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Agroforum Extra 47.

A view about the maize crop
(Dr. László Bódis)
This paper presents, without striving for completeness, the role and importance of certain agronomic elements based on long-term trials carried out for several-decades. The author points out that though the extracted results are not overall, they still represent the most important reserves we possess in the current management programme of Hungarian maize growing.

The society of 500s – research results in figures (x)
You may get to know the results obtained by Genezis in 2012 of an up-to-date fertilizer application demonstration programme of trials based on an advisory service.

Maize overview – 2012
(József Lukács)
The author from the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) gives an account of the most important data on Hungarian maize growing for 2012, such as cropping area, harvested crop quality and quantity from county to county. At the same time, he analyses the monthly data for weather conditions with a significant effect on the crop management procedures.

Meeting the new challenges: Syngenta’s new generation maize hybrids have arrived (x)
(Dr. Zoltán Bódi, András Zilahi)
Have a look at the new generation maize hybrids from Syngenta.

Reduced reserves in the global market of maize
(Róbert Garay, Edina Varga)
The authors from the Agricultural Research Institute (AKI) give an overview of the global maize production and consumption, followed by presenting the mid-term prospects of maize trade.

Experience of growing maize seed crops in 2012
(Zoltán Benke, Béla Szabó)
The authors from the Directorate of Crop Production and Horticulture of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) summarise, in the light of the recent years’ data, the situation in 2012 of Hungarian maize seed production, the changes having taken place in the areas covered by seed production and the varieties grown. Furthermore, they outline the background of problems in crop quality and quantity, as well as indicates the foreseen volumes of seeds to be certified.

The performance of DOW SEEDS hybrids in 2012 (x)
Dow Seeds has introduced new lines and hybrids, with wide genetic basis, originating from the native land of maize, in order to enrich the range of Hungarian maize varieties.

“Feeding” maize! (x)
(Dr. János Térmeg)
This is Yara’s offer for maize growers.

Experience of several years’ trials supporting maize growing
(Dr. Tamás Árendás et al.)
Investigators in Martonvásár have carried out a long-term trial of N-fertilizer application for several maize hybrids in a four-year-crop rotation programme (maize – spring barley – peas – winter wheat). We have though that presenting its results could provide a good insight into the relation of the yield-increasing or reducing effects of a unit of active substance and the seasonal effect.

Saaten-Union. Higher yields. Higher crop safety (x)
New-generation hybrids are recommended by Saaten-Union for maize growers.

The results of maize growing trials carried out in 2012 compared with the previous years’ data
(Dr. Endre Széll, Dr. Sándor Szél, Máté Makra)
The authors analyse the results of maize trials, established in the Cereal Research Non-profit Company in 2012, in the light of data from recent years. They publish their observations and experience with crop density, sowing time, the effects of the season, fertilizer application and the preceding crop.

Limagrain seeds for grain and silage maize production (x)
(Renáta Nedvesi, Péter Mórocz)
Have a look at the seed offer of Limagrain in grain and silage maize.

What is missing for higher yields?
(Dr. Dénes Szieberth)
It is not easy to estimate the quantity by which a certain field or experimental plot could have yielded more if something happens in another way. Yet, the lessons learned and the conclusions need to be drawn for the next production cycle. We need to analyze the results obtained under extreme circumstances in order to identify the fundamental mistakes or the things to be done to make the step forward. This article undertakes to serve for this.

Breeding more maize hybrids more tolerant to drought stress by EURALIS (x)
(Dr. Sándor Nagy)
EURALIS recommends its hybrids more tolerant to drought than the average.

Maize yield competition, 2012
(Dr. Dénes Szieberth)
The article summarises the experience of the 4th Maize Yield Competition. In addition, the most important data and results obtained during the competition are tabulated.

Sustainable crop protection – safe pesticide use (x)
(Csilla József)
The article from Syngenta lets us have an insight into the processes of risk assessment and registration of pesticides, as well as into the strictly controlled activity of pesticide use.

