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Agroforum Extra 8.

Cereals in May (Dr. István Csíbor)

This spring is different – so say growers. But what is the opinion of winter cereals about it?


Tricks of maize growing from Tamási (Report)

József Pájtli, a grower in county Tolna introduces his maize production programme, yielding around 10 t/ha over the last couple of years.


„Foreign” experience in Hungary (Report)

Today there are various opportunities to obtain experience about agricultural practice either in Europe or in other continents. But we do not need to visit remote countries, as we can meet people also at home who do not apply the conventional methods in field crop production. We asked Hungarian professionals, doing their daily job for a company of foreign concern, a little bit “in an other way”, about their growing practice.


Professionals about the major sunflower diseases (x) (István Rikk)

Bayer’s recommendation to control sunflower diseases: Sfera, the trifloxistrobin + cyproconazole fungicide.


Will year 2004 be a fungal one in cereals? (Kornélia Csörnyei)

That is the question people, having any relation to crop growing, ask day by day because of copious rainfall in April. The article gives the answer to it.


About protection of winter wheat in spring (Report)

The all-round inquiry shows where we are in the management programme of winter wheat in spring and what the jobs still to be done before harvesting are.


Rape growing in the eye of a foreigner (Report)

The article is about how Hungarian and German crop management programmes have been combined in the fields of a German grower managing his rapes in Hungary, and how 3 t/ha yields can be reached in the long run.


Karate Zeon – with good efficacy against insects (x)

Syngenta tells the possible uses of their micro-encapsulated lambda-cyhalothrine.


Jobs in May at Balatonfő Co. (Report, József Bobek)

Interview with Mr. Béla Klopp, the manager of crop production in the company about the operations carried out to the date and about the planned plant protection treatments.


Innovations for weed control in sunflowers (Report)

What are the possibilities for weed control in sunflowers if weed infestation begins before sowing and weed pressure is so high that the efficacy of pre-emergence treatments is not enough?


Control of cotton bollworm and Western corn rootworm (Teréz Halvaksz )

The author tells her own experience and advices on the possible methods to control the two pests in maize.


What is the “physical adjuvant”, Hatzenbichler weed harrow good for? (Report)

It is a new idea – a new implement for increasing efficacy of weed control between sowing and emergence and for carrying out mechanical weed control. Interview with Mr. János Gyurkovics, a manager in “Aranyfürt Co.” at Szekszárd.


Asking professionals about the major weeds in maize (x) (István Rikk)

It gives an informative review by Bayer CropScience about the results of a survey, helping in revising and planning weed control in maize.


Increasing problems – successful solutions (x) (István Rikk)

Bayer CropScience’s recommendation against ragweed: Mester (“Master”), the floramsulfuron + isoxadifen-ethyl + iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium herbicide.


Protecting field crops in spring (x)

BASF recommends their Regent 80 WG (fipronil) and Aztec 140 EW (triazamat) to control insect pests.


Briefly about Western corn rootworm (Report)

The brief article shows the strategy of three growers to reduce Western corn rootworm populations.


How do we control Western corn rootworm in Dalmand Co.? (Teréz Halvaksz)

The prize-winning work submitted to the competition invited by Szekszárd Plant Protection Ltd. is based on own trials and experience that can help planning and carrying out of treatments against Western corn rootworm.


Briefly about leaf spot of winter wheat (Péter Hertelendy)

This is a brief paper on this year’s incidence of leaf spot diseases, also giving account of the winter wheat varieties showing at least medium tolerance to leaf spot in the particular maturity groups.


Forgotten disinfestation of stored grains (Report)

Disinfestation carried out during loading-in of grains may ensure freedom from pests even for 6 months. This long-ago forgotten method is an efficient and reliable solution for successful storage.


An uncertainty factor in maize growing – cotton bollworm (Report)

Interview with Dr. Géza Vörös, entomologist of the Plant Protection and Soil Conservation Service of county Tolna about the possibilities for controlling cotton bollworm.


Reviewing and developing a strategy to control Western corn rootworm (András Szemán, Dr. András Takács)

The article gives a detailed overview of the biology of Western corn rootworm and the key elements of its control. Placed second on the competition invited by Szekszárd Plant Protection Ltd.


Tricks of controlling Western corn rootworm larvae in maize (Teréz Halvaksz)

What shall we do to prevent that larvae cause significant damages in maize fields?


Worth using from this time on (x)

Information technology becomes more and more conspicuous in the development of crop management programmes. Agrárin Ltd. presents a computerized field-book and up-to-date measuring devices.


„B-Aranykorona” Ltd. (x)

Presenting weed and disease control applied in the farm based on BASF plant protection.


Last year’s cotton bollworm invasion (Report)

Planning this season’s pest management programme based on the damages recorded last year. Interview with Attila Kis, the plant protection manager of Vajas-Agrogép Ltd., Dusnok.


Field crop growing (Marianna Ökrös)

Selected passages from 1935: what did the professionals of that time think about the problems of crop production and their solutions? The experience of the elders may be valuable even today.


It was our topic last May (Zsuzsanna Györök)

Looking back, recalling the technical problems growers and professionals have been dealing with in the recent years, and the solutions they recommended to overcome the difficulties.