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Agroforum Extra 23.

A brief review of rape growing in Hungary
(Dr. Ida Nagy)
The history of rape growing in Hungary is over two hundred years old. One-time pieces of advice used to give evidence of professional skills and resulted in successful rape growing even if the plough was made of wood and not trailed by a tractor.


What can we do for successful rape growing?
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss)
This article gives a comprehensive overview of Hungarian rape growing, development prospects, not omitting the discussion of the key elements of the crop management programme.

Achievements of rape production in 2007
(József Lukács)
The specialist of the Central Agricultural Office summarises the results obtained by growers in the rape fields.

The results of variety trials in winter rapes, 2007
(Gábor Szekrényes)
The conclusions of last year’s trials with winter rape varieties – in the light of figures and what is beyond them.

A brief overview of rapes in the middle of the winter from counties Pest, Békés and Somogy
(Dr. Gabriella Benécs Bárdi, Dr. Zsolt Mike, Ágnes Szerényi Németh)
This is a situation report from three countries about rape fields in the middle of the winter, cultural operations, plant protection, varieties and hybrids.


An increasing rape portfolio at Marton Genetics (x)
(Emil Bodnár)
Bázismag Ltd. Recommends the widening range of MARTON GENETICS rapes for growers.

ONTARIO and CHAMPLAIN, a variety and a hybrid among the rapes of LIMAGRAIN (x)
Limagrain’s rape offer for producers.

Monsanto’s recommendations mirrored by the results of trials (x)
(Dr. Erzsébet Kiss)
Monsanto’s proposal for rape hybrids and varieties based on the results of it development project.

Saaten-Union: Innovation, performance and safety for rape growers (x)
(Zoltán Blum)
Novelties in hybrid rapes from Saaten-Union Hungary Ltd.

Get out of the winter with Syngenta rapes! (x)
(János Bíró)
Syngenta’s rape hybrids and varieties are at growers’ disposal.

Technology-updating investments have been accomplished at Nitrogénművek Zrt. in Pét (x)
(Dr. István Blazsek)
After an almost 3-year-long building and construction work, a new investment for upgrading technology at Nitrogénművek Zrt. in Pét has come to an end.

For professional rapes with Fitohorm (x)
(Éva Mars)
FITOHORM Ltd. offers a wide-scale solution for supplying all micronutrients in rapes.

Fertilizer application in spring for sulphur-demanding rapes (x)
(Dr. Eszter Zsom)
K+S KALI GmbH recommends its products for nutrient supply for rapes in spring.


The effect of the increasing importance of ecological requirements and pathogens on rape growing
(Tibor Barasits)
The author discusses the ecological and agronomic requirements of rape growing, pathogens provoking diseases, their presence and possible future occurrence, as well as their impacts on crop yields.

Rapes – pest management overview in the middle of the winter
(Miklós Tóth)
The specialist of the Central Agricultural Office looks back to weather conditions in the past autumn, pests and diseases in rapes, as well as to the winter in rape fields up to the date.


At West-European level in a large-plot rape trial (x)
(Dr. István Füzi)
The development engineer of BASF Hungary gives an account of large-scale trails in rapes.

Biscaya – a flexible solution against the pests of flowering crops (x)
(Csaba Csorba)
The new tiacloprid insecticide, Biscaya of Bayer CropScience will be available also on the Hungarian market in 2008.

About ATONIK (x)
(Ildikó Horváth Tóth)
The professional of Arysta LifeScience Hungary Ltd. writes about the advantages of using ATONIK bio-stimulator.


Cost-efficient rape growing on an area with adverse conditions. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We asked Béla Klopp, the crop production manager of Balatonfő Cooperative Servicing Co. at Balatonfőkajár Zrt. about their rape growing practice, the crop management programme they follow.

Rape growing tricks based on the experience of variety trials. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
There are preliminary trials annually with almost 300 rapes – varieties and hybrids – at the Central Variety Testing Station at Tardos of the Central Agricultural Office. The experiments focus on crop density, sowing time and plant growth regulators. We asked János Derecskei, head of the Station about his experience in rape growing obtained during variety testing and the most frequent mistakes made by growers.

Rape growing with mulch-leaving technique at Agroprodukt Zrt. in county Veszprém Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Zoltán Pethő, the crop production manager of Agroprodukt Zrt. seated in Pápa, spoke us about the management programme of winter rapes, the achievements and the conclusions of several years’ experience.

Starting the season in the fields – with a sound financial background (x)
This is Raiffeisen Bank’s offer for the preliminary financing of agricultural subsidies.

Targeting 4 tons for this season! Report
(Norbert Rácz)
In the interview the managing director of Helianthus Ltd., Adony talked about rape growing, the applied and proved practice they follow.


The effect of biodiesel on rape growing
(Tamás Varga, Tamás Bíró)
The article summarises the most important information and trends, as well as the key measures stimulating the production of biodiesel as a decisive element of rape market.


Rape growing in France – is it “green gold”?
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
This is an overview of the French rape growing, the situation of growing the basic material of biodiesel and the prospects for the near future.

Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
The article published in a foreign journal lets us have an insight into trials about insects in organic rapes.


News from Szekszárd
(Norbert Rácz)

Legal page. The possibility of excise duty refund after diesel oil used in agriculture (Dr. Lajos Szabó)
The legal expert summarises the options for excise duty refund after diesel oil used in agriculture. It turns out from the article who can be eligible for such refund, how and under which circumstances it should be done.

Note for growers. About a special tool
(Miklós Kurucz)
This part of the series draws the attention to a special tool for work, such as the obtained information and professional skills in connection with the Mont of Agriculture.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)