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About climate change for Hungarian vine growers
(Péter Teszlák)
The frequency of droughty periods tends to increase in Hungary according to the forecasts. This will have a significant impact on non-irrigated crops, such as grapes. The negative effects of the climate change could be mitigated by properly selecting grapevine cultivars. The details are contained in the article.

“Facing” soil cover
(Judit Göblyös, Dr. Gábor Zanathy, Dr. András Lőrincz)
The need for the different methods of covering the soil with certain materials and plants also comes up with the spread of environmentally friendly or ecological growing.

Grape peduncle necrosis can be prevented (x)
(Dr. Eszter Zsom)
K+S KALI is GmbH’s offer for balanced nutrient supply in vineyards.

Students’ page. Analysis of the vineyard structure in Mór wine-region
(Csilla Gubicza)
Since 1 January, it is mandatory to keep records of agricultural land parcels in geographic information systems throughout the member states of the European Union. In Hungary this is carried out in the frame of VINGIS system developed and operated by the Institute of Land Surveying and Remote Sensing (FÖMI). Layers of cadastre maps are continuously added to the annually updated digital maps of vineyards. The author outlines vineyard structure in the wine-region of Mór.

Seen, heard, read. Meeting on vine-growing at Arysta
(Attila Torma)
Arysta LifeScience Hungary Ltd. held its meeting with professional and trading partners focusing on the production and protection of grapes at Hotel Thermal in Visegrád in early March.

Special issues of nutrient supply in vineyards (x)
(József Sipos)
The company ‘Nitrogénművek Zrt.’ recommends its fertilizers for balanced nutrient supply in vineyards.


Pest management in vineyards in 2007 (3)
(Miklós Tóth)
The third part of the series on the plant protection situation during the past year, written by a specialist of the Central Agricultural Office, focuses on grapes. The article gives an account of the major pests and diseases in 2007 and situation expected for the current year.

“Dangerous 49” Field sandbur (Cenchrus incertus)
(Dr. Csaba Kőrösmezei, Roland Szabó, Dr. Gabriella Benécs Bárdi)
This issue of the journal presents field sandbur as one of the dangerous weeds in Hungary. The authors describe the biology, morphology and the options for its control.

Spread of the spider mite Eotetranychus pruni, increasing damages in the vineyards of county Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
(Dr. Adrienne Gyulai Garai, Dr. Péter Gyulai)
By 2007, this spider mite gained the title of “a major grapevine pest” in county Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. It is in connection with the fact that this is the mite species the most difficult to control.

“Game over” for moths! (x)
(Éva Nádudvari)
Syngenta Ltd. recommends vine growers Lufox (fenoxicarb+lufenuron) for the efficient control of grape moths.

The effect of certain crop management techniques on injuries by grey mould of grapes
(János Werner, Anna Csikász Krizsics, László Bene)
Grey mould control has a decisive role in grapevine pest management. In addition to the applied programme, the success of treatments is determined by the production site, cultivar susceptibility, seasonal effect and operations carried out in the vineyard.
The authors study the effect of two factors, such as treatments carried out at different plant growth stages and yield control by thinning of bunches, on the incidence of grey mould on a susceptible cultivar (Cirfandli) under conditions favourable for disease progress.

Experience of controlling grapevine propagating material in county Heves
(Györgyi Rácz Szabó)
County Heves has ever had a leading role in the production of grapevine propagating materials. Before Hungary’s EU accession, 40 % of the rootstocks and 30 % of the scions among all the nuclear and propagation stocks were produced in the county, while 51 % of the rooted basic material originated there. The author presents the recent years’ changes and the current situation.

The practice of mating disruption using pheromones
(Diána Mészáros Pólya)
The author summarises the conclusions of controlling grape moths with mating disruption technique applied in Villány wine region in 2007.

Grapevine protection and resistance management (x)
(Csaba Lovász)
This is Bayer CropScience’s recommendation for the protection of grapes in 2008.


Praising the wines of Szekszárd (2) Talk with winemaker Pál Mészáros
(Zsuzsanna Györök)
We continue the interview began on these pages in August 2007. Pál Mészáros evaluates years 2006 and 2007 from the point of view of a winemaker – and the topic of the drought is not omitted either.

Focusing on Villány wine region
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Our correspondent talked with the secretary of the Wine Growing Community of Villány Region, Gergely Nagy, about the job done by the council of the Community, as well as the past, present and future prospects of the region.

The current state of the Hungarian grape and wine sector
(Dr. György Demes)
The article provides an overview of the current state of the grape and wine sector, with special attention to the past and the forthcoming seasons.

Roth winery introduces itself
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Our correspondent talked with a professional in viticulture and oenology, Nóra Roth who manages vineyards in two wine regions, of Pécs and Villány. She speaks about the family holding, Roth winery in Bóly, and her commitment to grapes and wines of the Villány region.


Choose KITE’s vineyard machines involved in April supports (x)
KITE Co. has widened its product range with professional vineyard machines since 2007.

JD 5515 tractors in the vineyards of Monarchia Winery at Eger
(Dr. György Demes)
Monarchia Winery is located in Eger, in the wine region that is outstanding among Hungarian wine growing areas for its international recognition, vine-growing traditions and excellent ecological conditions. Monarchia Winery has recently bought a John Deere 5515 F tractor tailored to vineyards that is a novelty among Hungarian growers. Our correspondent was interested in the experience obtained during working with this tractor.

First experience with PELLENC 4420 grape harvester (x)
(Dr. György Demes)
You may read about the first report made at MONT-ORG Ltd. about the experience with PELLENC gape harvester distributed by KITE.


Note for growers. About supports for irrigation and management of water for agricultural use
(Miklós Kurucz)
A recently published ministerial decree wishes to support water use in agriculture, relying on the objectives of New Hungary Rural Development Strategic Plan, by using EU financing as well. This part of the note draws the attention to its potentials.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)


Products for grapevine pest management: fungicides
(Ágnes Schmidt)
Products for grapevine pest management: insecticides
(Péter Rózsahegyi)
Products for grapevine pest management: herbicides
(László Varga)
The annex provides tabulated information on the fungicides, insecticides and herbicides registered for use in vineyards, taking into account product classification according to integrated pest management.

Pest management models
Mátra hillside

(Mihály Kovács)
(János Czink)
(Diána Mészáros Pólya)
Smaller vineyard
(Zsuzsanna Györök