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Agrofórum Extra 34.

Rape career
(Dr. László Bódis)


Records in EU rape stocks
(Dr. Norbert Potori)
The author from the Agricultural Economics Research Institute gives an account of market prospects for rapes in 2010 and the foreseen Hungarian exports.

Situation report on rapes in France
(Compiled by: Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
The article outlines the reasons of hectic changes of rape prices in France taken place in the past few years. Furthermore he deals with the widening range of varieties introduced following market demand and resulting in yield increase. Finally, the author informs on the rape yields expected for this year, taking into account weather conditions prevailing up to now and its consequences on the occurrence of pests and diseases.

The achievements of the Union of Oilseeds Growers and Processors, SPZO in rape growing in the season of 2008/2009
(Translated by: Zsolt Kovács-Csomor)
The article gives an account of the rape yields achieved by the members of the Czech Union of Oilseeds Growers and Processors in the season 2008/09, comparing them with the yields of growers outside the organisation. Furthermore, it presents the number of varieties and hybrids, detailed also for yields.

Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
A brief article reviewing some interesting articles published in foreign journals summarises the differences in the weed suppression capacity of certain rape varieties and the incidence of diseases in winter rapes in England.


Plant-based biofuels: bio-rapes
(Dr. József Hajdú)
The article outlines the procedure of producing rapeseed oil and biodiesel by locally applied cold pressing for biofuels, as well as the options for rapeseed oil processing.

Biodiesel production in 2009
(Katalin Keresztessy Mohr)
An account is given on the global production and use of biodiesel in 2009. The trend shows an increase but its rate is slower than before.


The results of trials with winter rape varieties included in the national and EU lists – 2009
(Gábor Szekrényes)
The author from the Central Agricultural Office publishes the tabulated results, in terms of internal crop quality, of small-plot trials carried out with winter rape varieties included in the national and EU lists.

Outstanding SUMI AGRO offers in rapeseed (x)
(Lajos Zubek)
Sumi Agro recommends this year as well a wide range of rape varieties and hybrids bred by the French Euralis/ Rustica branch.


Weed infestation and weed control in rapes
(Dr. Gabriella Benécs Bárdi)
In addition to fighting rape insects, increasing efforts have been made for weed control in the crop. This is why it is worth having an overview of the range of weed species the most threatening successful production. Cultural techniques and chemical means of weed control are discussed.

Rape diseases and the options for their control
(Dr. Pál Békési)
The article presents the rape diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi, the characteristics of the pathogens and the means of their control.

Protecting rapes foliage (x)
(Szabolcs Hőgye, István Rácz)
This is DuPont’s programme for protecting leaves of winter rapes.

Crop management programme to fight rape pests in spring
(Dr. Kálmán Szeőke)
We already dealt with the major pests of rapes a year ago in the special issue of the journal on the crop (extra-29). However, we thought that a tabulated summary of the recent techniques of pest control cannot be omitted from this number either.

Elements of profitable rape production in spring (x)
(Tamás Fehér)
This is what Kwizda Agro recommends for pest management in rapes in spring.

The plant protection overview of the season 2008-2009. Field crops (3.)
(Miklós Tóth)
The author from the Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Plant Protection and Conservation gives an overview of the occurrence of the major pests and diseases of winter rapes and the damages they caused during the last season.

Let’s pay attention to rapes even from early spring! (x)
(Csaba Csorba)
Bayer CropScience offers its fungicides, insecticides and regulators for protecting rapes in spring and to ensure crop safety.

New trap for detecting pollen beetles
(Dr. Miklós Tóth, Éva Bálint Csonka, Dr. István Szarukán, Zoltán Kátai)
The article gives an overview of the methods of detecting pollen beetles. The authors continue with informing on a recently developed and more efficient solution for trapping by using bait containing synthetic flower-scent in a modified funnel trap.

Treatments for protecting rapes in spring (x)
(Dr. István Füzi, Gábor Pálfay)
BASF recommends the fungicides Caramba SL-t (metconazole) and Pictor (boscalid + dimoxistrobin) for rape growers.


Winter rape harvest: experience and recommendations
(László Páll)
It is not enough to know how to grow rapes, is also necessary to know how to harvest the crop – says a professional of the stud farm Mezőhegyesi Ménesbirtok Zrt. He outlines the elements and aspects of the crop management programme that must be taken into account for a successful harvest.

The trick of successful rape growing – as it is seen in Böhönye. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
We talked with József Barna, the deputy general manager of Feketesár Zrt. about the elements of the rape management programme which had the key role in increasing yields from 2.2 t/ha harvested 8-10 years ago to over 3 t/ha in the south-western part of Hungary.

ATONIK. Let your rape do its best! (x)
(Sándor Herpai)
Arysta LifeScience Hungary Kft. recommends Atonik for rape growers.

The trick of successful rape growing – as it is seen in Dabronc. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Get to know the rape management practice followed by Dabronc-Marcal Bt. in county Veszprém and their experience obtained therein.

Some thoughts about top-dressing of rapes in spring (x)
(Vári Rita)
LINZER WARE fertilizers are presented for nutrient supply to rapes in spring.

Tornado fertilizer broadcasters in the service of agriculture (x)
TORNÁDÓ International Kft. and its legal predecessor have been developing and manufacturing centrifugal fertilizer spreaders in trailed and mounted versions.

Fitohorm – An experienced partner in rape growing (x)
This is about growers’ experience with using Fitohorom foliar fertilizers in rapes.


News from Szekszárd. Szekszárd and rapes

Settling accounts of advance payment till 31 March. Press release
The Managing Authority of the New Hungary Rural Development has extended again the deadline for settling accounts of advance payment for clients using the scheme.

A new domestic method to increase the use of rape grits as feed
(Zoltán Bakos, Imre Fekete)
ROP (rapes-oil-pellet) method worked out in Hungary, unique in decontaminating harmful material may bring a significant change in using in rape grits as feed.

Written anno…
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)