It could have been better and more. Results of Top 20 variety trials in 2012
(Dr. Dénes Szieberth)
The professional of the Hungarian Maize Club undertakes to give an overview, by a “post-experiment inspection” of the circumstances under which the Top 20 experimental results have been achieved. Furthermore, the reasons why the particular experiments have been selected for the national evaluation among the hybrids sown at 18 places are also mentioned.

Supplying nutrients to maize – but when? (x)
(Rita Hoyer)
Get to know the results of the field trials carried out by LINZER AGRO TRADE Hungary Kft. in order to know when and in which form it is worthy applying the essential nutrients for maize.

Post-registration variety trials managed by the Hungarian Seed Association
The professionals of the Hungarian Seed Association (GOSZ-VSZT) publish the results of post-registration variety trials they have established, indicating the main averages of the data according to ripening groups and the yields recorded for the particular experimental sites.

Duo System® – a special solution for weed control in maize (x)
Have a look at the weed control system developed by BASF. It consists of two parts: a maize hybrid, resistant to Focus Ultra and the superselective grass herbicide, Focus Ultra.

Maize growth and production in the timeline of year 2012
(Dr. Sándor Keszthelyi, Dr. Gabriella Kazinczi)
The authors summarize, in a chronological order, the experience about soil preparation for maize, crop growth and production obtained in 2012.

PYTHON OPTIMA – A new dimension in the early post-emergence weed control in maize (x)
Dow AgroSciences offers a new management programme for early post-emergence weed control in maize.

After two droughty years … Weed control experience and conclusions – not only for maize
(Dr. Gabriella Benécs Bárdi)
The year 2012 did not start promisingly, and unfortunately it is not completed so for field crop growers, but lessons can and should be learnt from all negative happenings. This is why the author undertakes to summarize the experiences of weed infestations in maize, sunflowers and cereals, as well as their control obtained during this year with extremities.

The new, improved Monsoon has been released (x)
(István Rikk)
The article is about the new herbicide for postemergence use with an efficient mode of action from Bayer CropScience for maize growers.

Tillage according to HORSCH (x)
Get to know the advantages of tillage carried out with using various Horsch implements.

Santana 1 G – after the third year (x)
(Ferenc Somos)
This is a brief summary from Arysta Hungary Kft. about the experience obtained during the first three years of using the soil insecticide Santana 1 G.

Maize pests and the signs of their damage
(Dr. Kálmán Szeőke)
Which are the major pests of maize? How to recognise the signs of their presence and activities? What means are available for their control? The author gives the answers to these and similar questions in this article.

Targeted treatments against weeds (x)
(A. Gy.)
DuPont’s weed control solutions are published under this heading.

In the shadow of the “drought” – growers’ experience in year 2012. Report
(Attila Kosztolányi)
Szilárd Körmendi, based on his family farm, grows field crops and provides mechanical services in Nagyigmánd -Komarom-area. We asked him about the corner points of their maize growing, experiences obtained during the past year’s drought and the result achieved in the Maize Yield Competition organised by the Hungarian Maize Club

Solutions tested and proved in different situations of weed control in maize (x)
(György Salamon)
Professionals working in the practice speak about the weed control solutions of Nufarm Hungária Kft.

The prospects for French maize seed growers
(Dr. Norbert Somogyi)
The annual general meeting of France’s General Association of Maize Growers (AGPM) took place in Poitiers in September. As Hungary is the EU’s second-largest producer of maize after France, we thought it worthwhile to give a comprehensive overview of what was heard on the event of maize and sorghum seed growers. This article undertakes to do that.

SPIRIT –the key of sustainable weed control in maize (x)
(Árpád Koscsó)
This is a new product for weed control in maize from Makhteshim Agan.

Browsing in foreign journals
(Compiled and translated by: Eszter Polgár Balogh)
Certain interesting articles published in foreign technical journals are reviewed here.

Written anno……
(Dr. Péter Inczédy)