the Agricultural Office of County Heves summarises the chronic and acute symptoms of esca disease, and describes the options for cultural and chemical control.

“Peaceful coexistence” of grapevine diseases in 2006 (x)
(Dr. István Füzi)
The development engineer of BASF Hungary Ltd. concludes his experience in grapevine diseases obtained in 2006.

Options and constraints in controlling esca disease of grapes
(Szabolcs Makó, László Vukovich)
Prevention has a major role in fighting esca, targeted to two directions: to do cultural operations at optimal times and to carry out chemical treatments before an eventual infection occurs. Regarding the first one, the authors provide relevant information on the use of healthy propagating material, the conditions of pruning, the destruction of diseased plants and removed canes, seeding the area between the rows for green cover and deep loosening. Preventive chemical treatments are only at an experimental phase, the authors report on their results. In addition, they outline the possibilities of curing the diseased plants.

“Adiós, downy mildew!” (x)
(Dr. Tibor Fenyves)
Summit-Agro Hungary Ltd. informs on the possible uses of the fungicide Zetanil-R (cymoxanil + copper-oxy-chloride).

About the risk of early spring damages
(Gabriella Szendrey)
The zoologist of the Plant Protection and Soil Conservation Directorate of the Agricultural Office of County Heves gives an account of the springtime pests of grapes, their damages, biology and control options.

Downy mildew – a surprising disease of the past two years (x)
(Csaba Lovász)
Bayer CropScienc offers the fungicide Melody Compact (iprovalicarb + copper-oxy-chloride) for controlling grapevine powdery mildew.

Excellent wines in high volumes with fair price-value relation
(Mihály Vikman)
Győző Schmidt, viticulturist and oenologist, managing director of Danubiana Co. speaks about vine-growing, their enterprise and wine exports.

Hungarian Kwizda’s success-programme for nutrient supply and pest management in grapes e (x)
(Béla Mészáros)
This time Hungarian Kwizda Ltd. recommends its programme called “Supplying nutrients and protecting the crop” for vine-growers.

Special characteristics of year 2006 in Ostoros
(Róbert Rakusz)
The professional concludes his experience in grapevine pest management at Ostoros-Novaj-Wine Co. in 2006. After analysing last year’s plant protection situation, the author discusses the prospects for this season.

DuPont fungicides in vineyards (x)
(Dr. Antal Kürti)
DuPont Hungary Ltd. offers its herbicides for vine-growers.

Grapes without hoeing (x)
(Tamás Fehér)
This is Hungarian Kwizda Ltd.’s recommendation for using herbicides in vineyards.

Experience with Chikara 25 WG
(Diána Mészáros Pólya)
The author summarises her recent years’ experience with using sulfonylcarbamide herbicides.

The secret of top quality. Talking with Ferenc Vesztergombi
(Mihály Vikman, Zsuzsa Györök)
We were talking with Ferenc Vesztergombi about vine growing, wine making and the situation of the sector in Hungary and the Szekszárd wine region.

Concentration or area dosage (3.) The answer?
(Dániel Mukli)
The author summarises the results and conclusions of trials in application technique began in 2005. He wishes to justify that for grapes, the best way to express the recommended dosage is not area rate but a quantity of the product corresponding to the applied water volume.

News from Szekszárd
(Norbert Rácz)
Szekszárd Plant Plc. held its traditional round table discussion on grapes, titled “Pest management in vineyards”, also in spring 2007.

Technical meeting combined with a book show about grapes
(Dr. György Demes)
Dow AgroSciences Hungary Ltd. organised a technical meeting and a book show for “Grapes management manual” in March. The book, targeted to vine-growers, was prepared with the cooperation of recognized experts and certain pesticide manufacturers and machine factories.

Focusing on Tokaj wine-growing region. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
This is an interview with Ferenc Marcinkó, the president of the Council of the Tokaj Vine-growing Community, talking about their work, tasks and the situation of the wine-region, its past and future prospects.

The philosophy of vine-growing and winemaking in the Oremus way. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We were talking with Nárcisz Mikóczy, vine manager of Tokaj-Oremus Ltd. about their experience obtained in 2006, this season’s prospects and wines.

Plant protection – bee-keeping – bee poisoning (2)
(László Szentpáli)
In the present part of his series, the forensic expert summarises the experience and lessons learned from bee poisoning in connection with plant protection in vineyards.

“Only high quality can be accepted”. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Our correspondent asked László Butella, the grape-growing manager of Pajzos-Megyer Plc. at Sárospatak, in Tokaj-Hills, the oldest of the Hungarian wine-regions about the art of vine-growing.

Vine-growing and winemaking around Tokaj from the point of view of a small-holder. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
János Páll, the managing owner of Páll Winery in Tarcal and the Páll-Szolg Ltd. speaks about their family enterprises, the linked vine-growing activity and their wine-making philosophy.

Nutrient supply relations of grapevine tolerance to stress
(Péter Horváth)
Well-balanced nutrient supply can hep growers to mitigate the adverse effects on their production sites and to prepare grapes to tolerate them. This is why the author discusses the factors that are recommended to take into account when considering the role of nutrient supply in improving the stress tolerance of grapes.

Tractors in Villány (x)
Agrolánc Ltd. recommends grapevine growers to use Antonio Carraro tractors.

Complete machine line for vineyards displayed on a KITE show
(Dr. György Demes)
KITE Plc. invited its partners to a large-scale machinery show to Kiskunlacháza in March. The recently released John Deere tractors and implements, the whole range of JCB agricultural loaders and the premium roughage handling implements from KUHN were displayed. However, the really surprise was the new complete range of PELLENC machines designed for all the works in vineyards during the year, distributed by KITE.

Vita vinum est – Wine is life”
(Dr. János Bezerédi)
The author informs on the historical role of wine in medicine, then presents SALVIN Grape and Wine Therapy Programme created by physicians and natural therapeutists.

Outsatnding persons of our agricultural past. Zsigmond Katona (1828-1902)
(Dr. János Lázár)
You may get to know the life and work of Zsigmond Katona among the outstanding persons of our agricultural past.

Written anno  
(Dr. Péter lnczédy)